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Alchemy Sect

Dong Xi looked at the group of children beside her, whose eyes were shining. She only felt that her heart was in the old city, and she was somewhat out of place here. As for which mountain she would go to, Dong Xi had already decided long ago. The Alchemy Sect was the best place to go. In the original book, she had gone to the Alchemy Sect, which was why she had met her Senior Brother, who was always on Dong Rourous side.

However, Dong Xi could not choose an unsuitable place just to avoid what might happen in the future. Her spirit root had been tested. Fire, wood, earth. With these attributes, if she did not go for alchemy, where else could she go While the others were still hesitating, Dong Xi took her small backpack and quickly ran in the direction of the Alchemy Sect to report.

At this time, no one else had reported to the Alchemy Sect. Dong Xi was the first one to come. The disciple in charge of registration stretched lazily in all sorts of ways. When he turned around, there was one more person in front of him. This disciple sized Dong Xi up. After stretching, he sat up properly and asked Dong Xi with a leisurely look, “Oh, youve come so quickly”

Although she came here in a hurry, she still had to be very polite to her Senior Brother. After all, they would see each other often in the future. If she needed help from her Senior Brother, he might even recall her being the first to arrive and help her. Dong Xi chuckled, revealing a row of white teeth.

“Hello, Senior Brother.”

“Im here earlier to choose a good room!”

Song Qingfeng raised his eyebrows when he heard this. This new junior Sister was interesting. Other children would be hesitating about where to go at this time. However, this Junior Sister came to the Alchemy Sect directly. It was not easy to make such a clear choice. However, he still had to ask what he had to ask.

“Name, age, and spirit root value”

Dong Xi knew that he had to ask this question. It could also be regarded as an early understanding. At that time, it would be easier to decide which disciples to focus their resources on, and which disciples were not suitable. This way, they could also let the unsuitable disciples choose a new place. After all, it was not easy to enter the sect.

Dong Xi immediately became serious and said loudly, “Dong Xi, ten years old. Fire, wood, earth spirit root. The three spirit roots values are 71, 56, and 48, respectively.”

Song Qingfeng picked up a pen and started to record it in his book. Although this Junior Sister was not bad, it was a pity that she had this kind of spirit root. However, this was not what he should care about. He was only responsible for the registration today. As for what would happen in the future, it was up to his Master to decide. Perhaps she would have a fortuitous encounter in the future and rise to the top.

Song Qingfeng continued to ask, “Why did you choose the Alchemy Sect”

Dong Xi coughed a few times. Of course, it was because it was appropriate for her story. If she did not come to the Alchemy Sect, she would not be wanted anywhere else. However, she could not say it like this. If she said it like this, she was afraid that this Senior Brother would directly send her flying. If that happened, the loss would outweigh the gain.

Dong Xis face was serious as he said, “I heard that alchemists will be especially rich in the future.”

Song Qingfengs mouth twitched when he heard the answer. He waved his hand, leaving some ink on the registration book. He pretended to wave his hand casually, and the ink disappeared instantly. At this time, Song Qingfeng looked up at Dong Xi. This girl was too straightforward. Did she come to the Alchemy Sect for money Everyone else wanted to become the best alchemist.

His brows were sharp and his eyes were bright like stars. His eyes were extremely beautiful. Just a simple glance was enough to cause ones heart to flutter. At this moment, Dong Xi sighed. If this Senior Brother was born in the 21st century, he would definitely be a superstar. However, it was useless to think about this now. It was more important to choose a place that she liked first. It did not matter whether her Senior Brother was beautiful or not.

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Dong Xis reaction surprised Song Qingfeng. No matter how old a woman was, they would fall for his handsome face. This was also the reason why his Master had asked Song Qingfeng to come here to receive the new disciples. Although the Alchemy Sect could not win against sword cultivators, there were many who came every time. There was no need to do this.

Because Dong Xis eyes were not as mesmerized as other womens, song Qingfeng also looked up to her. Such a tough heart at such a young age, perhaps there would be miracles in the future.

Song Qingfeng casually threw a storage bag to Dong Xi as if he was throwing away something he did not want. He said lightly, “Youre pretty realistic. This is for the new disciples.”

“You can go in now. You can choose from any of the houses you can see at the foot of the mountain.”

“Youre here early, so you can indeed choose a place to stay.”



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