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“Do you mean Maximo Florence”

“Yes, it seems that the relationship between the 1st Prince and that person is quite bad.”


Nasir answered with a sullen expression and took the report that was on the desk.

However, he did not go out and glanced at Khalid.

“What Why are you not going out and just standing there like a puppy wanting to pee like that”

“No, I…… Please tell me in detail the story of the 1st Prince’s proposal.

Since he talked about a deal, he would have offered something else in return as well, no”

“……An ice-free port and a plain.”

Khalid hesitated for a moment at Nasir’s question and then answered with a small sigh.

He had nothing to hide because he was going to consult with Nasir anyway.

“Pardon A port and a plain He said he’d give us land”

“How could he give us land He’d give us the rights to use the port and a part of land production.

And he said he could ease the political burden I am carrying.”

“What does that mean…… Does it mean that the 1st Prince is aware of the problem between you and Her Majesty the Queen How”

“That’s my question too.”

Khalid’s expression hardened when he recalled the conversation with Renato.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out how that person knew his situation.

“Hmm, objectively speaking, the 1st Prince’s proposal is not bad for us.

We would have to step foot into the power struggle of the imperial family, but we already expected it anyway.”

After thinking for a moment, Nasir cautiously expressed his opinion.

He was surprised when first hearing about it from Khalid, but when he considered it, it was a very good opportunity.

“It’s a bigger problem because it isn’t a bad offer.

It feels like he is playing with us as he pleases.”

“You don’t have to twist it like that…… But anyway, even if we put the last one aside, the first two are certainly attractive conditions for us.

We can hopefully solve the problems that have been bothering us for a long time all at once.”

Nasir did not give in and actively expressed his opinion while looking at Khalid, who seemed to be in a bad mood.

On the Tiana continent where there were few plains and a lot of mountains, the climate difference between regions was also large, causing many countries to suffer from food provision problems.

The Khan Kingdom was the same.

The Khan Kingdom, located in a typical alpine region, had a lot of medicinal herbs, furs, and mines, but lacked lands for farming.

In addition, their harsh weather was also a problem.

Their longer winters than in other regions were not suitable for farming or livestock breeding.

Because of that, the kingdom suffered from food shortages every year.

Even if they tried to trade with other countries, they could not use their ports because the sea would freeze in winter.

Imports and exports were not smooth for them, so to get food, they had to stock up in advance or cross the mountains.

However, because of the large consumption of manpower and equipment, most of the merchants were reluctant to go up in winter.

This was because the frequency of accidents was high and there was a high risk of losses.

“If we can secure an ice-free port, the cold-weather trade issue will be completely resolved.

If we can even get a plain where we can farm, it will be an opportunity for the kingdom to take a leap forward.”

Nasir said with an excited expression.

A stable food supply was the dream of any officials in the Khan Kingdom.

For it was a matter directly related to the survival and future of the kingdom.

“Which region was the 1st Prince talking about Esteban Andalusia Prado”

Nasir’s eyes sparkled as he listed out the regions in the Empire with ice-free ports and granaries.

As long as they could get any regions among these, it would be a tremendous benefit to the kingdom.

The Fleurette Empire, where most of the lands were flat and a mild climate was maintained all year round, was undoubtedly the exact opposite of the Khan Kingdom.

The Empire had developed into the most prosperous country on the continent thanks to its fertile lands and abundant resources.

For this reason, the Fleurette Empire had been the target of neighboring countries that were suffering from food shortages for hundreds of years.

Not only the neighboring countries, but also the mountain tribe in the North, the desert tribe in the East, the monster herds in the West, and the pirates in the South were aiming for the Empire from all directions.

The Khan Kingdom was originally one of those countries.

But that changed about 60 years ago, during the reign of the King at the time.

Judging that there would be no future for their country at this rate, he decided to provide the Empire with military power, the pride of their country, to receive food in return.

It was the birth of a mercenary nation.

The Fleurette Empire, which suffered from frequent invasions and chronic military power issues, gladly joined hands with the Khan Kingdom.

