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Chapter 1375: Love Triangle (3)Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“Oh right… Thats true,” Long Xiao replied.

He almost forgot about this layer of relationship between his daughters friend and the Zhai family.

In the first place, thats why his daughter went rock climbing today.

No wonder Zhai Zhongshen sent her home.

Then, Long Xiao glanced at Cheng Yi.

Before Long Xiao questioned him, Cheng Yi introduced himself: “Hello, my name is Cheng Yi.

Im Yilings former colleague.”



Long Xiaos face was full of smiles as he said: “Come in and have a seat.

You guys must have gone out of your way to send Yuetian back home.”

His eyes kept sizing up Zhai Zhongshen and Cheng Yi.

Zhai Zhongshens aura was powerful and domineering.

Furthermore, he had a stable career so Long Xiao could definitely entrust his daughter to this man.

On the other hand, even though Cheng Yi was a little younger than his daughter, he seemed intellectual and polite.

At a first glance, his genes seemed alright as well.

This meant he was a suitable candidate to come and join the Long family as a son-in-law.

“Father, both of them are busy people,” Long Yuetian quickly said.

She knew exactly what her father had in mind.

Why was he attempting to do this when she was injured!

“Im not busy today,” Zhai Zhongshen interrupted.

Cheng Yi also echoed: “I just dealt with my work.

This means Im free right now as well.”

Upon hearing these responses, an extraordinarily bright smile appeared on Long Xiaos face: “How wonderful! Come along and have a seat.

Lets chat for a while.”

Long Xiao invited Zhai Zhongshen and Cheng Yi into the lounge room.

As soon as they sat down, Long Xiao began to question the two of them.

He asked them about their family situation, hobbies, height, weight, and even bad habits.

Long Xiao asked whatever came to his mind.

Surprisingly, Zhai Zhongshen and Cheng Yi both answered very cooperatively.

Long Yuetian shifted in her wheelchair as her father interrogated Zhai Zhongshen and Cheng Yi.

She had been put in a very uncomfortable situation.

This was essentially a blind date! Why was her father doing this

And why were they answering so cooperatively!

As Long Yuetian thought about this, she recalled her blind date with Zhai Zhongshen.

However, even back then, the situation wasnt this awkward!

Long Xiao was a very straightforward person.

He did not know how to speak in a roundabout way.

When he learned that Zhai Zhongshen was single, he couldnt help but ask: “So what kind of girls do you guys like What do you think about my daughter

As soon as she heard this, Long Yuetian wanted to dig herself a hole to hide in it.

She desperately tugged her fathers arm in hopes that he would stop talking.

However, Long Xiao was not willing to give up such an opportunity.

His daughter was already in her thirties and she still wasnt married.

If she wasnt willing to make an effort on her own, then as her father, he had a duty to help her.

If he didnt help her, she would be single for her entire life!

“She is very good.

I have intentions to marry her,” Zhai Zhongshen answered.

His words shocked everyone present.

Long Xiao was particularly shocked.

He was just planning to ask the other person if there was any possibility for him to develop a romantic relationship with his daughter.

He never expected the other person to skip the step of dating and instead jump immediately to marriage.

Cheng Yi also froze.

When he turned his head to look at Zhai Zhongshen, an unprecedented sense of crisis overwhelmed him.

A man like Zhai Zhongshen was incredibly dangerous.

Just standing next to him made him feel stressed.

And now, such a man stated he wanted to marry Miss Long.

When he realized he had such a rival, all the cells in Cheng Yis body tensed up.

Long Yuetian wanted to bash her head against a block of tofu.

Why was the Second Master of the Zhai family saying this

It was clearly just meant to be a beneficial deal for both parties!

She wasnt mentally prepared at all!

Long Xiao froze for a while before he asked his daughter: “Yuetian, is this true Are you planning to marry the Second Master of the Zhai family”

“I…” Long Yuetian started.

She didnt know how to explain the situation.

“Father, I believe youre misinterpreting the relationship between Zhai Zhongshen and I… Were just…”

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