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The marriage of Seidrick Cambridge and Alyssa Avery was the greatest tragedy and issue for the Kingdom of Castor and all the nobles living in the Kingdom of Castor.

People were attending the wedding of the two.

Their eyes followed the bride and groom who entered the room holding hands side by side.

“How long has Kendrick Cambridge been dead A week”

“The important thing is that Princess Alyssa was Kendrick Cambridges fiancée.”


But they say they never saw Princess Alyssa or Kendrick face-to-face.”

“But, is Lord Seidrick insane right now Hes making a relationship with the Avery royal family who drove his brother to death.

Forced to be with the woman who almost became his sister-in-law.”


Seidrick and Alyssa passed by the ladies who closed their mouths tightly.

But Alyssa had already heard all the stories they were talking about.

Alyssa grabbed Seidrics hand.

She didnt know if this would comfort him.

Seidrics red, swollen eyes looked prominent.

Alyssas heart thumps and sinks.

Its not Alyssas fault.

It wasnt her fault that Kendrick Cambridge died…

‘He thinks its my fault.

Alyssa bit her lips.

Seidric never looked at Alyssa throughout the wedding.

Because of this, Alyssa saw Seidric only at a side profile, or thanks to the thick veil she was wearing, only the back of his head.

And the stiffness of his mouth.

Alyssa glanced at Seidrics sturdy shoulder.

As the ceremony was held, she could not even see his face properly except around his red eyes.

Still, its a wedding and she was excited.

Alyssa smiled bitterly.


Kendrick, who fought in the war at the order of the Avery Royal Family, returned with a great victory.

People praised Kendrick as a hero, and he became the main figure of the 30 Years Alp War.

The king was contemplating what kind of reward he should give Kendrick.

Kendricks Cambridge family had more fortune than the royal family and had vast territories.

Standing under Cambridges jurisdiction, farming earned enormous profits every year, and the fertile lands were never running out of grain.

Cambridges wealth never dried up and it resulted in power.

The nobles on Cambridge Street, with old fame and wealth, bowed their heads to them.

Thats why Cambridge has been the chairman of the council for many years.

It would not be wrong if the Cambridges will soon move the kingdom.

Cambridge also did not miss out on public support.

They did not turn a blind eye to the suffering of the people and were respected as honorable lords.

Thats why the king, who was losing public support, had been jealous of Cambridge.

So the king concluded that it was necessary to stop the Cambridge clan before they become even more famous.

So, Averys royal family ordered the marriage of Duke Kendrick and Princess Alyssa.

With platinum hair that resembles her mother and her mysterious violet-like eyes, Alyssa was a thorn in the royal court.

It was because her mother was from a Gypsy whom the people were embarrassed to speak of.

People regarded Alyssa as a royal disgrace.

However, she was also a suitable person to be a royal sacrifice.

Alyssa became the one to present Kendrick with the daunting bridle of being the princesss husband.

However, at the order of the king, Kendrick, who had been on his way to the court three months before the wedding, returned as a corpse.

Kendrick and his knights warned that there was no need to chase the fleeing enemy and that it would leave a stain on the victorious war.

However, the king did not listen to them.

Those who didnt get the Kings order to return, then eventually returned dead.

People vaguely noticed that the king was afraid of Cambridges fame and power, but he did not make the mistake of speaking it out of his mouth.

Anyway, Alyssa became a widow a week before her wedding.

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Because Kendrick was a war hero, he was buried in the royal cemetery by the kings order.

But those who could be buried at the Royal Cemetery were only those with royal status.

So the King took Kendricks remains and used it as a shackle to Seidric, Kendricks brother, the new subject.

There were no nobles who did not know about the kings shameful behavior.

Of Averys royal order, people gossiped behind the scenes and pointed to the king as ahero killer.

Besides, it was said that it was athief who stole the heros remains.

Averys honor fell to the ground.

‘It will be fine.


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