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Chapter 1818: Yet Another Battle in the Scale of the Universe

Mahamayuri was famous all over the world for his Five-Colored Divine Radiance.

Once his Five-Colored Divine Radiance descended, it seemed to have stirred up the five elements of the universe as if it was the lord of creation.

It was difficult to resist this attack.

In comparison, Jizo Bodhisattva and Samsara Sword Buddha Qu Su opened the door of samsara and manipulated the opponents karma, thereby causing them to fall into samsara.

However, Mahamayuris Five-Colored Divine Radiance was much more overbearing and direct.

The attack was like the suppression coming from the entire universe.

The Five-Colored Divine Radiance would crush those who failed to block it instantly, and there was almost no way to fight back.

If he wanted to attain the Dao Realm, the Five-Colored Divine Radiance would become active and inevitably cause the worlds five elements to resonate together.

Therefore, the world had undergone great turmoil.

All the top-notch powerhouses in the world felt it.

Thus, they learned that Mahamayuri was at the last step of attaining the Dao Realm.

At the same time, it hinted at another matter.

The Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, who nearly perished in the Nine Underworlds catastrophe, had finally recovered.

Thousands of years after the catastrophe of the Nine Underworlds, another grand event that would affect the entire world had officially kicked off.

“Master Yan hasnt left his seclusion yet,” said Feng Yunsheng.

“It doesnt matter.” Yan Zhaoge shook his head and went out of Sky beyond Skies with Feng Yunsheng, left Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens, and came to the boundless void.

At this moment, there was five colored radiance everywhere, circulating endlessly, illuminating the dark void.

Including the Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens, all universes showed signs of distortion, as if they would disintegrate and revert into the original five elements.

However, massive formations were erected immediately in Daoisms universe, creating a barrier that protected its worlds.

Numerous formation circles were connected into one piece, turning into a whole, protecting the entire Daoism universe.

The disintegration of the five elements in the world subsided immediately.

Since Yan Zhaoge had guessed that Mahamayuri made a move, he and the rest of the Daoism bigwigs were naturally prepared.

The formation was suppressing the influence from the outside.

At the same time, there were dedicated people to look after it so that the worlds of Daoism would not be affected.

Similar to the situation in the great thousand worlds, defensive measures were taken on the newly established world, which the orthodox Daoism had occupied.

“Lets go.” Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge was rest assured.

He set out with Feng Yunsheng, traversing time and space.

His destination was the source of it.

Even though the opposition Dao Realm bigwig helped cover its tracks, the Monkey, Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, and Future Buddha were alarmed.

Thus, the Mahamayuris location failed to stay hidden.

Yan Zhaoges figure gradually emerged in the void.

He glanced around and could not help showing a playful smile on his face.

“Hehe, Immortal Court…” The space in which he was located was the starry sky occupied by the Immortal Court before its annihilation.

“The end of the past is the beginning of today Could it be that the person helping Mahamayuri and the one who offered Mahamayuri a favor is the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord” A tall man in black with a stern face appeared beside Yan Zhaoge.

The speaker was Nie Jingshen!

Although he attained Grand Heavenly Realm because of the Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid from the Nine Underworlds, he rebirth from the devils influence in its purest form after the Nine Underworlds catastrophe.

He then ventured on his martial art path like Feng Yunsheng.

When he had fallen into a devil, he was the strongest Devil of Aged Metal in history.

It was even fair to say that he was the devil with the most robust frontal combat capability and the sharpest Devil Lord.

At this stage, he was one of the most potent sword cultivators in the history of Daoism, surpassing the Purple Tenuity Emperor and even the Jade Clear Bigwig Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity, who also possessed the Early Heaven Nascent Form.

Only the Lord of Plentiful Treasure, after successfully cultivating Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, was comparable to him.

Then, there was a woman in a cyan robe beside him.

“Finally, we have the opportunity to work hand in hand again.” Yan Zhaoge smiled while looking at Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.

A smile appeared on Nie Jingshens face.

Then, the smile faded as he said earnestly, “Then, well get ready.

You should be careful.”

Yu Ye looked at Yan Zhaoge with equal concern, “Junior Brother Yan, be careful.”

“Dont worry.

You should be careful not to reveal yourself.

If the opponents notice it, they may prioritize you both first,” reminded Yan Zhaoge.

Nie Jingshen cupped his hand to Yan Zhaoge together with Yu Ye, and then disappeared into the void.

After a while, many Daoism Grand Heavenly Immortals manifested themselves in the void and gathered together with Yan Zhaoge.

After Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng, Suo Mingzhang, Yang Jian, Ne Zha, and the rest greeted each other, the group looked into the distance together.

The Five-Colored Divine Radiance seemed to be the center of creation, circulating endlessly.

Mahamayuris attainment at Dao Realm would be a gradual process.

While taking that last step, he kept influencing the grand universe and accepting feedback from them.

Until the last moment, everything changed qualitatively.

Then, he would step through the barrier, which announced the birth of a new Dao Ancestor.

However, it also gave opportunities for people to interrupt him.

Not only Yan Zhaoge and other Daoism Grand Heavenly Immortals came here.

In the distance, Dao Monarch Lu Ya and other demon races Great Sage were also present.

Western Pure Lands did not seem to send anyone here.

Above the void, there was a shocking aura that overturned the wondrous universe more vigorously than the Five Colored Divine Brilliance below that shook the five elements of worldly creations.

The white jade door appeared first.

Ru Yi Golden Cudgel appeared at the same time as the jade door.

Then, the green lotus and the white lotus emerged simultaneously.

Two loti hang above the void as if graceful Buddhist doctrines and Buddhist scriptures were resounding.

A Chaos Orb appeared next to the green lotus.

An ancient bronze bell also appeared.

Eastern Sovereign Taiyi had the lead in the transcendence slot competition for this era.

However, if Mahamayuri attained Dao Realm and assisted Amitabha, the situation would change immediately.

Therefore, Eastern Sovereign Taiyi no longer held the firm advantage, and he came here decisively.

However, an ancient black mirror quietly appeared before him beside the green lotus, white jade door, and Chaos Orb.

Looking at the ancient mirror, everyone exclaimed, “As expected, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil!”

Golden Cudgel made a move immediately, skipping the pleasantries.

It confronted the white jade door directly, and a bottle broke out.

On the other side, the ancient black mirror faced the white lotus, and the two were at a standstill.

This time, the ancient bells opponent was no longer the old nemesis, the green lotus but the Chaos Orb.

The six Dao Ancestors were evenly matched for now.

Amitabha was the only one who was unoccupied.

Such an outcome was also anticipated.

After all, Amitabha had to beware of the sudden defection of the two heavenly devils and sneak attacks from behind.

The current situation was more favorable for Amitabha, Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, Primordial Heavenly Devil, and Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil to join forces.

Still, they were wary of each other in the alliance.

Amitabha did not participate and seemed to be protecting Mahamayuri.

As such, he only watched from the side.

However, his presence alone was like a sharp saber at Maitreya Buddhas back, making the Buddha vigilant at all times.

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