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Leaving the girl in blue aside, let’s first greet the store owner to sell the items.

Mireina greets the owner, and I follow.

“Hello, thank you for your help the other day.”

“Oh, little girl.

It’s been two months, how’s your sword”

To my surprise, the owner of the store remembered Mireina from two months ago.

There are people like this, people who never forget a customer they once talked to or someone who shopped at their store.

“Is that your….


“No, he’s not.

Kota-san is my life-saver.”

“Oh, no, no, no.

Don’t be so shy.

You’re young and you look pretty, so you must be enjoying the nights, right”

“Mmm! That’s not the case!”

Wow, man.

That’s sexual harassment.

In modern Japan, if she reported it, he would be arrested.

If Mireina testified, he would be sentenced to prison.

The owner of this weapon shop is probably in his fifties.

He looks like an old man wearing a woolen hat and round glasses.

He looks more like a man who would be at a race track than an weapons shop.

“So, what’s wrong today Did you break your sword or something”

“No, since I’m a retired ….

adventurer, I’d like to trade in my sword back as well.”

“…I see.

Well, I knew you weren’t cut out to be an adventurer, and I knew this day would come…”

“I’m sorry….”

“No need to apologize.

In fact, I’m glad.

I’ve never seen a pretty girl like you get hurt before.

Now, bring me the armor and I’ll assess it for you.”


I feel like I don’t belong here.

The guy at the weapons shop is really nice.

Anyway, let’s get the armor from the truck.

Mireina and I carried the armor back and forth several times.

After all this time, it’s still quite a lot.

“Hmm, that’s a lot of stuff.

And it’s damaged.

Oh, that’s a mithril knife.

Mithril products are a sign of a top-notch adventurer.

It’s a big deal.”

The uncle is mumbling as he assesses.

Mireina and I didn’t really listen.

On the contrary, I was absorbed in the things in the store.

There are glittering swords, spears, clubs, bows and arrows.

There are big swords and axes hanging on the walls, and I realized once again that this is a different world.

“Um, Kota-san, the person from earlier…”

“Hmm Ah, the blue girl from earlier.

What’s the matter with her”

“Oh, blue girl.

… No, no.

No, no, no.

That person might be a really dangerous person.”


It was indeed a ridiculous pair of underwear.

A pair of underwear that wrapped around a pale blue and plump butt.

And maybe it was because they dug in a little, but the destructive power was amazingly ….


“Blue hair, blue high mithril armor, and two twin swords on her back, Stern & Etoile,….she is one of the seven strongest adventurers in this world, Azure Selene, Shiny Blue….”

“Heh, heh….”

That’s crazy.

….What’s with that kind of name There’s no way I’m going to let my eyes light up when I hear a name like that at my age.

I’d rather turn away in agony.

“I’m pretty sure her age is 19…..

I can’t believe someone only two years older than me can be that awesome…..”

“Mi… Mireina”

Mireina looks ecstatic.

I wonder if she’s a fan.

“Hey, I’ve finished my assessment.”


Come on, Mireina.”

“Oh! Yes!”

Mireina, who had been tripping, came around.

Thank God, if she hadn’t, I would have had to shake her shoulders or pull her cheeks to bring her back to her senses.

I went back to the owner and asked him about the results of the assessment.

“There’s a lot of dirt and damage, but there’s also a fair amount of valuable stuff.

In fact, the accessories are more valuable than the armor.

This is a piece that contains magic power and excels in attribute defense.

This kind of accessories are few and far between, but unlike armor, they can be quickly polished and put on display in the store, and they are highly valued by adventurers.”

“I mean, how much would you say …it costs …”


Equipment and accessories, all together, 8.9 million coins.”


“That’s a lot of money!”

This was a surprise, it was quite a high price.

The uncle explained each piece of equipment and the price.

It was a lot of money, but he had money, so he took out a stack of bills from his safe and put them in a bag for me.

“Here, thank you.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Thank you, shopkeeper.”

“No, no, no, sweetheart.

Good luck.”

I took the bag, bowed to the man and left the store.

I got into the truck that was parked there.

Now I had enough money for the project.

After doing the necessary shopping, we went to the merchant’s guild to look for a property.

“Now, we need…clothes and food.”


Why don’t we have dinner in town I know a great place.”

“Oh, that’s nice.

An otherworldly restaurant.”

I guess I’m excited because I got a lot of money.

Mireina seems to be a little excited too.

It’s times like this that I need to calm down, I’m older than her and I need to be sane.

