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The meeting between the temple and Caradella concluded.

The revolutionary corps also decided to empower the will of the temple.

Caradella had a realistic personality and thought that the will of the revolutionary group could also be negotiated with the temple for a better life.

If the royal family had been functioning well, the Revolutionary Corps would not have been formed in the first place.

The temple wanted to move carefully.

This is because it is a task to instill a new awareness among the people to wisely lay the nation’s foundations.

It was quite challenging to suggest the possibility of a new royal family to those who were already confused.

So, the first thing Caradella did after making an agreement with the temple was to move public opinion.

Perhaps the most crucial thing they have to do this time.

To move people’s hearts.

Now that the temple has added strength, it will be easier this time.

It was also why Caradella put on an editor’s mask and devoted herself to writing articles after returning from the temple.

She presented the finished article to Dania.


Caradella, can I just send it like this I guess you’re an editor after all.

Are you going to contribute to various magazines like this”

“Either way.

Can Dania take care of that”


Dania nodded her head.

After all, the media industry was also integrated around the publishing house of Caradella.

Perhaps the most sensitive to changes in the trend is the media.

They were also the first to grasp the incompetence of the royal family.

They have criticized the royal family for the power of the pen is stronger than the sword.

Just like Alyssa has been convincing people with the power of novels.

All that remains is to nurture the embers she threw and carry them to the new perch.

The original text of the article written by Caradella reads as follows:

[Princess Alyssa’s good deeds, to what extent

Until now, Princess Alyssa’s secret good deeds have been revealed.

It is said that the amount donated by Princess Alyssa to private organizations and temples is tens of thousands of gold.

Where did Princess Alyssa get that much money

This reporter continued her inquiry with questions about her.

After investigation, this reporter found out that Princess Alyssa had a deep connection with Dandelion magazine.

Princess Alyssa seems to have been serializing and publishing novels once or twice a week for the past few years.

Princess Alyssa had been using the money she earned so much for her people.


Articles will help convey the most important facts and instill speculation in people.

A person who made a lot of money by serializing novels once or twice a week and publishing them.

A person who serialized novels in Dandelion Newspaper.

Even that will narrow people’s reasoning network.

As expected, it won’t be long before it turns out that Princess Alyssa is the author Criminal.

People will talk about her Clemore novels, the waking awareness of Princess Alyssa, and they will speak about her unconstitutional selection.

First of all, that was the beginning.


Kruno was furious and whipped his horse.

There was not even the usual escort knight among his followers.

All those who really had the title of knights had left the castle.

It’s all because of that damn bitch.

Kruno ground his teeth.

It was a problem from the beginning when the king said that the child was born in a womb other than the queen.

He should have killed the child.

He put his life on the line because of the bitch, and he doesn’t know she’s going to cause trouble like this.

She dares to covet his place and go beyond the royal family.

It was a sin worthy of death.

Kruno, who arrived near Cambridge, gasping for his breath, could see the Knights as the people had been buzzing.

Those who kneel on the floor and bow their heads.

There were familiar faces, and among them, Knight Commander Edmit was there.

He was the one who swore to protect the royal family and was paid with salary.

For a short time, Edmit has been in charge of all the dirty after-treatment of the royal family.

But why did it change A conclusion was reached after countless times of contemplation and deliberation.

It’s because of Princess Alyssa.

“Damn it, Alyssa.”

Kruno gritted his teeth and sprinted towards Edmit.

Since they have come to pick them up in this way, they will also have to confess their sins and return to the royal family.

Isn’t that the power of the Crown Prince Even if he shows a little mercy, the foolish ones will follow Kruno.

“Sir Edmit.”

Edmit turned his head to Kruno.

Kruno frowned.

Edmit was just looking at him with a cold gaze, even though he had chased after himself and bowed his head immediately.

As if he was just looking at Kruno because he called him.

There was no reverence for the Crown Prince in that gaze.

“What are you doing now Sir Edmit.

Didn’t I call you”


That’s all

Kruno sharply ground his teeth.

He was going to go ahead and slap Edmit on the cheek and bring him to his senses.

Kruno stood in front of Edmit and lifted the whip of his horse.

“You bastard who doesn’t even recognize your master!!”

“I don’t have a master.”

Edmit got up and grabbed Kruno’s wrist.

In fact, with his power, he was able to break Kruno’s weak wrist at once.

However, he did not do so because of the slightest respect for the royal family so far.

And it came this far.

The rude behavior of the royal family, completely ignoring everyone’s consideration, has reached its climax, and now they have also opened their closed eyes.

Edmit must know that his despair and anger are greater than Kruno’s wrath.

He had to see the misery of all the knights who believed and followed the royal family.

Edmit gnawed his teeth as he waved Kruno’s wrist.

“Where is my master My master was those who defended the country and protected the people.

But, where are they What did the Royal Knights exist for Until now, we endured the stigma of a slaughterer because we trusted the royal family and believed in our beliefs.

But what have you done to us”

Edmit sharpened his teeth.

Seeing Edmit’s eyes bursting with blue flames, Kruno stepped back.

At any moment, he drew his sword and had the momentum to cut Kruno’s head.

“I, I am the Crown Prince! Do you think I will forgive your rudeness!”


Before calling out as the Crown Prince, think about the qualities you should have as a royal family and your duties.

Your position doesn’t matter! Are you any better than the beggar you are now”

Kruno didn’t push Edmit in the slightest.

Had he been terrified of Kruno’s position, he would have resigned and not come here in the first place.

He wouldn’t have asked for a new monarch and betrayed the royal family— destroying the knight’s pride.

Edmit wanted to kill Kruno, who had shaken his own life.

To annihilate Heidel Is that an order to the knights who protect the kingdom What the hell are these people for

A never-ending question ran through his mind.

Who the hell respects and enshrines a royal family like this, who could annihilate innocent people for their own purposes Edmit trembled with a blue rage.

“We don’t have a royal family anymore.

So go back.

Go and do as you please.

Of course, there may be some who will listen to you.”

Nobles and commoners.

Across all classes.

There were several ranks in the Knights Order.

They spread the injustice of the orders they had been given.

They recognized that they might be the next victim.

Who would want to worship and serve such a royal family

“You are the ones who have forsaken us.

Please don’t come back again.”

Edmit pushed Kruno.

Servants supported the Crown Prince as he fell on the floor.

The servants dragged out Kruno, who was screaming.

It was because the eyes of the knights looking back were harsh.

They had eyes that could slaughter Kruno at any moment.

Kruno, who had been tossed around on the dirt floor, disappeared as it was.

What a worthy sight.

Someone sighed.


Alyssa also heard about the whereabouts of the media and the fight that took place in front of the Cambridge gates.

“…something is strange.”

Alyssa’s heart raced with anxiety.

The obtained magazine article specified the temple.

The fact that the reporters have come out so proudly is that they had permission from the temple.

Journalists have been digging into Alyssa’s good deeds and highlighting the progress.

They almost deified Alyssa.

The kingship must be sacred, and they have absolute heavenly protection.

Therefore, the king must have the god’s approval.

Strangely, why does that phrase specified in the law come to mind Is it because the intervention of the temple is unstable Alyssa grabbed the magazine.

The temple remained silent at her request.

But now, what is the reason for their moving

For what

Alyssa touched her office desk.

This anxiety is probably because she is guessing the reason.

The Revolutionary Corps and the Temple joined hands over Alyssa.

They started pushing her to get what they wanted.

Alyssa’s lips trembled.


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