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After hearing that, Zhang Han was stunned.

“I dont know either.

Forget it.

Dont bother with it.

I have something to tell you.”

“What is it” asked Headmaster Shan.

“Its about the Barrier-breaking Stone.

I need one, at least a seventh-tier one.

You know some people in the Astral Domain.

Can you buy one” Zhang Han went straight to the point.

“A Barrier-breaking Stone Thats very rare.” Headmaster Shan stroked his beard.

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Han nodded and said, “It is indeed rare, so I will buy one at five times the price.”

“Five times… All right, I can send someone over to ask,” said Headmaster Shan with a bitter smile.

“Okay, then theres nothing else.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Why do I feel that youre driving me away” Headmaster Shan looked up and down at him a few times.

“Then Ill go back and make an arrangement.

Ill inform you if theres any news.”

After that, Headmaster Shan said goodbye and left.

When he returned to his residence in the central area, he waved at his two assistants.

“Go to the Astral Domain and buy a seventh-tier Barrier-breaking Stone or above at five times the price.

Take some tradeable crystal stones and enough resources with you.”


The other person hesitated and said, “Headmaster, I think we can first ask Chief Supervisor Yan of the Zhenlong Faction.

He is in charge of the Dragon Ranking Competition here, and he often contacts people from the Astral Domain.

Maybe he has powerful connections.

In this way, we can bring the Barrier-breaking Stone back as soon as possible.”


Headmaster Shan thought about it and got in touch with Yan Bo in front of the two assistants.

About half an hour later, when Zhang Han was ready to have dinner, Headmaster Shan sent him a message.


He first laughed before saying, “Theres news about the Barrier-breaking Stone, and you dont have to pay for it.”

“What is the news” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“The reward for the No.

1 on the Earth Dragon List this time is a seventh-tier Barrier-breaking Stone.

What do you think I just communicated with Chief Supervisor Yan of the Zhenlong Faction.

When he heard about this, he took the Barrier-breaking Stone as a reward, mainly because he wants to see how you will win first place.

He is very interested in that.

It can be seen that he is also very interested in you.

It seems that he wants to recruit you into the Zhenlong Faction,” said Headmaster Shan with a smile.

“Oh, okay, I got it,” said Zhang Han.

“When will the competition begin”

“There are still thirty-two days left.

Notice has been given to the team of each Star Area.

All the teams will arrive.

There are a total of more than ten Star Areas, and there are a hundred people on each list of these Star Areas.

Even, though there are more participants, as many as several hundred, in the Small Sky Dragon Region than in other Star Areas.

Heavenly Dragon Star Province is divided into some parts, so there are also quite a number of people there,” said Headmaster Shan.

Soon, the news of the Dragon Ranking Competition spread like wildfire.

“The Dragon Ranking Competition is about to begin.”

“A grand meeting for the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“The talents will gather together.

I am very excited when I think about it.

I dont know which Star Area will be famous in the world this time.”

“Our Star Province is the strongest one.

How could there be any experts in those small Star Areas Not to mention the top three, they cant even rank among the top ten.”

“Its not the same this time.

Its said that there is an expert from the Sea Dragon Star Area, which is buzzing with the news.”

“My cousin will fight for a place on the Earth Dragon List.

He will definitely make it into the top 100.”


All-Star Areas, as well as Heavenly Dragon Star Province, were all talking about this matter.

Even Chief Supervisor Yan and his fellows were discussing it.

More than a dozen high-position officials of the Zhenlong Faction were sitting in the conference room.

“This time, there are seven or eight sects coming from the Star Dragon Area.”

“By the way, why is the previous reward for first place on the Earth Dragon List replaced by the Barrier-breaking Stone”

In the face of this question, Yan Bo said flatly, “There is an interesting kiddy.

He has good strength, and he is in the Void-refining Realm.

He took part in the Earth Dragon List, which shocked me the most.

The strongest person in the previous competitions for the Earth Dragon List was at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage.

There was only one person at the Void-refining Realm Last-Stage on the Earth Dragon List more than 300 years ago, who has reached the Mastery Realm now.

Such a big shot is acting as an elder of the Ling Sea Sword Sect on the Vast Heaven Star and has great power all over the world.

This time, there is also a person in the Void-refining Realm, who is less than 40 years old.

He simply has an unbelievable talent.

He wants a Barrier-breaking Stone, so I replaced the previous reward with the Barrier-breaking Stone to show our goodwill.

I hope that he can join the Zhenlong Faction.”


“Hes actually in the Void-refining Realm”

“Hes just an exceptional genius thats rarely seen in a hundred years.”

Other chief supervisors of the Zhenlong Faction, who arrived after Yan Bo, were shocked upon hearing that.

“Are you sure he is in the Void-refining Realm” Someone questioned.

“I havent seen him before, but since he was able to kill Peacock King with his fists, it should be true.”

“Anyway, this detection will be conducted in a virtual city.

After the system detection, well know what realm he is exactly in,” said an elderly Chief Supervisor.

“Thats right.

Whats his name Anyhow, Chief Supervisor Yan is almost certain that hell win first place, so he wont be weak.”

“His name is Zhang Hanyang, and he comes from the Sea Dragon Star Area,” Yan Bo said, “but he may not win first place.”

“Oh Why”

“Theres a woman called Chu Qingyi.

I heard from the Chu Family that she is from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven,” Yan Bo said word by word.


Immediately, there was silence in the field.

Even, some of them gasped.

Five seconds later, some people sighed.

