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An Inner Demon That She Could Not Even Dream Of

Dong Xi walked on the Path of Truth. Never in her dreams would she have thought that she had an Inner Demon that had been bothering her all this time. At this moment, Dong Xi suddenly sat down at the desk. A mock exam paper was placed in front of her. It was the mathematics paper for the college entrance exam. Dong Xi was somewhat speechless. This damned high school mathematics paper actually still haunted her in this world of Immortal cultivation.

Numbers had always been Dong Xis nightmare. Function geometry was relatively simple, but numbers had always been a challenge for her. It had been almost two months since the college entrance examination. She had already forgotten some of the things she studied, but this question had long been engraved in Dong Xis mind.

So this was her Inner Demon. Dong Xi picked up the pen beside her and began to write at a high speed. After solving over a hundred math problems, the Inner Demon finally let Dong Xi go. The fantasy in front of her also disappeared. What appeared in front of her was a flight of steps that extended to the clouds. There were already over 100 people on the steps. After all, there were only a few people like Dong Xi who had been attacked by an Inner Demon as soon as they stepped on the steps.

Dong Xi was stunned for a moment. She had to hurry up. She had wasted a lot of time on her Inner Demon. Dong Xi immediately used all four limbs to scamper up. Although her movements were not beautiful, they were very practical. Soon, Dong Xi surpassed more than 20 people. Some people were disdainful when they saw Dong Xis movements, and they did not imitate her at all. However, some people were inspired. It did not matter whether they looked good or not, as long as they passed the test.

The original owner of Dong Xis body was still a young lady and was not very old. Even if Dong Xi used all her strength, she had only climbed half the way up before he exhausted all her strength. Under the scorching sun, Dong Xis entire body seemed to have fallen into a pond as she lay limply on the steps. She was also like a salted fish, turning over her body when her buttocks were hot.

According to the rules of Ningtian Sect, if one could not reach the top of the mountain before the sun set, it meant that ones temperament was not good. No matter how talented a person was, the Ningtian Sect would not accept such a disciple.

As a third-year student at the university, one of Dong Xis essential skills was to break up difficult problems into smaller pieces. In her mind, she had divided the journey and time of delivery into several periods. At each period, she had to complete a certain journey and had time to rest in between to recover her strength.

After closing her eyes and resting for a while, she got up and continued to move upwards at the time and speed she had calculated. She then stopped to rest again to recover some of her strength before climbing again. Finally, Dong Xi successfully climbed to the top of the mountain. A beam of spiritual light shone over her, sweeping away all the sweat and fatigue on his body. Dong Xi felt that she had recovered. She stood up and cupped her fists towards the sect disciples not far away.

“Many thanks, Senior Brother.”

An elder had seen Dong Xis performance throughout the entire journey and found that this girl was not bad. Although her posture along the way was not elegant, she had successfully reached the finishing point with her own intelligence and wisdom. If she was carefully trained in the future, it might have a good effect. The elder called a disciple over and pointed to Dong Xi as he asked indifferently, “Hows that girls aptitude”

“It looks quite lively. The pace of the climb is also very good.”

The disciple followed the elders hand and looked at Dong Xi. He picked up the information sent by his Senior Brother and carefully looked through it. After seeing Dong Xis information, his eyes were full of disdain. This girl only has three spirit roots. Whats the use of being clever in the end, she can only be an outer sect disciple, and the kind that does odd jobs around the sect.

The disciple said truthfully, “Elder, this girl is called Dong Xi. She comes from Fan City, ten years old, and has three spirit roots.”

At first, the elder was quite interested, but when he heard that there were only three spirit roots, he immediately lost interest. He only saidits a pity, and went to check on the other children.

The sun gradually set and the sky slowly darkened. The bell of the Ningtian Sect rang throughout the entire sect. Dong Xi looked at the people around her and found that only 80 to 90 people had successfully walked the Path of Truth.

A portion of these people would be chosen by the elders to become the inner sects direct disciples. Some would be like Dong Xi and enter the outer sect. No matter where they went, they were glad to join the Ningtian Sect. The sectwas also happy to have 80 to 90 new workers.

A sect disciple standing in front said to the crowd, “Those standing here have all passed the test of the Path of Turth. They are all people with strong hearts.”

“Joining the Ningtian Sect today is only the first step of your cultivation.”

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“For the next three days, choose your own mountain and you can start cultivating.”



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