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Dong Xi even felt that the reason why the little snakes nest was so miserable was probably because of her. If she had not shaken the tree so much, the little snake might not have fallen down, and might have been able to sleep well on the tree. It was because of her despicable hands that the little snake had fallen so miserably and was covered in wounds. Dong Xi could not just leave it be, right

Now, she could only hope that this little snake was one of the spirit beasts that had gained intelligence. Only those that had gained intelligence would not randomly bite people. Dong Xi drew some pond water and wiped the blood off the snakes body. The water in the basin had also turned blood red. Dong Xi sighed. This snake was clearly so small, so how could it bleed so much Was its injury so serious

Dong Xi held the little snake and walked back. The blood flowed down her hand to the ground. After entering the house and looking at the injured snake, Dong Xi thought of something. She quickly took out a bottle of Golden Sore Medicine from the bag that the original body had brought. It was the original bodys mother. She knew that after entering the sect, it was likely that she would have to fight and kill. She was afraid that her daughter would get hurt, so she had specially brought the best Golden Sore Medicine and some money.

Dong Xi was holding two gold bars in her hands. Her hands were trembling. This was the first time she had seen so much gold in both his previous and current lives. Unfortunately, these gold bars were not of much use. In the sect, what was needed were spirit stones. Therefore, Dong Xi was still very poor. Thinking of this, Dong Xi was a little disappointed. She took out some medicine for wounds from his bag.

It did not matter if it was an ordinary item or not. As long as it could heal injuries, it was good. Moreover, Dong Xi was still so poor that she could not take out anything better. She took the medicine and carefully sprinkled it on the snakes body. It might hurt a little, so the little snake wriggled its body.

Dong Xi frowned. The little snakes body was slippery to begin with, and now it was still moving around. How could it do that

Dong Xi looked around the room and finally saw the cloak that the original owner had brought. Her eyes lit up. After a series of operations, Dong Xi clapped her hands. It was a success!

A long strip with a bow tie appeared in front of him. Dong Xi looked at her masterpiece and smiled. This bow tie was definitely the most perfect one she had ever tied in her two lives. Dong Xi clasped her hands together and muttered to the little snake that was wrapped up, “Ive already tried my best. Life and death are up to fate.”

“If you really cant take it anymore, dont blame me.”

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Ten days ago, Su Cheng was undergoing a tribulation. He did not expect to be betrayed by a villain who revealed the location of Su Chengs tribulation. The Eight Masters of the Righteous Path joined forces and ambushed around Su Cheng. They took advantage of Su Chengs tribulation and attacked. Su Cheng could only reveal his true form and withstood the Lightning Tribulation. Although he managed to escape in the end, he was seriously injured.

In the end, he could not even maintain his original form. He shrunk and fell on this Celestial Mountain. Of course, the eight people who sneaked an attack did not get any benefits either. They all returned with serious injuries.

Su Cheng himself did not expect that he would actually fall into the Alchemy Sect of the Ningtian Sect, and be picked up by a little kid. It was embarrassing enough to say this.

Although this medicine was very good in the mortal world, it had no effect on Su Cheng, who was resisting the Lightning Tribulation. Even if there was, it would only be a little bit. However, it was better than nothing. At this time, Su Chengs spiritual energy was exhausted and he was seriously injured. With his last breath and his final wisp of spiritual energy, he protected his heart meridian.

Dong Xi was very generous. She used a large amount of the medicine on Su Chengs body, making him feel a little better. Su Chengs consciousness split out to see what the situation was, but he was stunned. What was going on Why is he wrapped in a pink rag and this bow It was so ugly.

Who on earth was so bold as to try to trap him with such a rag Killing intent rose in Su Chengs heart, but now, only his heart was still beating. Such a pink rag could really make Su Cheng unable to move. He had medicine on him now, but it was all mortal things. However, it was better than nothing.

Su Chengs divine sense quickly scanned the helpless situation and found a little girl in the room meditating, but there was no spiritual Qi in her body. It was obvious that she had not guided Qi into her body. This made Su Cheng relax. It should be the little girl who saved him. After confirming that he was not in danger, Su Cheng could not maintain his consciousness. The spiritual Qi in his body could only maintain his heart meridian. Su Cheng had no choice but to fall into a deep sleep.



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