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Chapter 1819: Burning Heavenly Essence

It had developed into a four-on-three situation in the ranks of Dao Realm powerhouses.

Amitabha was unoccupied and could act as he pleased.

He not only deterred Maitreya Buddha, but also faintly protected Mahamayuris ascension.

In the current state, Daoism Lineage was booming with Grand Heavenly Realm masters.

There was more than one person who could battle with Mahamayuri.

Therefore, the Western Pure Lands Buddhas did not join the fray.

However, the gap between Dao Realm and the Immortal realm nullified Daoism Lineages advantage in the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Although Dao Ancestor Amitabha had always been peaceful and seldom killed, the Daoism folks would never doubt the opponents strength as a Dao Ancestor.

Amitabha was not without scruples either.

In the void where Western Pure Lands was located, there was already a boundless ruthless qi looming at this moment.

The golden light and the yellow mist seemed to be ethereal, but they existed.

They were dense sword intents, purging away the serenity in the Blessed Lands.

Bodhi tree, lotus, and sarira had dimmed in splendor.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha and others in the Blessed Lands could feel a chill as if the murderous intent was right at their neck.

The Immortal Extermination Formation of Daoism Lineage was already on standby.

Once the Amitabha made a move against the Daoisms immortals, the Immortal Extermination Formation would immediately descend to the Western Pure Lands, slaughtering the Buddhas in revenge.

Such a threat would typically deter Amitabha.

However, the success and failure of the current event would determine the overall future.

If the event developed to the point of making a call, Daoism folks were not confident if the Immortal Extermination Formation would still deter Amitabha.

Just like the Nine Underworlds catastrophe in the past, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord acted out of desperation at the last moment.

He ignored the threat of Immortal Extermination Formation onto the Immortal Court and interrupted Yan Zhaoge, the Monkey, and the rest.

The destruction of the Immortal Court afterward also proved that the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord made the right move.

However, the Future Buddha stopped him at that time, allowing Daoism Lineages success with the Monkey attaining Dao Realm.

So, in the end, Immortal Court was still destroyed without using Immortal Extermination Formation.

As one of the oldest Dao Ancestors in the world, who was born in the primordial gulf before world creation, Amitabha would not be hesitant and be swifter than the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord at the critical moment.

After all, he was lagging behind Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

“Every faction has its difficulty, and it isnt easy for Amitabha too.” Even though the Daoism Grand Heavenly Immortals were in distress facing the green lotus, they did not intend to retreat.

Yan Zhaoges group looked up to the void.

Six Dao Ancestors were fighting there besides Amitabha, who stood at the side.

Although the fight was not exaggerated, it was a terrifying battle capable of destroying the entire universe.

In the course of the battle, the winner and loser of each fight gradually emerged.

The fight between the Primordial Heavenly Devil and Eastern Sovereign Taiyi did not show any obvious hint.

The Monkey and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord were equally matched.

It was hard to tell who was stronger.

However, the fight between Future Buddha Maitreya and Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil had swiftly undergone changes.

Maitreya Buddha gradually gained the upper hand.

“In the Nine Underworlds disaster, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil almost perished, and the impact seems to be more serious than expected.” Seeing this, everyone realized, “Although he has recovered now, there is still a gap compared with his peak in the past.”

If Maitreya Buddha were not on alert for Amitabha at the side, Maitreya Buddhas advantage would be even more apparent.

As time passed, the jade door prioritized defending under the attack of Golden Cudgel.

The green lotus above the void spun slightly.

It seemed to inch closer to the jade door and the black mirror.

“The time is almost up.

If we delay any longer, Mahamayuri will attain success.” Seeing that the Monkey and Maitreya Buddha had tried their best to attract the attention of Amitabha, Yan Zhaoges group finally acted!

Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Suo Mingzhang, and Yang Jian rushed toward the five colored brilliance in the void together.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya and other Great Demons did not move.

Ne Zha stood in the same place without moving and was a little unwilling.

After all, he was tasked to cover the groups retreat after the attack.

The demons could not help but smile bitterly with their eyes full of envy.

Even if Daoism had a powerful condition such as Immortal Extermination Formation, they needed a concrete foundation and capability to back them up in the quest of entering the tigers den under the eyes of Dao Ancestor.

The candidate needed the capability of escaping the Dao Ancestor.

Otherwise, he would not be qualified to take the risks since it would merely be a suicide.

Even Dao Monarch Lu Ya was not confident, let alone other Great Demons.

Daoism Lineage had four people befitting the condition at the moment.

Of course, the demon races were in awe of it and lost their pride.

Yan Zhaoges group quickly rushed toward the Five-Colored Divine Radiance, which the Mahamayuri manifested.

On their journey, the green lotus above the void did not hinder them.

This instead stirred up confusion in the hearts of Yan Zhaoges group.

Amitabha seemed to be fearless without any concern in the event.

While the group had such thoughts, the white jade door above suddenly committed an attack instead of the green lotus!

The jade door opened with radiance emerging from it.

There seemed to be many images flashing.

Countless mysterious talismans flew out of the jade door and descended into the universe.

Once Yan Zhaoge saw those talismans, his pupils shrank slightly, “Heavenly Essence Stone!”

Endless talismans wandered in the void, then gathered in the middle to synthesize an incomplete spiritual stone.

As the spiritual stone swayed slightly, a few water traces seeped from its surface.

Brilliance resembling the Heavenly Essence Stone fragment flickered in the distant void.

That could be from Sikong Qing in Daoisms universe.

It might originate from the missing Gao Han as well.

Even the talismans in Yan Zhaoges Spirit Yin Centre became active, wanting to escape from his body.

Thousands of years had passed.

Many of Sikong Qings generation came to the end of their lives.

Yan Zhaoge had collected the Heavenly Essence Stone talismans belonging to them.

In this instance, these talismans went out of Yan Zhaoges control, just like those in the hands of Gao Han, Sikong Qing, and the rest.

However, the surface of the Heavenly Essence Stone closing toward completion in front of Yan Zhaoge gave birth to an illusory talisman.

Under the flow of water and light, the talisman seemed to fill its last imperfection.

“After eradicating the Immortal Court back then, I used the blessing rain as a backing, and I worked out the secret method to defeat the treasured light imbued with faith power.

Unfortunately, it gave them the convenience to gain something out of it.” Yan Zhaoge grasped what happened at a glance.

But he was still well aware that the Heavenly Essence Stone, which seemed to have its flaws filled up, had not achieved completion yet.

The fragmented Heavenly Essence Stone was still in Daoisms hands.

The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord did not seem to be illuminating someone.

The Heavenly Essence Stone, which was compensated by a phantom, burned as a whole at this moment!

Under the flames, Yan Zhaoges group felt a heavy burden at the same time.

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