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Drawing Qi Into the Body

Dong Xi did not know that she had just walked through the gates of hell. She sat cross-legged with her eyes closed and facing upwards. The jade slip said it was very simple, but in reality, it was not that simple at all. Her butt hurt from doing it, but she did not feel any spiritual energy. Could the legendaryFive-colored Light be a lie

Dong Xis legs were starting to go numb, and she was getting drowsy. Suddenly, there was a blood-red light beside him, like a firefly in summer. Dong Xi, who had never seen the world, was curious and excited when she saw this light. She tried to touch the light. Red, yellow, and green were closer to him, while the rest of the light seemed to be indifferent.

The three-colored light entered Dong Xis body and swam in her meridians. Dong Xi immediately held her spirit and Qi. According to the method in the jade slip, she guided the spiritual Qi into her Dantian. More and more spiritual Qi gathered in her Dantian, slowly forming a thin mist. After a long time, Dong Xi slowly opened her eyes and felt the same in her body.

Recalling the records in the jade slip, if there were multiple spirit roots guiding spiritual Qi into the body, each kind of spiritual Qi would stay in their own territory. When casting the spell, the corresponding Qi would be mobilized, and they would not affect each other.

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Dong Xi was a little dumbfounded. Just now, she had seen the spiritual Qi in her Dantian merge together and turn into a cloud of purple smoke. Dong Xi had become numb.

Why did the ones in her body fuse together Was this considered a good thing She was originally an idiot in Immortal cultivation, but her Dantian did not play its cards according to common sense.

While Dong Xi sat and pondered, a bright moon had already risen in the sky. The cold moonlight shone into the room, and a little red light landed on the back of Dong Xis hand shakily. Then, it disappeared.

Dong Xi was stunned for a moment. She quickly raised her head and looked around. It would have been better if she had not looked, but she was shocked when she saw that in the small room. Three colors of light were entangled with each other, as if they were dancing under the moonlight. The gorgeous colors were like a dream. Dong Xi subconsciously didnt want to miss this rare opportunity. She immediately got ready and silently recited the incantation.

Following Dong Xis actions, the three-colored lights, which had been lost found their destination and swarmed toward Dong Xis body. Dong Xi immediately guided the spiritual Qi to circulate in her veins. However, every time it circulated, the spiritual Qi would increase. Dong Xi pondered again. Could it be that her body was leaking Qi

Even so, after a night, a mass of purple Qi was still gathered in Dong Xis Dantian. When Dong Xis consciousness entered her Dantian, she felt that this mass of purple Qi was very familiar. This should be considered as successfully drawing Qi into the body, right What Dong Xi did not know was that according to her Dantians current state, she could be considered to have touched the first level of Qi Refinement stage.

In the entire world of cultivators, such a cultivation speed was enough for anyone to consider her a genius. Dong Xi opened her eyes and let out a breath of turbid air. She looked out of the window and saw that the horizon was already showing a trace of white.

Then, a veil-like purple Qi appeared, which was similar to the purple Qi in Dong Xis Dantian. Dong Xi tried to absorb this purple Qi.

However, there was no effect at all. On the contrary, the pitifully small amount of purple Qi in her Dantian had been used up. Dong Xi realized that something was wrong. She looked at the spiritual Qi in her Dantian with heartache and got up from the bed angrily. She raised her middle finger at the purple Qi in the sky.

I wanted to absorb it, but now Im the one being absorbed

Dong Xi felt that whether it was the spiritual Qi in her Dantian or the purple Qi in the sky, they were actually the same thing. It was just that Dong Xi did not have enough ability yet. In the future, when she cultivated, Dong Xi would definitely be able to absorb and refine this purple Qi and make it a part of her Dantian, instead of what it was now.

Dong Xi stretched her muscles and bones. She did not feel uncomfortable after a sleepless night. Instead, she felt a little refreshed. She sighed in her heart. This Immortal cultivation was really quite pleasurable. If it was in her previous life, if she did not sleep at night, she would probably be lying on the bed and could not get up at all. She would only be in a deep sleep, let alone feeling refreshed.

Dong Xi turned around and looked at the little snake on the table. After a night, it was still lying there without moving. Could it be dead Dong Xi frowned.

Snakes should not be very tenacious, and she had given it so much medicine last night. She did not know if it was really dead. If it was not dead, why did it not move Could it have... died from hunger



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