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06 Not Stupid

    “Sorry, Miss Song, you don’t have an appointment,” the assistant said.

    When she came to Feng Xiaoyuan’s law firm, Bai Ertang was stopped outside.

    “…” So why didn’t you tell me to make an appointment in advance

    [Hey, I am not omnipotent.]

    “Can you please accommodate, I’m running out of time.”

    “Sorry, Lawyer Feng is very busy.

She has four to five guests to meet today.

It’s impossible to meet her without an appointment.

It wouldn’t be fair to the other guests.”

    “I can wait until Lawyer Feng has seen all the guests.”

    If I can’t see Feng Xiaoyuan today, I can only meet her tomorrow, because of which the schedule will be pushed back by a day.

    Ning Ze has gone on a business trip and will be back in a few days, so she has to prepare everything as soon as possible.

    So Bai Ertang patiently waited for Feng Xiaoyuan at the law firm for the whole day.

During noon, she also helped all the assistants and lawyers in the firm to buy lunch and dinner, so everyone was very fond of her.

    Sure enough, at 8 o’clock in the evening, the assistant who had been fierce to her before walked over with a smile, “Miss Song, Lawyer Feng is done meeting all guests, she invites you to come over.”

    “Thank you.”

    Feng Xiaoyuan’s office.

    Feng Xiaoyuan is a single woman in her 40s.

According to system information, she is actually a single mother.

She was deceived into marriage by a scumbag, gave birth to a daughter, was defrauded of her property, after which she resolutely divorced her husband.

She is a respectable, self-reliant and self-independent woman.

    Feng Xiaoyuan saw many clients a day and went out twice.

She looked very tired at this time, “Let’s make the long story short, Miss Song please explain your purpose.”

    “…My name is Song Yuyin, and my husband is Ning Ze.”

    Feng Xiaoyuan looked up at her, “Sorry, you are not among my target clients.”

    “…That lawyer Feng…”

    “You don’t have to ask me why, and you don’t have to try to change my mind.

After all, I don’t think you even know your own problems.”

    “…” This strong woman is too individualistic, but she likes it.

    [Hey, so you are actually into yuri]

    Yuri, my ass!

    [Host, I am just a baby system, please don’t use foul language.]

    “Lawyer Feng, I know you look down on what I’ve done before.

You feel that I have come to this point because of my own fault, and don’t think that I have any benefits in getting a divorce.

You think that I don’t even have the ability to be self-reliant.

You may even be right, but it’s fully possible to be deceived by scumbags and liars in our youth.

Now that I have come to my senses, it’s better to take it as a lesson and look forward to a brand new life.” Bai Ertang finished speaking in one breath.

    Feng Xiaoyuan looked at her in surprise.

After a long time, she pushed up her glasses and said, “It seems that you are not stupid.”

    Bai Ertang was overjoyed, “So, are you willing to help me now”

    “Tell me about your current situation and future plans, I’ll see if it can meet my standards.”

    Bai Ertang nodded happily, “I am definitely going to get a divorce, but how to get divorced and what to do after divorce, I have my own set of ideas.”

    Feng Xiaoyuan became even more interested, “Yours plans are quite strange.

I thought rich wives would not want to get a divorce.”

    So Bai Ertang told Feng Xiaoyuan about her thoughts, including what she had done in the past few days and her plans after the divorce.

    “Investment is a knowledge.

I’m currently studying the future direction of multi-dimensional investment.

After all, I still have to guarantee my life after a divorce.

In addition, I want to continue my studies and strive to be a professional woman who is independent and self-reliant.”

    “Very good.” Feng Xiaoyuan was completely impressed, “I appreciate you as a client, and I will take over your case.

You are doing well now, continue to investigate Ning Ze’s property during marriage, and I will provide you with some professional advice.

Also, if you have any dark history, please tell me now.”

    “Dark history, no, no, I haven’t done any bad things besides being a rice bug[1] for ten years.”


    Ning Ze has been on a business trip in another city these days.

