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Su Ping intended to look for clues in the library.

He searched every book on every shelf for more information about the Heavens.

However, there were only a few books in the library that mentioned the Heavens.

Over 1.28 million books had been collected from all clans in that place.

Even God Warriors would have to cultivate for 100,000 years in order to fully grasp them.

Su Ping walked out of the library in disappointment; he didnt find the answer he was looking for.

Maybe I should ask an Ancestral God However, instead of asking one, I might as well pay a visit to the Golden Crow Elder.

After all, its easier to visit him.

Su Pings eyes glittered.

He looked at the students passing by on his way back to the temple; some were imparting knowledge while others were listening.

Those who were on stage and those who were below were obviously different.

Su Ping came to a realization—

His priority shouldnt be finding those cultivation sites, but improving his combat ability as soon as possible.

His own strength was the most important thing.

Without enough strength—even if he did find the world of gods and entered the world from the outside—it would be just like Elder Chan said.

He was too weak for the godly experts to seriously listen to him.

It would be even more difficult to talk to the Ancestral Gods.

After thinking it through, Su Ping immediately dismissed all the irrelevant thoughts and returned to his peak—

He then activated the cultivation array and told his maid that he was going to cultivate in seclusion.

Once the cultivation array was activated, the divine power around him became as dense as seawater..

Su Ping was absolutely reassured to cultivate there; no one would disturb him.

If anything happened, the elders of the institute would handle things for him.

Su Ping sat cross-legged and examined himself.

He reviewed the power and battle experience he had obtained from the corpse.

He emitted the aura of a terrifying beast, while looking like one himself.

“Its time to form my Dao Heart,” Su Ping mumbled to himself.

It had taken him a long time to grasp what his Dao Heart would be, even longer than when he condensed multiple small worlds.

He had long figured out how to condense one, but he had never been certain about the right moment.

The three unparalleled Dao Hearts he had received from the Golden Crow ancestor had made him realize what a Dao Heart was.

He saw the Original Dao and became half a God Emperor.

However, he had been wondering about what his Dao Heart would be.

Countless people were sacrificed during the war.

He was forced to leave his universe with his store and his close ones, watching fellow humans fight and disappear before his eyes, all for him to survive.

He finally understood the purpose of his cultivation.

The Dao Heart was not about the pursuit of Dao, but the foundation on which one stood to seek Dao.

What to cultivate for What to fight for What to live for What to die for

Desolation was a Dao Heart.

Hundred Phenomena was also a Dao Heart.

Those were all powerful, ultimate Dao Hearts; their goals were also ambitious.

Some sought the harmony of the world, some sought utter desolation, while others strove for omniscience and omnipotence.

Su Ping wanted to pursue the Dao Heart of strength.

He wanted to fuse gods and devils, pierce both sky and earth, making all lives look up to him, living completely unrestrained.

However… Such a goal seemed too boring.

He wasnt afraid of loneliness; he had been alone training in cultivation sites.

He could drink alone, ponder on his own on a mountain peak, stare at grass alone, and look up at the starry night sky alone.

However… The meaning of life might just be that, since the moment a person was born, they would be attached to the world.

Those attachments were made by family, partners, friends and so on.

Your parents unconditional love.

Your friends timely and selfless help.

The voluntary sacrifice of total strangers for the greater good.

If he simply sat on the mountain top, proudly ignoring the vigor in the human world, how lonely and boring would he be

A person could be alone, but not bound to boredom.

A person could not abandon their attachments.

“I, Su Ping, do not seek to be the strongest.

I am not aiming for harmony, desolation, or eternal life.

I only hope I can live in peace with my family and friends I care about.”

Su Ping mumbled to himself, his eyes brighter than ever.

He had previously been at a loss about his Dao Heart, but things were crystal clear after his recent ordeal.

Some said that maturity wouldnt come until the age of thirty.

When a mortal became thirty years of age, they would then find out what they needed.

When turning forty, they would no longer be blinded by the temptations in the world.

Still, that was just a reference for mortals.

Su Ping felt that he had found his cultivation path and his faith.

He wanted to connect with everyone with the power of a contract.

He didnt know whether his Dao Heart was powerful or weak, or if it was as good as the three unparalleled Dao Hearts.

However, he no longer paid mind to such matters; all he knew was that it was what he wanted and yearned for.

It would be the driving motive for his cultivation.

As his Dao Heart was condensed, the almost overflowing, explosive power within Su Pings body was immediately vented through an opening.

The universe of chaos appeared behind Su Pings back, and shocking changes began to take place.

The entire universe turned from hazy and murky to compact and illusory; all its laws were glowing.

No longer random, they moved according to their own trajectories, like carefully woven silk.

Auras as heavy as that of the abyss were constantly being emitted by his universe.

Su Ping could tell that his universe had just become alive!

As the Contract Dao Heart was condensed, there seemed to be a heart and a brain in his universe, which fully condensed the power within.

At the same time, Su Pings level soared.

In the sky above the mountain—the sky dimmed and thunderclouds appeared in the void.

They seemed to have surged from the depths of the world of gods, out of the blue.

The thunderclouds had a wide range, spreading to all directions.

In the blink of an eye, the sky above the Heaven Path Institute was enshrouded in gloomy clouds.

The students on the mountains and at the squares looked up at the sky in shock.

Everybody recognized the familiar aura.

However… Why is it black

Some elders were teaching their students when they noticed that something was off.

They raised their eyes, only to see dark clouds all over the sky.

The tribulations terrifying aura made their hearts pound.

It seemed about to strike at any moment.

In a palace—a girl suddenly opened her eyes in the middle of her secluded training.

She sensed that the divine power outside was changing to a large degree, while assorted powers were mixed, making her too afraid to absorb in such conditions.

Once she noticed the scenes taking place outside, her expression changed; there was shock in her eyes.

“A Black Tribulation Whos about to transcend” Elder Chan stared at the sky from the window.

The next moment, he suddenly appeared in midair.

At the same time—the other elders of the Heaven Path Institute who werent training in seclusion showed up.

They wisely concealed their auras to avoid being identified as helpers.

Even though all of them were under the Heavenly Tribulation at the moment, they could tell that the core was on a certain mountain.

Elder Chan looked over with surprise in his eyes and a smile on his face.

“It seems that hes made a breakthrough.”

The other elders had also noticed the core.

That mountain was exclusively assigned to Su Ping.

It was clear that the new Dao Child was about to make a breakthrough.

“I remember he wasnt a God King yet, right Is he about to become one” mumbled an elder.

“The Heavenly Tribulation for a God King is already this terrifying Even I feel a bit wary,” remarked an elder who looked like a kid with a big head.

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