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Trucker, scouting

Shiny and Mireina were in front of the unic truck.

To be precise, it was Mireina who grabbed Shiny’s arm and wouldn’t let go.

You guys are really standing out.


“Let me go! I’m…”

“No! If I let go now, ….Shiny will be all alone!”

“That’s okay, I’m not an adventurer anymore, I’ll live by myself.”


Hmm, what should I do If it were a manga or a novel, I’d probably be able to convince someone to do something important, but I can’t do that.

In fact, my words don’t carry enough weight to change her mind with a single word like that.

However, I don’t think I should leave it alone….

It’s a tough problem.


“Kota-san, please stop Shiny!”



Well, if the lovely Mireina says so, I have no choice but to stop her.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to scout Shiny, who was fired as an adventurer.

It’s just a matter of time…


“I’m sorry…..

You didn’t get paid.”

“We can’t help it.

Well, the material fee alone is 50 million.

That should be enough.”



Okay, bye.”

“Shiny, please wait!”

“Mireina, your food was very good…… Bye.”


“Hold on, I need to talk to you.”


“You know, you got fired as an adventurer, so you’re currently unemployed, right”

“Yeah, but…”

“Well, how about you come work for my business It’s still just me and Mireina, and we’re short on staff.

I can’t pay you for a while, but I can give you pockies.

And you get three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vacations negotiable, pay and raises, what do you say”


I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Are you a recruiter”


You seem like a strong person, so I’ll take you as an escort and an employee.”


“Shiny ……., please.”


I’m troubled.

I’m troubled.

I’ve said a lot of things, but I can’t let a beautiful girl like this slip away from my employees.

In fact, I was wondering if I could scout for her.


“Well, well…… if you insist, I don’t mind.

There’s nothing I want to do anyway…… Okay.”


“Waah! Hey, Mireina!”

“Okay, that’s it.

Let’s go to the Merchant’s Guild.”





Okay, I’ve got my second employee, Shiny Blue.





Then we headed to the Merchant’s Guild to have the Dragon appraised.

Shiny is still depressed.

I’m sorry, but I can’t comfort her, so I’m going to go with the candy plan.


“Tama, give me all kinds of Pocky.”

“Understood……….Purchase complete.”

“Upyaa! What”


Shiny was looking out the window when a large plastic bag flew into her arms.

The contents were Pocky.

There are chocolate, strawberry, green tea, mussel, sharp chocolate, and many other flavors.


“Well, don’t lose heart.

I don’t know how hard you’ve worked as an adventurer, but things like this happen.

I’ve been fired from my job before.”


“This time is special.

If you eat it, take care of it, because there’s a lot of things I don’t know and Mireina don’t know, and we might need your adventuring knowledge.”


Well, that’s just me, Mireina.

I rely on my truck in battle, and I’m grateful for Shiny’s strength in case we need it.

I don’t know how strong she is, though.


“For now, you will be an escort… for us.”

“Hah! Why is that”

“I’m the president and Mireina is the secretary.

Then you’re just a regular employee, right”

“Why! I’m the vice president, right”


That depends on your work.”

“Oh, you …”

“Here, eat some Pocky.

You like sweets, right”

“Yes, I do.

I love it♪……..

It’s different!”


Shiny took out a box of Pocky and opened it.

She picked up one and began to crunch it.


“Thanks for the food……, Kota.”


What did she say ….

nah nah nah.






We took the unic truck to the Merchant’s guild and we went into the guild.

They seemed to be informed of the situation and responded immediately.


“Uh, ….

you’re selling materials from the Venom Dragon.

This way, please.”

“Oh, I’ll be outside watching the dragon unload.

Mireina, you take care of the rest.”

“Okay, Shiny.”


With that, Shiny went outside.

Mireina and I were taken to another room.

It was a luxurious room for guests.


“We’re going to dismantle it and take out the materials, and then we’ll give you a price for each material and let you know how much.

Until then, please relax in this room.”


Apparently, we were “good guests”.

According to Shiny, it’s not often that dragon materials come in.

Even if we were asked to kill a dragon, it would be nearly impossible to kill it in a clean condition for materials, and most of its parts would be useless.

Well, I just chopped off its neck.

The blood was spilled, but there was probably some in the belly, and the outer skin and bones were undamaged.

And the meat, too.


“There are also tea cakes.

Let’s eat.”

“…… Kota-san.”


“Thank you very much.

You know, Shiny…….”

“Yeah, no problem.

We needed an employee anyway, and Shiny looks strong, so we’ll be able to rely on her in a pinch.”

“Still, thank you …….”

“Oh, yeah.”


It’s so cute.

Smiling Mireina is a real angel.

For now, it’s not a good idea to add more employees when we haven’t even started, so for the time being, we’ll just stay with the three of us.

I don’t know if a shipping company would work in another world.

I’m not going to expand my horizons unnecessarily.



I thought about it and took a bite of the cookie.






One hour later.

Shiny came back with the guild staff.

Shiny sat down next to me and quickly reached for a cookie.

The guild official sat down in front of me, put the stack of papers in his hand on the table, and put the attache case-like box in his other hand on the floor.


“I’ll tell you the result of the assessment.

First of all, the outer skin, ……, was clean with almost no damage.

The fangs are all intact, so they will fetch a high price.

There was only a small amount of blood in the belly, but …… it could not be helped.

The organs, flesh and bones are all in good condition with no damage.

And the most important one, the dragon core, was also in good shape.

Based on the above results, we will take it for a total of 73 million coins…….

Is that okay”


“What the… Huh”


Hey, I thought it was 50 million.

I’m glad to hear it, but a margin of error of 20 million is pretty big.

Why such results


“It is the existence of the “Dragon Core”.

It is said that armor made from this ore has a special effect.

The Venom Dragon’s core must have been worth that much.”


I heard Tama’s voice coming from the earphone attached to my ear.

That’s right.

I’ve made my money.

Thank you, Venom Dragon.


“Uh, uh, please.”

“Yes, sir.

Please take this.”


Then, he put the attache case-like box that had been sitting at his feet on the table.


“Oh, oh.



It was filled with stacks of money.

I never thought I would see such a bundle of money in another world.

And the fact that they had prepared it in advance was very professional.

They seem to be giving me the whole case, so I’ll take it without hesitation.

In addition, I should also ask about the building company.


“Thank you very much.

It was a very good deal.”


I’d like to ask you a question …….”

“How can I help you”

“Well, I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a good building company in town …….”

“…… I see.

I’ll be with you in a moment.”


And with that, the guild official walked out.


“Hmmm……… Here it comes, here it comes, next is to set up an office.”


And then …….”

“Yeah, opening the business.”

“A shipping company.

Will it make money”

“I don’t care about making a profit, I just want to make enough money to survive.

I don’t want to be busy.”


In the meantime, I have to prepare for opening my business.

While the building is being completed, I need to get a desk, chair, and other office supplies.

…… Oh no, this is getting fun.

I want to make my company a two-story building with a garage for my truck.

The first floor is the office and the second floor is the living quarters.

…… There’s a lot to think about.


“I have a lot to think about.

We’ll have a meeting tonight.”

“What, out of the blue”

“A meeting”

“Yeah, about work.”


It’s our company.

We need to talk about it.


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