Thus, the two countries had maintained close cooperation so far.

However, they couldn’t know how long this peace would last.

From a long-term perspective, the Khan Kingdom had to increase its food self-sufficiency rate and secure a port where it could engage in trade activities all year round.

Otherwise, they would be on a path of declination as time passed.

On the other hand, if either of them could be obtained, the kingdom would develop much more than it was now.

“I don’t know.

I haven’t even heard of it.”

“Pardon Why”

“I cut him off because I didn’t want to hear it anymore.”

“I beg your pardon Did you perhaps refuse the marriage proposal But what kind of opportunity is this……! You weren’t even listening properly!”

“I’m not going to get married anyway, so what good will that be”

“No, things could change, right Uhm, after meeting him a few times, your heart may sympathize with him……”


Khalid let out a chuckle as if he just heard a funny thing.

He had never had a romantic relationship or an emotional connection with anyone.

Khalid always cut off everyone that approached him no matter who they were, whether they came to him because of political purposes or pure goodwill.

He was so harsh about it that people even said he had some kind of mysophobia.

“Seeing you roll your eyes like this, the Prince must have used his head quite a bit.”

“Honestly speaking, isn’t this a good deal”

Nasir pouted his lower lip.

As Khalid’s aide, he would of course have to follow the man’s will first, but seeing this, he had no choice but to be greedy.

“……Will you really not think over this”

“But I’ve already refused And in the first place, I have no intention of marrying anyone.

I’m sure I already told you that I would live alone for the rest of my life until I die.”

Khalid fiercely stared at Nasir, who was still persistent.

Having suffered from all kinds of persecution as an illegitimate child, he was negative about creating a family.

‘Only me being labeled as an illegitimate child is enough.’

The Khan Kingdom, which treated illegitimate children like criminals, despised them as people with filthy blood.

Khalid did not want to pass on to his child the pain he had suffered.

His determination became stronger as he grew up.

It was because of the people who intended to use Khalid.

Despite the fatal flaw of being the King’s illegitimate child, Khalid was quite popular among Omegas.

After all, he was an officially recognized royal prince, and a dominant Alpha with a favorable appearance and overwhelming skills as a knight.

As Khalid began to stand out and gain fame in the knights’ society, people began to show interest in him and approach him.

After Maryam ascended to the throne, there was a lot of marriage talk surrounding him.

Some tried to take advantage of Khalid, the Queen’s closest confidant, while others encouraged him to push down Maryam.

Unsurprisingly, Khalid slashed those who approached him with rebellious purposes.

After going through something like that over and over again, Khalid’s thoughts became more firm.

He had become more reluctant towards people than ever before.

“My family is enough with just noonim.”

Isn’t that noonim the one who drove you away now, your highness Nasir held back the words that reached his throat.

Instead, he decided to persuade Khalid.

It was an opportunity that was too precious to let go of.

“Please don’t do that and let’s listen carefully to the 1st Prince’s conditions.

Even if you two aren’t married, you can still make a deal, right And we also need to figure out how the 1st Prince knows about the problem between Her Majesty and your highness……”


Not wanting to hear any more, Khalid interrupted his words.

Nasir’s mouth closed because of that sharp momentum.

Because he knew he’d be really punished if he irritated him more.

“If you’re going to say useless things, just go out and work.

This time, investigate properly without making any mistakes.”

“……Yes, your highness.”

Hearing Khalid’s command, Nasir weakly drooped his shoulders and turned away.

Having kicked him out, Khalid was left alone in his office, let out a sigh and leaned back in his chair.

Tap, tap.

His long, thick fingers rhythmically tapped on the corner of his desk.

Khalid calmly reviewed what had happened at the banquet and fell into thought.

‘An ice-free port for trade in winter, a plain for a stable food supply, and a position where you can solve problems with the current Queen, Her Majesty Maryam, and ease the political burden on you.

I think this is enough for you to show interest, am I wrong’


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