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Seidrick suppressed the rising anger and hatred at the slow voice from within.

Showing things like this can upset even today’s events.

Even if he spats out his rage, the royal family does not collapse so easily.

It will take more than the same amount of work that Seidrick put on Caradella to bring down this gigantic monster.

That way, Alyssa will be completely freed.

The king was waiting for him at the end of the audience room, with a look on his face that he had already guessed what Seidrick would propose or hand him over.

“You’ve come, Seidrick”

How close are they to each other He called him friendlily and greeted Seidrick with a greedy smile, only shown when he wanted something.

The king straightened his body and called Seidrick to sit near him.

Not ignorant of the implications of the king’s hearty smile, Seidrick stepped into the mud for Kendrick.

“Anyway, I was about to call you because I need you.


As you know, the bloody people have harmed the innocents.

I had a duty to repair their damage.

Isn’t that what a king is”

A king.

Those words were never meant to be used by the person sitting in front of him.

Wasn’t he a sinner who abandoned the people and the country for the sake of his own success Now Seidrick fully understood the reason why Kendrick had to die.

His brother knew what the king believed.

The king is pouring his money and the direction in which the budget, which armaments should finance, is heading.

Kendrick’s uptight personality could not have left it alone.

Kendrick met the king secretly, accusing him of heresy and demanding punishment.

The king’s eyes were blinded, and the state’s money was private, so the crime is grave.

So it has to be punished severely and set an example.

Punishments like whipping.

Kendrick was an upright and straight man, and he had no idea that heretics were tainted to the very core.

The king didn’t even pretend to listen to Kendrick.

To him, Kendrick was only a villain who could destroy their faith, so he became the target to be executed.

Nation’s hero Kendrick.

War hero Kendrick.

That was of no use, and the king only thought of Kendrick as the villain.

That was the story of all this.

It wasn’t until recently that Seidrick learned why the king had put so much pressure on Cambridge—chasing after Alyssa.

When he reached the royal family, Seidrick uncovered the poorly hidden secrets of the royal family.

Indeed, Avery has long harbored an inferiority complex to Cambridge.

However, Avery was not frivolous enough to tamper with the considerable group of Cambridge.

If so, there must have been some kind of trigger, but it was only recently that the answer was found.

The king was a selfish man to the bone.

If the heretics had not promised eternal life, he would not have supported it this much.

In Seidrick’s eyes, the king looked like a monster.

He bit his lip.

The will of flesh rose in the deep green eyes.

Nevertheless, Seidrick persevered with it.

Now, if he harms the king, he becomes a traitor.

All of Cambridge will be on a path of downfall.

That wasn’t what Seidrick wanted.

Besides, the opportunity is coming soon.

The stone thrown by the writer Criminal caused a significant ripple in the small well-like kingdom, and the number of people who joined the revolutionary group increased exponentially.

They began to question the existence of the royal family.

‘Wait a little longer, Seidrick.’

Seidrick, who was holding himself back, smiled hard.

“Yes, Your Majesty.

I ran here because something that should not have happened has happened.”


If there are things that I have upset you about, I hope you forget everything.

The king said in the guise of affection.

A demon in human skin was in front of him.

“We will know what each other needs without having to talk for a long time.”

That meant it was urgent.

Instead of talking round and round, it seemed that the king would ask for money from Seidrick and give him what he wanted.

What the king asked for was a lot of money, and for him, he couldn’t keep Kendrick’s ashes as he had been stubborn so far.

Seidrick pulled out half of the checks from his pocket.

It was worth a total of 100 million gold.

However, this was not enough to restore the central heresy temple.

At least twice that amount is required.

The king’s expression darkened.

“…I think I must have made you very upset.”

The King smiled softly.

“Chief Attendant.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Let the carriage prepared by the Royal Cemetery be sent to the mansion in Cambridge.”

Seidrick glanced at the Chief Attendant.

He could not fully believe the king’s words.

What was in the carriage would indeed be what Seidrick wanted.

He had even made the King’s chief attendant bring it.

The chief attendant nodded his head.

At last.

He was filled with joy.

Theodore placed the rest of the checks in his arms on the table.

He waited three years for this moment.

Really… It was a long time.


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