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This Should Be Considered an Immortal Fruit

After all, the little snake had been lying on the fruit tree last night. The fruit should be the little snakes food. Thinking of this, Dong Xi pried open the little snakes mouth and tried to drip some fruit juice into it. After squeezing for more than 20 minutes, a fist-sized fruit was fed into the little snakes mouth. According to the little snakes size, this should be enough.

After feeding the little snake, Dong Xi also ate. After eating, she felt her whole body warm, as if she was bathing in the sun. The spiritual energy circulating in her meridians also became much smoother. The cold Qi that fell into the pond and entered her body also overflowed. It felt os good that it made her subconsciously want to moan. This fruit grew on the Immortal mountain. It should be considered an Immortal fruit, which was different from the fruits in the mortal world.

Dong Xi knew that these fruits were good. She would pick some more after finishing todays homework. However, she did not know that in the Ningtian Sect, even the Immortal herb on the ground had an owner, let alone a fruit tree. This fruit tree belonged to the Eldest Senior Brother of the Alchemy Sect, but it was used as a gift by the Second Senior Brother. With Song Qingfengs character, he would not feel guilty.

Dong Xi went out and swiped her identity token at the door. The houses restriction was activated again. If Dong Xi was not there, no one would be able to enter without permission. It was a bit like an access card from the 21st century. In the world of Xianxia, it was quite humane. The fog outside the house had not dispersed, and the distant mountains were faintly visible in the fog.

The colorful lights came in through the mist, and the Immortal land was indeed different. It was truly beautiful. Dong Xi took a deep breath and was about to walk out when she discovered that some tender green leaves had sprouted in the nursery that had been completely empty the day before. Dong Xi was extremely happy. She squatted to the side and observed for a long time, but she did not know what would grow in the end.

Would it be full of flowers After all, everyone wanted a small garden full of flowers in front of the door. Today was the first day of these new disciples entering the sect. According to the guide, after guiding Qi into the body, they could go and learn some simple spells. Under normal circumstances, it would take about three days to guide Qi into the body quickly, and for some of the worse ones, it might take a month.

Of course, the outer sect disciples like Dong Xi were not favored. However, no one had expected that there would be a weirdo among these outer sect disciples. Dong Xi did not know what kind of commotion it would cause if she could complete the body integration in one night.

Dong Xi walked up the steps and observed her surroundings. When she saw a child sweeping the floor, she immediately stepped forward and said, “Senior brother, I want to ask, how do I get to the Cultivation Technique Hall”

Rui Xiang was a red-crowned crane that Elder Ming Fu had raised. It had taken on the Form Transformation Pill that the elder had given him and transformed into a human.

However, his cultivation level was not high. He was usually only responsible for sweeping the fallen leaves of the Alchemy Sect. When Rui Xiang heard this girl, who was about the same height as him, calling himSenior Brother, he straightened his chest and put on an appearance that a Senior Brother should have. He said indifferently, “Are you a new disciple”

Dong Xi immediately nodded. Although this child looked a little silly, he had been here longer than him. Dong Xi naturally did not dare to offend him. Who knew if there was a big shot behind him If she unknowingly offended someone important, the loss would outweigh the gain. Dong Xi cupped her fists and saluted, then said politely, “Thats right, I just joined the sect yesterday.”

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“I want to go to the Cultivation Technique Hall. Please show me the way, Senior Brother.”

Usually, the disciples of the sect looked down on Rui Xiang, and no one was willing to talk to him. If it was not for the presence of the elders, some people would have even wanted to capture Rui Xiang and eat him. Now that a little girl called him Senior Brother, Rui Xiang was very happy. He straightened his chest and said loudly, “Since youve already called me Senior Brother, I will send you there.”

After saying that, Rui Xiang silently recited the incantation and turned back into a red-crowned crane. Although Dong Xi was prepared, when he saw it, she could not help but open her mouth wide.

Th-this was a true transformation of a living person. A 1.3-meter-tall child had turned into a two-meter-tall red-crowned crane. How could Dong Xi not be surprised How could she not be shocked

When Rui Xiang saw Dong Xis worship-like expression, he was very happy. After such a long time, he finally had a Junior Sister who worshipped him and respected him as a Senior Brother, unlike those disciples who only knew how to say that he was useless.

Rui Xiang raised his neck and urged, “Come on up, Ill send you there.”



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