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Forcefully Lowering Intelligence

In the original book, Demon Lord Su Cheng almost destroyed the Northern Liang Continent. In the end, the female protagonist, Dong Rourou, used her talent and sword Dao to become one with the Heartless Sword to hurt Demon Lord Su Cheng. It was also this sword attack that made Su Cheng fall in love with Dong Rourou.

In fact, the Demon Lord was even willing to let go of all the grudges with the eight major sects. Dong Xi had seen this in her previous life and immediately gave up on reading it. The dignified Demon Lord of the generation was actually a love-struck brat It was ridiculous.

In order to create a character for the female protagonist, the author even forced the Demon Lord to lower his intelligence because of one sword move, causing him to fall in love with the female protagonist. Was the Demon Lord a masochist

Su Cheng, who had been wrapped around Dong Xis arm, wanted to sneeze. He did not know who was talking about him.

Dong Xi recalled the contents of the book she had read in her previous life, especially the part where the Demon Lord had lowered his intelligence. Dong Xi was a little angry. It was simply written blindly.

At this moment, Dong Xi heard Ke Xin ask the others with practiced ease, “Senior Sister, who is this Demon Lord Su Cheng Is that guy lost”

Dong Xi turned around and saw Ke Xin standing beside the two senior disciples. They were discussing this matter with great enthusiasm. When Dong Xi saw this, she fell silent. Was she the so-calledsocial butterfly

No wonder Ke Xin knew everything. No matter where she went, she could chat with everyone she saw. This kind of ability was really amazing. She had friends everywhere. Not long after, Ke Xin came back with the news she had heard.

Ke Xin said, “Ive already asked around. Demon Lord Su Cheng is a bad guy. He was seriously injured during the Lightning Tribulation a while ago. The eight big sects want to destroy him...”

Ke Xin spoke non-stop. The gossip in the cultivation world was much more interesting than the ones in her hometown. When Dong Xi heard Ke Xins words, she felt that they were different from what she had read in the original book. She could understand it. After all, the two of them were in the territory of the Righteous Path. How could these Righteous Path sects let their disciples know that they took advantage of when Su Cheng was facing difficulties to ambush him

Dong Xi asked calmly as she was more interested in the jade slip that those disciples had used. “Do you know what they were using just now”

Ke Xin was a person who liked to have deep relationships, so of course, she would not disappoint Dong Xi. She had found out everything clearly, and in the process of gossiping, she would naturally ask about this.

Ke Xin immediately said to Dong Xi, “Its called a communication jade slip. After the two of them leave their spirit breath behind, they can contact each other at any time. Theres also some news about the cultivation world that everyone can see.”

When Dong Xi heard this, she instantly reacted. That was like a mobile phone for the cultivation world, right Dong Xi immediately became even more interested. In order to be able to integrate well into the cultivation world, she had to give herself leverage.

Actually, the most important thing is that an internet-addicted girl just wants a small phone like this. When she was bored, she could go online and browse the news, just like how she did with social media in her previous life.

Ke Xin said, “Theyre sold at the gathering, Ill take a look when I get there.”

There were still many disciples who wanted to go to the gathering. Before long, ten people were gathered. The person in charge of the teleportation told the new disciples to close their eyes when they were teleported. They might feel a little dizzy, and they had to be mentally prepared.

In less than 15 minutes, they would be teleported there. Dong Xi obediently closed her eyes. The teleportation began, and the dizziness was a bit similar to the carsick feeling in her previous life. In her previous life, Dong Xi took the bus every day, so she quickly accepted it.

Ke Xin, on the other hand, did not have such a good reaction. The moment she was teleported to the place, her face was pale and she looked extremely uncomfortable. The Senior Sister who had been gossiping with Ke Xin took out a small bottle and passed it to Ke Xin.

She spoke with experience, “I bought this before teleporting. Try it.”

Ke Xin opened the bottles stopper and took a deep breath. Immediately, a cool and refreshing feeling rushed up to the top of her head. Her facial features scrunched up, but she quickly recovered. After it was done, Ke Xin wanted to return it to this Senior Sister, but the Senior Sister waved her hand and said, “I dont need it anymore, so Ill give it to you.”

“Thank you,” Ke Xin said. The two Senior Sisters then left.

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When they were far away, Ke Xin suddenly remembered that she had not even asked which sect they were from.

Dong Xi said indifferently when she saw Ke Xins dejected expression, “Lets go buy a jade slip later. Next time you see Senior Sister, you can add her… No, I mean, you can ask her to leave her spirit breath. When the time comes, you can contact each other at any time. You can chat whenever you want.”



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