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Chapter 1385: Have a Terrible Reputation AlreadyTranslator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Jian Yilings understanding of the Zhang family came from the second half of the original novel which she finished reading when she returned to her previous world.

In the second half of the novel, the Zhang family was a big help to Qin Chuan.

They helped him accomplish many things.

After all, without the existence of the Lahaisen Hospital, the medical skills and expertise of the Zhang family were respected and acknowledged by everyone in the world.

This meant that in the second half of the novel, they were able to help Qin Chuan save an important individual from a powerful family.

However, as Jian Yiling brought about several changes to this world, the original position of the Zhang family was replaced by Lahaisen Hospital.

Originally, Jian Yiling assumed that such a family would not care about their reputation as much.

She didnt expect Zhang Xin to be upset over the fact that his familys position of power and influence in the medical industry had been taken away by the Lahaisen Hospital.


So much so that after learning that Jian Yiling was going to treat Qin Chuans condition, he decided to challenge her.

As Qin Chuan was a well-known individual in Beijing, any news about him would attract a lot of attention.

As Jian Yiling did not respond to his provocation, Zhang Xin sneered: “What Dr.

Jian, are you afraid of losing or something”

Then, Zhang Xin added: “Ive already invited several respected individuals to be the judges of our competition.

If you dont dare to take on this competition, I believe you understand the consequences right”

Ahead of time, Zhang Xin already made enough preparations to ensure he could successfully compete against Jian Yiling.

If Jian Yiling did not want to compete against him, she was essentially admitting defeat.

If she admitted defeat, this meant the Zhang familys reputation and status in the medical industry would be redeemed.

Upon hearing this, Zhai Yunsheng mercilessly ridiculed Zhang Xin: “The Zhang family truly has an undeserved reputation.

If not, why would they rely on such means to prove themselves

After being mocked by Zhai Yunsheng, the smile on Zhang Xins face became chapped: “Men who rely on their wives should not comment here.

I dont want to waste my breath speaking to trash.”

As soon as he said those words, his arm was backhanded by Zhai Yunsheng.

The pain made his facial expression twist.

“What are you doing Its a society governed by law! If you dare to hurt me, I will record my injuries and tell the police to arrest you!”

Zhang Xin did not believe that Zhai Yunsheng dared to make a move against him in public.

Upon hearing this, an evil smile appeared on Zhai Yunshengs face.

Then, there was a crack in Zhang Xins arm as it became dislocated.

Zhang Xin cursed at Zhai Yunsheng: “Are you crazy How dare you do that! I will make sure everyone hears about this!”

“As you wish.

I have a terrible reputation already.

Im not afraid of having a few more crimes next to my name,” Zhai Yunsheng commented casually.

Then, Zhai Yunsheng kicked Zhang Xin from behind his knees and made him kneel down.

Naturally, Zhang Xin attempted to get up.

However, with the force Zhai Yunsheng exerted on him, it was difficult to even move the slightest.

Previously, Zhang Xin was not convinced that Zhai Yunsheng won against Chen Lin.

However, he could now believe in this.

“You…” Zhang Xin growled.

Even though he also did and said whatever he wanted, Zhai Yunsheng was a force to be reckoned with.

Jian Yiling said to Zhang Xin: “Im willing to compete against you.

However, the content of the competition should not be a patients wellbeing.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Xin smiled: “I can see Dr.

Jian cares about Mr.

Qin quite a lot.

You must have gotten along very well in the past right”

Then, he looked back at Zhai Yunsheng intentionally: “You must not be worried about your head being cold in the winter1.”

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