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Alyssa decided to take the advice of the unknown gardener.

In fact, Ophelias spirit had ceased at some point, but her eyes were clearly telling.

I hate you, really, really hate you.

‘It cant be helped.

Alyssa was here on behalf of Averys sins, and the Cambridge people were entitled to blame and hate the royal family.

Averys arrogant and assertive behavior drove Cambridge into despair, which was clearly an unleaderable act of an imperial family.

Because a man named king rose up with a sense of inferiority toward his servants.

Alyssa, who had them as a family, had nothing to say with even ten mouths.

She evaluated her father by herself and swallowed a sigh of sorrow.

He drove the hero of the country to death with a non-trivial cause, and now presses the duke.

This proposal that Alyssa makes to Ophelia and Juliana is not for Alyssa herself, but rather because of the thought that she should make a small reward for them.

The act of comforting those who have experienced something they may not have to experience if not because of the Avery royal family.

However, it was not easy to even speak out at the dinner table, so she was very careful.


At Alyssas voice breaking through the serene table, Ophelia raised her eyes, sighing.

Ophelias gaze diverted Alyssa, staring into the air behind her.

“What is it”

As if thats the best thing, only her lips blush like a carp with an emotionless face.

Alyssa managed to stop the sigh from bursting and smiled.

“I… have something to tell you.”

It wasnt easy to speak properly because her throat was so tight.

Like when talking with the gardener, it would be nice to have words come out just like then, but if she stands in front of them, she becomes a sinner and lowered your head.

Alyssas lips trembled.

She had to hesitate for a while, knowing that the silence was a silent pressure to say anything.

Eventually, it wasnt until Juliana helped Alyssa that her mouth was opened.

“Please tell me.”

“…I was wondering if youd like to visit the cemetery with me if you have time.”

It was a trembling voice, but she pronounced it clearly to convey Alyssas will.

Even saying this was a great courage for Alyssa.


It really seemed to sound like that.

Ophelias head, looking in the air, returned to Alyssa.

Her eyes blinked in amazement, and transparent tears began to accumulate in Ophelias eyes.

Its as if its going to flow right now.

Ophelia opened her eyes wide and breathed out as if she didnt want to spill the tears.

“Well, is that really Can you do that”

The same was true for Juliana, who stopped eating and stared at Alyssa blankly.

They have not been able to go to Kendricks tomb because they were hated by the royal family.

King Averys shamelessness destroyed a family like this.

Which family cant easily step into their familys graveyard

Alyssa smiled bitterly and nodded.

Ophelia bowed her head in a flimsy smile.

The tears she was holding forcibly fell.

Drops of transparent tears wet the hem of the dress.

The fragile body, trembling, seemed so delicate, and made a sad heart bloom.

Ophelia and Juliana have never been to see Kendrick since the funeral, where they didnt know how he was.

No, they couldnt go to see it.

Because they couldnt even enter the Royal Cemetery… Kendrick, who loved the warmth, must have been in a lonely and cold place, but they couldnt hug him once.

Even if he was strangled by his second brother, he only sighed and did not give an answer.

It was a refusal that even the young Ophelia could know and what bothers Seidrick.

“Alyssa, even if you dont overdo it…”

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Juliana looked at Alyssa with a quivering voice.

“Its because I want to do it, mother.”

However, she stopped responding to Alyssas words.

Her open eyes were wide open and fluttered.

“If only you could do that…”

Like a man who is short of breath, Mrs.

Juliana gasped.

She didnt even notice that the tears she thought were dry from crying wet her cheeks.

The fact that she could go to her son who she had not been able to be there after the funeral made her heart feel like this.


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