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“My head hurts.”

Caradella rubbed her head.

“Go to Alyssa tomorrow.

See her condition.”

“I will.”

Caradella got her body up.

Hearing the news today brought back memories of that day.

It was something she did in the name of Alyssa, but she doesn’t know if that’s what the girl wanted to do.


Seidrick wasn’t even eating himself, like someone whose goal was to help Alyssa eat.

Alyssa glanced at him.

“You don’t eat Sid”

“Now I’m going to eat.”

Seidrick grabbed the fork, avoiding Alyssa’s gaze.

If it was her request with such an excited face, he thought he would be able to listen to anything.

“You are really good at cooking.”

“Well, these are simple things.

If it’s something to be thankful for, it’s Lisa who eats well.”


I know it isn’t.

This is great!”

Alyssa bit the meat.

The fishy scent lingered thanks to her cracked mouth, but she could taste the flavor of the meat, obscured by the oil.

She emptied her plate completely as if forced.

Halfway through, Sid insisted that she wouldn’t have to eat if she were full, but she was stubborn.

It’s delicious.

She continued to add such short excuses.

No matter how full she was, Alyssa had to eat all of this food.

Isn’t that what Sid did for her, not the chef It seems that Alyssa means so much to him.

Alyssa bit her lip.

As Sid expanded the realm within herself, her guilt grew deeper and deeper.

Another man who wasn’t her husband.

Isn’t it something to be sorry for just to put him in her heart

Alyssa glanced at Sid and turned her head again.

So she forgot that she was trying to get away from the fuss.

“….That’s a relief.”


Alyssa, lost in thoughts, lifted her head.

She was the reason Sid said ‘that’s a relief’ one after another.


“……Lisa doesn’t seem to be sick.

That’s a relief..”

“Ah… it’s not really a big deal.

Alyssa rubbed her cheek reflexively.

It was evident that it puffed up like a monster thanks to the bubbly flesh.


“No, Lisa.

It’s not just a big deal.”


Alyssa rolled her eyes.

“Whoever made Alyssa that way, he has to pay the price.

Violence should never be justified at any moment.

Just speak.

We will help you with the charges.”

Seidrick, who had been rambling without hesitation, swallowed his breath.

His heart was so rushed that he seemed to have said everything, so he searched for a moment to see if he had made a mistake.

It seemed like he luckily didn’t make any mistakes.

Seidrick spoke again.

“Who was it What can I do to help”


Really… just, just… Do you really want to do something for me”

Seidrick quietly nodded his head.

He lamented in his mind that he couldn’t blame Norfe in front of Alyssa.

‘No, that’s not it’

Norfe and Vanessa harmed Alyssa, so he could sue them any number of times in her husband’s position.

It might be quite interesting to see them stand side by side in the courtroom, the troublemakers of the royal family and who like to harass Alyssa.

The husband, Seidrick, can do things that a friend and gardener, Sid, cannot do.

‘This is for later.’

Seidrick nodded his head.

“Why Is it because you feel sorry for me Oh no.

It’s okay, though.

It’s okay if you don’t feel sorry for me, so can I ask you one thing”

Alyssa’s purple eyes glistened wetly.

That foolish and kind person is crying inside.

For some reason, she didn’t want to show her pain to others.

That’s because Alyssa’s heart pounded at her weakness, which meant that the meaning of Sid’s presence had deepened to her.

He felt contradictory.

Seidrick nodded his head briefly.

“Just stay with me today, Sid.”

She knew how difficult this was to ask.

Besides, she knows she can’t.

But Alyssa couldn’t stand the urge.

It’s only one day.

Wouldn’t she deserve her heaven for a day or so

Alyssa caught her breath.

“Just once.”

Not knowing how much those words made his heart flutter, Seidrick stared at Alyssa.

“…I need Sid today.”

Seidrick closed his eyes tightly.

Taking care not to let his excitement and anticipation come into his breath, it was clear that Alyssa did not know how dangerous such words were.

And after taking a deep breath for a while, he slowly opened his eyes.

The purple eyes were filled with Seidrick.

Her still eyes were wet, Alyssa furrowed her lips softly.

“If you are in trouble….”

“It’s all right.”


“If that comforts Lisa, I will do it.”

If that’s all Seidrick can do, for now, he’ll do it.

To keep Alyssa in this world even a little bit.

Alyssa smiled brightly.

Thinking that this is today’s luck.


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