With that in mind, I went to the clothing store first under Mireina’s direction.


“This is a clothing store for adventurers, not only is it well known for its design, but also for functionality and durability.”

“Yes, yes.”

I arrived at a clothing store, guided by Mireina.

She seemed to be really excited.

“So, what kind of clothes do you like, Kota-san”

“Well, I’m not particular about….., just normal, comfortable clothes.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of it.”

“Oh, okay.

What I’m wearing now is a uniform provided by my company.

The top and bottom are light green with the company name and logo printed on the back.

If I were to start a company, I’d probably need a special uniform and logo.

That’s as far as I can go.

“Kota-san needs a jacket that looks like the one he’s wearing now.

You also need a belt and a case to keep the gun in.”

“Oh, uh, Mireina-san”

“Kota-san, do you have a favorite color”

“Not particularly…”

“So, what suits you, Kota-san, is…Well, I guess light green.

Then, how about this one”

The clothing shopping didn’t end until well past noon, and it wasn’t until well after noon that we finished.


“I’m sorry………”

“No, no, no.

And thanks for the clothes.”

We left the clothing store around the time lunch was over, and now we were having a late lunch at a cafe recommended by Mireina.

Mireina ordered a sandwich, and I ordered pasta.

I was dressed in my company uniform, a uniform that looked like tuna.

However, the details were a little different, and the top was more like a jacket.

My belt was wrapped around my waist and my Desert Eagle was in a holster.

I feel like a cop.

“Speaking of which, where does Mireina live”

“Me I was living in a rented inn, but I was planning to quit adventuring after I finished my commission, so I moved out of my room.

That’s all my stuff in the truck.”

“I see.

…… So I guess we’ll be living in the truck until we find a good place.”

“Yes, please take care of me at …….

In return, I’ll take care of the cooking, laundry and cleaning!!”

“Oh, I’m counting on you.”

I’ve lived alone before, so I can do the bare minimum, but none of it is as good as Mireina.

She mastered the use of the kitchen in an instant, and I’m not even close to being able to cook.

“Hmmm, it’s late today.

Should we go to the Merchant’s Guild tomorrow”


Then let’s go to the town and buy some ingredients.

Since it’s late, we’ll have dinner a little later and keep it light.”

“Yes, please.”

After paying the bill, we left the cafe and went to the grocery store and butcher shop in town to fill up our refrigerator.

We parked the truck in the space where carriages were parked and decided to rest for the day.

While Mireina was cooking, I was talking to Tama in the driver’s seat.

“Hey Tama, what do you think is going to happen now”



Isn’t Master going to start a shipping company”

“Yeah, but… But when I think about it, can I buy a property with only 8 million I guess I’ll have to rent an office.


“Search started ……… 8 million coins property ……… Search complete.

Master, we have three hits for the 8 million coins property.”



However, the quality of the properties is minimal.

There are nearly collapsed sheds, livestock sheds, storage sheds… they are all unsuitable for offices.”

“What ……”

I was excited about the large sum of money, but after thinking about it, I realized that this was a commercial kingdom.

Buildings can’t be that cheap.

I don’t know how much a new single-family house would cost.

Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

“Then renting…….”

“That’s one option, but I have a suggestion.”


“Instead of buying a building, how about buying a piece of land It’s a little out of the center of the country, but there is a land property that can be bought for 8 million coins.

You can buy the land and build the building separately.

This is a low-cost and inexpensive solution.

Besides, you can express your wishes during the building process.”

“Land~ But, even if we buy the land, we won’t have enough money to construct the building.

It’ll just be a parking lot for trucks.”


That’s right.

So, kill the monsters, get the materials, and sell them.

That way, the experience of the 《Dekotora》 will increase, and you can also get funds by selling the materials.

I just scanned the request board of the Adventurer’s Guild, and found that an S-Class monster named “Venom Dragon” has appeared in a forest 52 kilometers northeast of our current location.

If you defeat it and sell the materials, you can expect a reward of 50 million coins.”


That’s true.

It might be a good idea.

But dragons… scary.

“By the way, can this truck’s equipment be used to defeat a dragon ……”

“It’s possible.

Machine guns can’t damage the dragon’s skin.

Missiles will blow it to pieces, so I recommend using the[Laser Cutter] or the [High-frequency blade].”


I’ll have to talk to Mireina and decide.

It’s too scary to deal with a dragon after all.

“Kota-san, dinner is ready.”


I’ll confirm it while we eat.


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