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“Thank you for saying that, Alyssa.”

“…I mean it.”

A Cambridge without Juliana was unimaginable.

She was always there like a solid pillar that kept Cambridge as the Grand Madam.

Even when Alyssa was ill-treated by Norfe or stoned by the world, she stood in Alyssa’s way.

Seeing Juliana getting weaker day by day made Alyssa sad.

“Actually, I have something to tell you.”

Alyssa struggled to change the subject.

She thought she would ask Sasha to call another doctor.

“What do you want to say”

“Yes, mother, I want to give you this.”

Alyssa put the bag of money on the bed.

“……Why are you giving this to me”

“I would like to add it as Ophelia’s dowry.”

At first glance, the amount of money seemed comparable to the Duchy’s income for a month.

That money as Ophelia’s dowry

Alyssa was often overdoing things.

As if she had been brainwashed, she would be anxious if she couldn’t give what she had to others.

Julianna had heard from Dania what happened on Kendrick’s first death anniversary in the Imperial Palace two years ago.

This is how the royal family made Alyssa.

In Juliana’s eyes, she looked like a child longing for affection.

Juliana shook her head.


Even if we don’t have this, you…”

“I know, mother.

It’s okay if you don’t have this.

This is… just my heart.

I want Ophelia to marry without any shortage.”

“If you wish, it is possible with the property of the Duchy.

So this is….”

Alyssa stubbornly placed the purse on Juliana’s hand.

“I couldn’t put my heart there.

Please accept it, mother.


It wasn’t until she saw Alyssa with tears in her eyes that Juliana realized.

This is a debt of Alyssa’s heart that she owes to Ophelia all this time.

The money Alyssa brought was delivered to the Kaihan family as a dowry.

According to her will.


Alyssa’s life couldn’t be this peaceful.

The evening that Alyssa visited Juliana, rumors that Cambridge had paid a considerable dowry hit the social circle.

The new bride, Ophelia, who was about to get married, did not attend the social gatherings, but Dania did.

The aristocrats pointed out that it was foolish for her to run out of Gerald and join the revolutionary group, but they couldn’t ignore her.

Because there was still Gerald behind Dania, and now it seems that there is even the Duchy.

Dania cautiously spread that Alyssa paid the sum to raise Ophelia’s prestige.

She spread the word to people who knew or were acquainted with Alyssa.

And the story flowed into Vanessa’s ears.

“Hey, is that true”

Vanessa shouted with a shrill voice.

“Yes, Madam.”

Vanessa’s hands trembled.

“How does Alyssa raise the money”

“I’m not sure either….”

“Did she steal the money”

These days no matter how much money she asks from the queen, the queen complains that she has no money.

She wondered if Alyssa had stolen all the money.

Vanessa pursed her lips.

Even if it was Alyssa’s personal property, she must have been crazy.

Instead of helping the royal family in need or giving it to Vanessa, she spends the money for Ophelia, who was not of blood!

“…After this, call Norfe.

I’m going to have to go talk to Alyssa today.”

There are already stupid and crazy things that were saying that the royal family should be abolished… but the country is in a mess because of this novel, Clemore.

How dare you make judgments about the royal family!

The royal family must exist and enjoy its rights.

Aren’t they born like that The kingdom is maintained only when there is a royal family and the foolish people are protected.

It was shocking to see the ignorant worms chattering.

‘This is why you can’t give freedom to the lower ones.’

Vanessa pursed her lips.

One hundred years ago, slavery was abolished, and the class system began to shake.

One hundred years ago, the king did everything well, but he couldn’t do just one thing—what a stupid thing to do in a time when the most splendid culture blossomed.

Alyssa seems to be upsetting the queen, but she should teach Alyssa well as her sister.

Vanessa’s eyes lit up.


For that reason, Cambridge welcomed an unexpected guest.

It was Vanessa and Norfe.

The Duke ordered that the royal family not enter the mansion, but that wasn’t up to him.

No matter how wretched a life they live in the streets, the royal family is royalty.

Eventually, the news of their arrival reached Alyssa.

It was because Seidrick didn’t come home from work all night long.

Alyssa didn’t get ready to sleep but came down to greet the rude uninvited guests.

Alyssa, wearing the gown, looked at the two of them.

“What’s going on”

“I have something to tell you.”

Vanessa retorted.

She doesn’t know why her elder sister might come to visit her younger sister at such a late hour or why they’re making such a fuss.

She lifted her eyes and looked at Norfe, who stood dumbfounded next to Vanessa.


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