    Truthfully, he was a little uncomfortable.

    Because Song Yuyin didn’t make any phone calls, didn’t send WeChat, or made a video calls to harass him! It was really, really, so unlike her.

    In the first few years of marriage, Ning Ze was still happy that Song Yuyin called him so many times, feeling that his wife cared about him.

    But as time went by, Ning Ze felt that something was wrong.

    Could it be that since he was used to being harassed, now that Song Yuyin didn’t harass him, he was feeling uncomfortable.

    Or, Song Yuyin really has no nostalgia for this marriage

    But, it’s not like her.

    Is she doing something behind his back

    The more Ning Ze thought about it, the more wrong he felt.

It’s better to make a phone call and ask, lest… this woman does something weird again.

    “Hello, Yinyin”

    The phone was connected, and Ning Ze had just said hello when he heard a yawn from the other side, “Hello, Ning Ze”

    The voice sounded dazed, apparently just waking up.

    “Are you sleeping” It’s only ten o’clock in the night, she went to bed so early

    Didn’t this woman liked to watch Korean dramas in the middle of the night, or browse Weibo until the early morning

    “Well, going to bed early and getting up early is good for the body.” Bai Ertang yawned again.

    “…Oh, then go to sleep.”

    Did Song Yuyin really changed her mind


    After saying that, Bai Ertang hung up the phone.

    Ning Ze on the opposite side looked confused… So, she only cared about sleeping, and didn’t care about him who was so far away, whether he was partying, whether there were beauties around him, or whether he was chatting with a beautiful young student in a hotel

    “…” He was really not used to it.


    Just when Bai Ertang thought that she was laying her cards carefully and had temporarily stabilized Ning Ze, life hit her hard.

    Her stepfather and father-in-law, Ning Jing, found her.

    “You must be divorced, but I don’t want to make things ugly.

Going to court or crying in front of the media is not good for either you or Ning Ze.”

    So what Bai Ertang smiled and waited for Ning Jing to continue.

    Ning Jing handed over a card, “There is five million in it, and the password is your birthday.

This is your alimony.

You and Ning Ze have no children, and there is nothing to divide.

You sign this divorce agreement, take this money, and free everyone.”

    Hehe, want to send her away with just five million

    It is true that for a woman like Song Yuyin, with her status and ability, ten years of youth can be sold for 5 million, which may have been worth the money.

    However, if she agreed, wouldn’t she encourage these rich people who divorced their wives whenever they wish to As long as you give a few million, you can easily divorce your wife, after all, a few million is just a drop in the bucket for them.

    “Dad, five million is too little.

Ning Ze has managed several companies and made a lot of investments in the past few years.

In any case, it is impossible for him to only give me five million for the appreciation of his assets.

     These words successfully angered Ning Jing, “All these years, you have just been rice bug at home and did nothing.

Now that you are getting divorced, I am generous enough to give you five million, but you still think it’s too little Even those commoners who work in S City can only save up to half a million even after 10 years! Don’t be too greedy!”

    “Dad, that’s not how things are calculated.

I am not being greedy, but I am just asking Ning Ze to give me my share of the assets, nothing less nothing more.

The law is there to oversee everything.”

    Ning Jing sneered, “You are talking to me about law It’s hard to imagine that someone as smart as your mother would give birth to a daughter as naïve as you.

Well, I gave you a way out, but it was you who didn’t take it.

Remember, it will be useless even if you beg me in the future.”

   Ning Jing didn’t expect Song Yuyin dared to disobey him, and he was very angry.

This woman really doesn’t know how bad the reality is.

It seems that he has to let her experience some pain.

    [Host, I have a bad feeling.

Ning Jing will not give up.]

    “Of course he won’t give up.

I’m surprised that they can give me five million, but I can’t compromise.

It’s really not easy to get a divorce.”

    [Host, what are we going to do next.] It feels like things are getting more complicated.

    “Let’s talk to lawyer Feng.”


References↑1A person who uses a lot of resources but does nothing, in short a useless person.


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