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Alyssa had already become a member of Cambridge, making her a person who had nothing to do with the royal family.

Besides, it’s Alyssa.

She doesn’t want to be called a princess herself, so they shouldn’t.

Dania came to convey the will of Caradella and the Revolutionary corps as a member of the Revolutionary Corps…

“Lady Dania.”

“I’m Alyssa’s friend.

So I think I can talk that much.”

She was still sorry for Alyssa, so Dania spoke as coldly as she could.

She turned her body.


Please take good care of her princess.”

Very stubborn.

Because of his perseverance, he became the knight commander.

Dania clicked her tongue.

The commander of the Knights Order was showing his will to make Alyssa king.

So they must have been guarding like this in front of Cambridge’s gates so she couldn’t escape.

“Don’t call her that.”

After an annoyed reply, Dania opened the door to Cambridge.

She had mixed feelings.

Alyssa was a kind and gentle person.

She was as strong as she was.

She has come this far on her own strength while everyone turns away.

She is not the only one who can be influenced.

Alyssa awakened those who closed their eyes and their ears with her own justice.

She made it known that she shouldn’t be a scapegoat for the royal family like this.

Now Dania had to send such a person back to the royal family.

Dania also found it crazy.

However, she understands the meaning of the temple and the revolutionary corps.

She also understands that only Alyssa can rally the people.

Now the streets were swarming with people pouring out.

Even just mentioning the temple in the media had a profound impact on citizens.

They were shouting that Alyssa should be made the king at any moment.

Despite the strong protests of the citizens, there were no knights to stop them, so the guards abandoned the castle and went out into the streets to block them.

But, how far will that go

The guards were also people of this country.

Soon they too will abandon the royal castle and pour into the streets.

Caradella saw that that too was not far away.

Alyssa was needed.

To calm this confusion now.

The reason why the royal family is still quiet is probably that the king is unaware of this, but it was only for a moment that it entered his ears.

Caradella was looking out for civil war.

It is clear that the queen will bring in Seraphina’s soldiers.

She also said that Seraphina would be thinking of repressing them and expanding their territory in this country.

Caradella believed that the moment Seraphina seized her victory, the country might be passed on to them.

And Dania agrees.

“I’m here to see Alyssa.”

Sasha looked at Dania and swallowed a sigh.

“… Miss Dania.”

“…I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Dania laughed awkwardly.

“I wish I had come as a friend….”

Dania couldn’t answer.

Alyssa is seen through the open door.

Her platinum hair is long, and her face is pitiful.

She was also small in stature, so there were times when she was anxious to see Alyssa.

Time and again, she was moved by the fact that such a small person moved this country.

Alyssa’s thoughts were dangerous, but the power to face reality was remarkable.

The purple eyes gleam brightly.

Dania knocked on the door again.


Only then, Alyssa, who had been absorbed in her work, raise her head.

Looking at Dania, her heart pricks her lips with the small gaping lips.

“…It’s been a while, Dania.”

It was a complicated expression.

She seemed to know why Dania had come.

Well, can she not know The revolutionary corps and the media are openly pushing Alyssa to the royal family.

The radically changed press covered the entire page with the story of Alyssa.

And to raise the name of the temple.

[As the elder said.]

[I heard the story of the temple.]

[As the spokesperson of the temple said….]

Even though she knows it’s a shameful thing to do.

“…as expected.”


“Caradella, the Revolutionary Corps, and even the temple.

You’re saying that all of them are of one mind and one heart, right”

Dania slowly nodded her head.

“Were you sent out to get me out of this locked-up mansion”

Dania nodded her head again, this time.

Now it was time for Alyssa to step in.

When she has the will to persuade them and step out and show her will to be king.

That’s why Dania went out.


Give me a week.”

Alyssa said as if she couldn’t help it.

“I’ll decide on it.”

Even if she goes down that path, it should be her own choice, not coercion.

Alyssa decided so.


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