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Where Are You Having Your Meal

After familiarizing himself with the surrounding area, Dong Xi was extremely hungry and wanted to fill her stomach as soon as possible. However, the new disciples seemed to have disappeared. Dong Xi was helpless and could only follow the path she came from. She went to the entrance of the Alchemy Sect and found Song Qingfeng, who had finished his registration duty and was about to leave.

Seeing that his Senior Brother was about to leave, Dong Xi hurriedly shouted, “Senior Brother!”

Song Qingfeng frowned. He was about to go back, why did more people come Its already so late, could there still be people who havent found their place How was this possible

Turning around and seeing Dong Xi, Song Qingfeng raised his eyebrows. This girl was really different from the others. He said playfully, “Oh, youre dressed pretty well. You look like a little nun.”

Dong Xi did not know if Song Qingfeng was praising her or if she meant something else. Besides, they had just met each other and were not familiar enough to tease each other. If Dong Xi retorted, she was afraid that Song Qingfeng would be so angry that he could just wave his sleeves and send her out of the mountain Gate.

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Dong Xi immediately asked, “Senior Brother, where do the new disciples go for meals”

With Song Qingfengs current cultivation, he had already started to abstain from eating, so he was a little confused when he heard Dong Xis question. Song Qingfeng was born into an aristocratic family and had grown up eating fasting pills. He naturally did not have any appetite. Dong Xi looked at Song Qingfengs confused face and wondered if the sect would be so crazy as to let a newcomer support themselves.

After all, they were all children, and they were only about ten years old. Facing Dong Xis confused face, Song Qingfeng was a little embarrassed and did not know what to say. He could not tell Dong Xi that if he did not want to eat, then the others should not either.

Song Qingfeng coughed a few times to cover up his embarrassment and said to Dong Xi seriously, “When you wake up tomorrow morning, ask someone else. I dont know about this. But when I went down the mountain today, I saw a fruit tree near the pond. Its already in a mature state. You can go pick some and eat it.”

After saying that, Song Qingfeng flicked his sleeve and sent Dong Xi off with good intentions. When Dong Xi left with the wind and fell into the pond, Song Qingfeng could not help but wonder if this Second Senior Brother of the Alchemy Sect had deliberately thrown her into the pond. The original book had said that this Second Senior Brother did not like anyone. Now that she thought about it, it was not without reason.

Although he had fallen into the pond, it was a good thing that she had fallen at the edge. If she had fallen a little further into the middle, Dong Xi might have died again, drowning to death. If that was the case, Dong Xi would definitely have to find the King of Hell and have a good talk with him. Using both her hands and feet, Dong Xi climbed out of the pond. The night breeze was like Buddhas passing, and it was slightly cold. Dong Xi shivered.

She sighed. She had already come to cultivate, but she was still suffering from hunger and cold. Even if Dong Xi told others about this, no one would believe her. After she went ashore, she quickly wrung her sleeves dry and looked around helplessly, looking for the fruit tree that Song Qingfeng had mentioned. If she could not find it, then she would be very upset.

Fortunately, Song Qingfeng was not completely inhuman. After walking for a while, Dong Xi finally saw the fruit tree under the moonlight. Her exhausted body suddenly had the motivation to jump over and start picking the fruits. However, Dong Xi was too short, and she only managed to get a few fruits after using all her skills.

The famished Dong Xi hugged the tree and shook it with all her might, hoping that a few more fruits would fall. However, none of the fruits fell. Instead, something cold fell on Dong Xis shoulder. She was shocked and reached out to touch it. It was a cold and smooth scale. Dong Xi instinctively jumped up and let out a scream.

As Dong Xi moved, the things on her body fell to the ground. Only then did Dong Xi muster her courage and go over to see what it was. When she got closer, she saw a small black snake as thick as a thumb lying on the ground. There were wounds all over the small black snakes body. In some places, the scales were gone, and blood was seeping out.

Dong Xi had never thought that she would end up picking up a snake when she was supposed to go pick fruits to fill her stomach. She had not started cultivating yet and was only a mortal, but this little black snake was something she had seen in the sects Immortal land. No matter what, it could be considered a spirit beast on the Immortal mountain. If it bit Dong Xi, she might not be able to live until Dong Rourou came.

Dong Xi had originally wanted to leave, but she could not bear to do so. After all, this little snake had suffered such a heavy injury. If Dong Xi left just like that, the little black snake might never wake up again. Dong Xi heaved a long sigh. Damn sympathy. Dong Xi could not ignore it no matter what, so she had no choice but to pick it up and bring it back.



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