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Alyssa did not stop sending letters to the temple despite much adversity.

There was no disagreement that the hearts of all the people in the kingdom moved only when the temple moved, so whenever there is a difficult task, the first things people look for are two things.



Therefore, the people of the kingdom will accept the abolition of the monarchy gently only when the mind of the temple is inclined toward Alyssa and the Revolutionary Corps.

So, Alyssa’s letters piled and piled up and exceeded one box, so even the priests couldn’t be ignorant by then.

No matter how much they were pushed back by the monarchy and kept silent.

She wanted to avoid a direct clash between the monarchy and the priesthood, but it seemed impossible.

The royal family was becoming less famous as the years passed, and the kingdom’s people were suffering from their incompetence.

The temple was also reaching its limit.

Hungry and suffering people were forming in front of the temple.

They came with hungry stomachs because there was no food to eat.

Recently, the royal family has been focusing its budget on building altars for heretical faith, so the budget for temples has been reduced considerably.

Even so, a budget was given to the temple and had been prepared in the past.

They are all being used for the starving people, but they are not enough to buy food and clothes.

In such a difficult situation, an untimely donor appeared.

“……Princess Alyssa donated big money this time too.”

The high priest rubbed his forehead with a troubled face.

“She doesn’t expect anything in return.

But we always get help from her.”

Another high priest said.


Princess Alyssa has great meaning.

She also seemed to have ties to the Revolutionary Corps.

We also need to look at where the public sentiment is heading now.

The temple cannot remain silent until the end.”

“That’s right.

Are we going to step up only after the kingdom is destroyed Then it will be too late.”

The elder sank at the high priests’ remarks.

There is nothing wrong with their argument.

When the kingdom falls, it is too late.

If they let it go like this, they could lose everything.

“The streets are full of hungry people, and many are sleeping on the streets.

Many people would rather steal than pay taxes.

Elder, are you going to leave it as it is”

Finally, the elder slowly opened his mouth.

“In the past… we have been silent for many years.

We have maintained the neutrality of this country.

We have considered it our job to reconcile between the people of the kingdom and the royal family.

But, now…”

The elder let out a long sigh.

As the years changed, so did the kingdom.

They can no longer hear the laughter of children outside.

Revolutionary corps and other private organizations are working hard for relief, but the royal family has lost.

Who in the world can fix it The elder’s lips parted slowly.

He has nothing to say against the idea that he must decide and add power to the current flow.

“Now is the time for us to speak up.

I will support Princess Alyssa of Cambridge.

I don’t think anyone deserves it as much as she does.

She is the only one who is qualified.”

“That’s right!”

“She is the only hope.

I’m sure the people will trust and follow.”

“However, I will not support the abolition of the monarchy.”

That was the conclusion of the elder who had pondered for a long time.

“Of course, one day, it will decline, and the monarchy will be abolished.

However, this is not the case.

It will remain a disgrace for the kingdom of Avery we have been protecting for so long.

The abolition of the monarchy should be carried out sequentially according to the passage of time.

It can’t be this messed up.”

“I agree.”

“I agree.”

The high priests also agreed with the elder’s opinion.

“We will move for the upholding of a new king.

I will work towards making Alyssa Cambridge the queen.”

“She will be different from the Revolutionary Corps.”

“That’s right.

Therefore, I expect that the meeting with Miss Caradella, the head of the revolutionary corps, will be essential.

I should talk to them too.

Isn’t it the most dangerous when the wills are united as one”

“Hmm… We should have talked with Princess Alyssa as well.”

“Let’s defer that to a later date.”

The elder bowed his head.

He remembers Alyssa.

Princess Alyssa, who came to the temple when she was very young, holding a maid’s hand, was still vivid in his memory.

Many royal families visited the temple.

Simultaneously with their birth, they were to be baptized in the temple.

Of course, all members of the royal family born in this generation also visited the temple.

At that time, the elder was also in the ranks of a high priest instead of elder.

She must have been only ten years old.

Her little white pretty face was fed up with fear.


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