“The mysterious Chu Family of the Astral Domain Amazing.”

“If she is really from the Chu Family of the Astral Domain, then he may not win first place.

Most of the disciples of the Chu Family who go out to gain experience are at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage.”

“Anyway, this year, the Earth Dragon List will be absolutely lively.

The Dark Dragon List is not bad, and the candidates are much stronger than the previous ones.

We can recruit many young disciples.

Also, there are a few mighty candidates for the Heavenly Dragon List,” Yan Bo said.

“I seem to be eager to see what will happen in the Dragon Ranking Competition this year.”

They talked and considered communicating with those outstanding people and trying to recruit them into the Zhenlong Faction.

Each Dragon Ranking Competition had a different organizer.

This time, it was the Zhenlong Factions turn.

They could contact excellent disciples in advance, which was a great advantage.

Therefore, a number of people from the Zhenlong Faction came to visit him.

Zhang Han did not belong to any force of the Astral Domain, so they wanted to draw Zhang Han in.

However, none of them saw Zhang Han.

The high-position officials of the Zhenlong Faction in Heavenly Dragon Star Province were displeased.

“Isnt he putting on airs”

“He is just from a small Star Area.

He really thinks highly of himself.”

“Aha, since he looks down on the Zhenlong Faction, we can disqualify him from the competition!”

Someone explained, “Although theres something wrong with his attitude, he might be busy.

After all, he works for the Dragnet Academy.”

It was Yan Bo who was speaking.

Headmaster Shan had explained to him about this.

He was also displeased, but after thinking about it, he still showed his respect for Headmaster Shan.

It was normal for some young masters to be quirky.

The Dragon Ranking Competition was about to begin.

Zhang Han personally taught Mengmeng some new moves.

At present, in terms of combat capability, Mengmeng could win many people at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, and she was equivalently about at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

But she was actually at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

She almost had a talent as unbelievable as Zhang Hans.

Yue Wuwei also went to teach Yue Xiaonao.

Nina cultivated herself as usual, who was equivalently also at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

She should be good for the top 100.

It was even more so for Felina.

She was at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage, and her cultivation wasnt solid and stable enough, so she had been working on the basic cultivation.

She was not in a hurry to break through, and she had to suppress her cultivation level for a period of time.

With her current cultivation, she could almost be in the top three on the Dark Dragon List.

From a certain point of view, the Dragon Ranking Competition was very fair, but it was unfair from other points of view.

For example, an elf would become an adult when it was 120 years old.

They were all just minors under the age of 120, but they had cultivated for decades.

The same went for some other clans.

However, the organizers, as well as the various sects and alliances of the Star Dragon Area, were very clear about these situations.

Instead of focusing on the rankings, they would mainly observe the participants.

The rankings were just a reference, and there were even cases where the No.

3 and the No.

2 on the list were even more popular than the No.


Chen Changqing, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu and others started their crazy training.

Anyway, it was a good thing to appear on the list.

With their current strength, it still depended on luck.

The level of Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage fell somewhere in the middle of the candidates for the Earth Dragon List.

The same applied to the Heavenly Dragon List.

In fact, each list had become polarised between the strong and the weak.

Many people were very excellent in ordinary times, but for these lists, they were definitely the underdogs.

A week before the Dragon Ranking Competition, Headmaster Shan came again.

“Wow, nice training.

The moves are very mysterious and powerful.”

Headmaster Shan walked to Zhang Han, looked at Mengmeng and Nina who were fighting, and said, “With her talent, she can probably make it to the top ten of the Dark Dragon List.

She is only fifteen years old.

Many forces will want to draw her in.”

“Not necessarily.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and added in a helpless tone, “The battles will happen in the virtual city.

They will use the simulated cabin from the Astral Domain.

Such a thing can simulate their cultivation levels, secret methods, and supernatural power, but it cant simulate their real combat capability.

In the virtual city, her combat capability will be greatly reduced.

My daughter is only at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

Lets see the rules at that time.”

The first round of battle would happen in the virtual city.

The simulated cabin was much more advanced than the game cabin, which could realize the nerve connection.

It was even equipped with magic formations, much more real than the game and very close to reality.

Such simulated cabins were connected to the same battlefield.

If one died inside, he could revive, and no one would really die.

It was also a way to avoid the death of geniuses in the Dragon Ranking Competition.

It was a pity that many geniuses had died before they became powerful.


Headmaster Shan frowned slightly and said, “Your daughter is at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage, but she can exert the combat capability of the Yuan Ying Realm.

Alas, its awesome.

Maybe I can talk to Chief Supervisor Yan, and ask him to predetermine Mengmeng as one of the top 100 so that she can directly start the real battle.

What do you think”

“No.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“My daughter only thinks that the Dragon Ranking Competition is a game.

She doesnt care if she can pass it or not.”

“Cool.” Headmaster Shan could not help but laugh.

This was also Mengmengs answer to Zhang Hans repeated questions.

Zhang Han had the same idea: “Its good to work hard and have a high goal, but there is no need to lose touch with ourselves.

Whats the point of winning first place every time”

Moreover, the battle in the virtual city was not good for Zhang Han either.

He was just at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

The simulated cabin could simulate his cultivation level, but it could not simulate his combat capability.

However, Zhang Han had a variety of secret methods, and his combat capability in the virtual city would also be higher than his cultivation level to a less drastic degree.

Other than his fellows, no one else knew about Zhang Hans real cultivation level.

Even Headmaster Shan never doubted it.

He just thought that Zhang Han was a cultivator in the Void-refining Realm.

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