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Alyssa and Dania got off the carriage together.

The fishy smell, which is still slightly infused with her, awakened Alyssa’s sense of reality.

She thought she was out, but it was a bitter feeling like she was stepping back in place.

She has been running away for a long time, but when she looked back, it seemed like it hadn’t been long… Alyssa lifted her head, biting her lips tightly.

It appears that the majesty of the spacious castle spreading out in front of her weighs on her.

That doesn’t mean that Alyssa is going to lie flat.

She promised herself not to do that anymore.

She realized that no matter how much the royal family tried to get her into the mud, she could get out independently.

“Shall we go in now”

In a militant posture, Dania placed her hand on Alyssa’s forearm.

Dania strangely started to soften her hostility towards Alyssa at some point, and today it was completely broken.

To the extent that it feels awkward,

What the hell is going on

However, she decided not to ask because this was far better off than being hostile against herself.

Alyssa and Dania set their foot with a determined heart.

The gaze poured out toward them as they headed for the royal cemetery dressed in black.

It was a fact that all the kingdom’s people knew that today was hero Kendrick’s death anniversary.

Everyone was mourning Kendrick in their own way.

In a quiet way to escape the royal eyes, during the day, all the shops were in collusion and closed and went to the temple to offer flowers.

And the underground movement was passed on to others as well.

Among those here, there may be some who have been to the temple, avoiding the eyes of the royal family.

Instead of standing out, the gaze toward Alyssa and Dania sunk darkly with a look of condolences.

“…Everyone is honoring Kendrick.”

Dania bit her lips firmly.

Her longing and aspiration for Kendrick, which she thought had faded, seemed to rekindle.

Indeed, he was a friendly fiance.

He had never turned his eyes to anyone else, and he was sincere to Dania until he broke the marriage under royal coercion.

“That’s how we become comrades…”

Dania glanced at Alyssa.

The pale face was pensive.

There was still a long way to reach the Royal Cemetery.

“Can I talk to you”

The hostility toward Alyssa began to soften when they talked with each other the other day at the queen’s request.

She listened and took Dania’s side, not the royal family.

The fact that she wasn’t the same as Avery was the power that subsided Dania’s anger.

Moreover, those complex and subtle feelings completely faded the moment she saw Alyssa’s manuscript today.

‘What an emotion that changes easily.’

It was hard to hate anyone, so it was good.


It’s okay.”

Alyssa replied vaguely.

It was the first time she had a conversation with a lady of her age, like Dania.

On the way to mourn Kendrick with such kindness.

For various reasons, Alyssa’s mouth was dry with tension.

She decided to listen to Dania’s story.

“It’s about Kendrick.”

Like surprised to see her chest growing up, surprised to see frying pans, Alyssa’s heart sank.

Every time Kendrick’s story came out of the mouths of others, her deep-seated guilt would go to her.

“It’s not much… I want to tell you what kind of person he was.”


Alyssa nodded her head awkwardly.

It wasn’t meant to blame her, but Dania seemed to want to tell her story about Kendrick.

For example, she wanted to reflect on her memories.

It was common at someone’s death anniversary.

“He was a good person.

Besides, he was handsome and capable.

He has a perfect identity, and he was the perfect guy of his time.”

It was the truth without a doubt.

Even Alyssa heard Kendrick’s prestige.

When three or more people gathered, stories about him would come out even for a moment.

Kendrick’s popularity was widely recognized.


“So my friends used to ask what I liked about Kendrick best.

Is there anything different that I know about my fiance I’ve been with him since I was young… Rather, I didn’t think he was that perfect.”

Dania’s voice was filled with longing and happiness.

Maybe she’s happy just to recall Kendrick.

Her faintly scattered expression was affectionate.

She might have been waiting for a comfortable dinner with him, rather than attending her beloved’s death anniversary, if not for the royal family.


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