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Feng Wu nodded.

“Ill go to the lower section for now.”

As for Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu decided to let him calm down first while she searched for the Immortal Spiritual Fruit.

When she lost her cultivation ability, she shut herself in a room for three days before accepting reality.

She wouldnt see anybody during those three days, and she knew Jun Linyuan felt the same right now.

He was in much better condition than she was back then.

If he paid attention, he could sense the terrifying bloodline that was dormant inside him.

Hearing Feng Wu walking away, the crown prince punched the wall in frustration.


Because he didnt have any spiritual essence, the punch did very little damage.

Before, that punch would have destroyed the entire upper section, but now, he couldnt even shake the wall.

Instead, he scraped his knuckles on the wall.

He was so frustrated that he threw himself back on his bed.

He could sense the power that was sealed inside his body and was trying to break free, but it couldnt find an outlet.

He glared at the door, wondering why she had left so soon.

She was never so obedient!

He was so mad.


Feng Wu had no idea how the crown prince felt right now.

She could only deduce his reaction based on her own experience.

When she lost her True Phoenix Blood, she wished she were dead.

She didnt want to see anybody and felt everybody was laughing at her.

Therefore, she decided to give Jun Linyuan some privacy.

Little did she know that the crown prince was tossing and turning in bed.

Feng Wu arrived at the lower section.

Somebody rushed toward her before she entered.

“Xiao Wu! Xiao Wu!”

It was Chen Ziyun.

He called her name as he ran toward her.

The boy was almost in tears.

He was thrilled to see Feng Wu.

“Xiao Wu, hows His Royal Highness Is he alright” Chen Ziyun asked.

Ever since Feng Wu cut off an enemys head and chopped the other one into half, her team members all worshiped her.

Sun Yu and the others came out to greet Feng Wu, too.

There were other students of Class A, but they had been in Peace Grassland for a while, so they didnt know Feng Wu well.

Of course, Feng Wu wouldnt tell them Jun Linyuans actual condition.

Everybody would panic if they knew the truth.

Feng Wu cleared her throat.

“His Royal Highness is doing well.

Hell make a full recovery soon and will be more powerful than before!”

Everybody was exhilarated.

Chen Ziyun said, “We asked around about Night Owl, and they said he wasnt doing well.

Maybe that explosion will kill him in the end.”

The mention of Night Owls name made Feng Wu angry.

That man was so ruthless, both to other people and to himself.

Only such a man could defeat the other princes and become the crown prince of the Dongsang Kingdom.

Feng Wus eyes glinted.

Night Owl had pissed her off, and she would never forgive him.

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