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After a boom, Su Pings fist rumbled and went through the aliens chest like a meteor.

Black blood splashed everywhere; some of it reached Su Pings clothes, but he ignored it and simply roared as he waved his fist.

His every punch left a hole on the creatures body.

The elders also wanted to step up and help.

However, they were too stunned to move after seeing the ferocity being displayed by the young man.

They looked at the new Dao Child with shock in their eyes.

What kind of power is this The mere aftershock was making their hearts tremble!

The member of the Heavens roared and broke free from Su Pings fists.

His body was already riddled with holes, where Su Pings power lingered and gnawed at his body; it was impossible to recover.

The silver scroll appeared again in the aliens hands.

Silver light burst out of his eyes as he read ancient syllables.

It seemed to be the unique language of the Heavens.

Su Ping instantly felt that a terrifying wave was approaching.

He could tell what it was; it felt as if he were about to be destroyed.

He didnt even know where and how the danger would come; in his eyes, everything was the same.

After a boom, an invisible power was suddenly imposed on him.

Su Ping felt paralyzed.

Earlier, the other elders had been restrained by the silver scrolls power.

Su Ping felt the restraining force but was unable to break out; it was isolating him from his universe of chaos.

But, it just so happened that the Dao Heart he had grasped was Contract.

His universe was bursting with contracting power.

His Contract Dao Heart enabled him to break that restraint and control his universe.

This time though, the unknown power worked on him again.

It wasnt acting against his universe, but against his physical body.

Su Ping was shocked and infuriated.

It was impossible for him to neutralize the unknown attacks; he could only handle them with the Heavens own methods.

Use the enemy to defeat the enemy.

White fire appeared all over Su Pings body and burned fiercely.

It was the fire he had absorbed in the Red Dome Realm and from the corpse.

He was storing it in his universe of chaos and released it at that very moment.

His own body was quickly being destroyed and rebuilt.

The power restraining him was greatly subdued.

It truly worked!

Seizing the opportunity, Su Ping broke free and charged at the alien once again.

The latter roared furiously.

It seemed that he was angrier due to the amount of Heavenly Fire that Su Ping controlled than he was with him escaping.

But the latter didnt give him another chance to take out the silver scroll.

His body and his universe fused instantly and he became faster than ever.

He disrupted all the laws around him and threw another punch.

The attack was beyond the category measurable by time and space.

It seemed to be directed towards the mind and couldnt be avoided in the slightest.

After a boom, the member of the Heavens was hit.

The entire world seemed to be trembling!

Following that, the alien exploded.

The deep space fell to pieces near the blast, leaving cracks within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers.

Time and space were disrupted at that moment.

Projections of other times and spaces could be seen.

There were cities far in the distance.

Such a chaotic and terrifying scene left everybody dumbfounded.

They could hardly imagine what kind of terrifying power could produce such a blast!

Su Ping breathed heavily and looked around.

He detected a feeble aura of the Heavens splattered nearby; he immediately absorbed it and gathered it into a black ball in his hand.

The ball was made of flesh, but it wasnt entirely like flesh; it carried an exceptionally pure and weird aura.

“What a paradoxical existence…” Su Ping gazed at the flesh.

He could feel a mix of freezing hatred and warm kindness coming from it. Is this what the Heavens are

“I wonder if the young Chaos Beast can digest this…” Su Pings eyes glittered.

He summoned the young fellow and threw the ball to it.

The young Chaos Beast quickly realized Su Pings intent, so it simply grabbed the ball and swallowed it.

Nothing except chewing noises could be heard.

The elders who went to help were astounded.

The legendary member of the Heavens was defeated by Su Ping and even fed to his pet

Su Ping looked at the young Chaos Beast.

If anything happened, he would resurrect it immediately.

If it was possessed, he would kill it and then resurrect it.

The young beast chewed and swallowed the meatball under his masters gaze.

It emitted a fragrant aura of chaos as it digested the flesh at full speed.

Su Ping observed keenly.

He could tell that the aura of the Heavens was dispersing, then replaced by the dense aura of chaos.

There seemed to be some sort of change to the aura of chaos.

Su Ping waited quietly, not relaxing for one bit.

The thunderclouds had gradually disappeared and the sky was clear again.

Sunlight shone down.

All the dark clouds and gloom felt like an illusion, and everyone felt that they had just broken free from an eternal night.

They could not help but moan in relief.

While under the thunderclouds, although they werent considered the primary target, the pressure from the Black Tribulation had made them all anxious.

Su Ping and the young Chaos Beast stood quietly on the mountain.

He was waiting for the young beast to fully digest the flesh, and the young beast was lying in the void, licking its claws in the meantime.

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