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Nevertheless, Alyssa, who did not lose the dignity of the royal family, greeted.

‘Nice to meet you.

I am Alyssa Avery.

I was told that you have always contributed to the royal family.

Please continue to take care of us, High Priest.’

No matter how strong and bright a child was.

All the high priests who were present were possessed.

What a pity that Princess Alyssa could not be ranked as the successor to the throne.

Everyone recognized her, but Alyssa was not recognized only by the dark-eyed royal family.

The elder slowly brushed his beard.

‘Will you still be there’

Alyssa, who appeared in the letter, seemed to be the same person she was before.

The clean and powerful handwriting had clearly conveyed her meaning.

Alyssa wants the monarchy to be abolished.

She is also thinking of overthrowing the royal family and establishing a parliament in its place.

Nevertheless, the elder intends to betray Alissa’s will.

The elder had a strange conviction.

Surely Alyssa wouldn’t want it, but he knew that if the people liked it and it was for them, she would take any seat she didn’t want.

He knows that she’s been a hard worker all this time.

She was carrying the royal family alone, so how hard must her body and mind be However, even as the temple, he could not push Alyssa even if she forced him to do so.

If the monarchy collapses right now, the country will also collapse.

Avery was too rotten to the bone for a parliamentary system to take place.

They needed a fence to protect them.

When the kingdom’s people have a proper sense of citizenship and can become self-reliant, it will be appropriate to abolish the monarchy.

It’s too fast now.

“…I’m sorry to the Princess.”

“If it’s for a cause, she’ll accept it.”

“Obviously, but…”

It is an unchanging fact that they are sinners.

The elder’s gaze looked at the faces of the high priests.

There was one thing they overlooked.

The fact that Alyssa was the only one who took care of the kingdom’s people who had been silent and turned away from even the temple.

She has donated countless money to private organizations and put her own restraints on the royal family.

Is that all

One letter a day was proof of that.

It is also true that Alyssa’s efforts have changed the kingdom so much.

“There is no one like her as a monarch who will serve for the rest of her life.”

No matter what the high priests say, it will not be of any consolation to Alyssa.

‘I hate being royalty.

Isn’t that a cumbersome seat on your shoulders’

She said so with bright eyes.

‘I’d rather be a writer.

I want to be someone who sees their lives firsthand and helps them.

But the royals I know, don’t.’

How firm the lips were on her small face.

Alyssa’s persistence was part of what could be seen.

‘I don’t want to live as part of such an unscrupulous royal family.’

It is to betray that small wish.

The elder clicked his tongue.

The temple that grants all other people’s wishes only ignores Alyssa’s wishes every time.

It was right to be sorry.


It was the day of the second explosion.

The secret letter from the temple flew in front of the revolutionary group.

The leaders of the revolutionary corps, including Caradella and Dania, sat with their heads together.

In addition, Pauline was there.

Caradella, who had checked the contents in advance, asked Pauline.


We are gathered here to confirm the will from the temple.

First of all, we have been moving towards abolishing the royal family and establishing a parliamentary system.

Is that correct”


“Yes, Caradella.”

“And we have conveyed the same meaning to the temple until now.

Cambridge and Princess Alyssa are also with us.

It will be guaranteed by Miss Pauline here.”

Pauline nodded.


Cambridge and Princess Alyssa are also sending their wishes to the Revolutionary Corps.”

Caradella opened the letter.

She recited it slowly and clearly.

“The temple conveys the following meaning as it is judged that it is still too early to abolish the monarchy and replace the monarchy with the parliamentary system.

The temple will not break this will in the future.

However, when the will is divided, nothing can be achieved.

I think it is necessary to discuss this.

So, I ask for a conversation with Caradella, the leader of the revolutionary corps.

Also, the temple recommends Princess Alyssa Cambridge as a new candidate for the throne.”

Under it was the seal of the elder in red.

Caradella smirked.

“Princess Alyssa … the Duchess wouldn’t like it.”

Pauline licked her lips.

Alyssa’s skinny face comes to mind.

“That I agree with.”

Dania also said it.

It was clear that Dania was thinking of the same thing as Pauline right now.

The already skinny person was becoming more and more like a ghost.

She’s against putting more burdens on Alyssa.


“I think we need to discuss this.”

Caradella thinks differently.

And the power to move the revolutionary crops was in Caradella.

And the temple.

Pauline’s and Dania’s opinions were feeble.


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