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Arent We Going Down the Mountain

If Dong Xi remembered correctly, Ke Xin was also born for alchemy, and had fire and wood spirit roots. Both of their spirit root values combined did not even exceed 80, otherwise, they would have been inner sect disciples by now.

Ke Xin said happily, “Ive just successfully drawn in Qi into my body this morning, so Im a little late. Youre not angry, are you Ill treat you to a good meal later.”

Hearing this, Dong Xi smiled. Of course, she was not angry. Even though her body was only 10 years old, her soul was almost 20. How could she get angry so easily

Dong Xi smiled as she spoke to Ke Xin. “Im so happy for you, why would I be angry Lets go quickly, I want to see what this Immortal market is like, I dont know whats the difference between them and our familys.”

Ke Xin nodded. Dong Xi was not the only one who was curious, Ke Xin was extremely curious as well. When she saw Dong Xi about to head down the mountain, she immediately grabbed her and looked at her with a strange expression. “Where are you going”

Dong Xi was also confused. Were they not going to the market Of course they had to go down the mountain. Otherwise, how could they go to the market The market could not be in the sect.

Dong Xi looked at Ke Xin in confusion and said calmly, “Arent we going to the market Of course, were going down the mountain.”

When Ke Xin heard this, she immediately laughed. Dong Xi actually wanted to walk down the mountain. One had to know that the sect was extremely large. If they walked down the mountain like this, by the time they reached the place, the market would have long since disappeared.

Ke Xin laughed and said, “The sect is so big, if you walk down, how long will it take you to reach”

Dong Xi also knew that the sect was huge, but what else could she do if she did not leave “Were all new disciples, and we dont have any spirit beasts to ride. Theres no other way than walking. If we leave now, we might still make it. What else can we do”

Ke Xin looked at Dong Xis cute and dazed expression and could not help but want to laugh. Even if she had drawn Qi into her body and had spiritual energy, it would take a long time to walk. Walking was not a good idea.

Ke Xin immediately said, “Follow me, Ive already asked around. Theres a teleportation formation in the sect that leads there. It only takes two Spirit stones to get there.”

When Dong Xi heard that she needed spirit stones, she felt her heart ache. Originally, she had only received ten low-grade spirit stones, but now she had to spend two. One-fifth of her wealth was gone in an instant.

Ke Xin looked at Dong Xis expression and knew that he was feeling heartache for the spirit stones, so she whispered to her, “Dong Xi, I know your heart aches for the spirit stones. Ive also asked Senior Sister Wang Ying. She said that we can go to the herb field to sort the herbs.”

“That job is quite troublesome, and the rewarded spirit stones are quite low. The senior disciples are not willing to do it, but we can do it. Well be able to earn spirit stones then.”

When Dong Xi heard this, she nodded. However, if they could think of this, the other new disciples would also think of this. It was just that most of them had not drawn Qi into their bodies yet, so they should be able to earn a few days first before thinking about the future.

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It did not take long for the two of them to arrive at the teleportation array. It could teleport ten disciples at a time. When Dong Xi and the other man arrived, they had just sent away a group of disciples. Now, they could only wait here until there were ten people to teleport together.

At this moment, a horse-drawn carriage flew across the sky, heading in the direction of the main peak. Everyone looked at the carriage in the sky enviously, and Dong Xi was no exception. Then, they heard the people around them discussing.

“Isnt this the carriage from the Destiny Valley”

“Why did they suddenly come to our sect Could it be that something is going to happen in the Immortal world”

“I dont know. Quickly take out the jade slip and take a look.”

Dong Xi watched as some people took out jade slips and started to browse. It was very similar to surfing on mobile phones in the 21st century. It should not be said to be similar, but it was exactly the same. After a while, he heard people start to say.

“I see it, I see it. It seems like the valley Master of Destiny Valley has found out the whereabouts of the Demon Lord, Su Cheng.

The name Su Cheng made Dong Xis pupils shrink. Dong Xi knew this name. Demon Lord Su Cheng was the Big Boss villain in the original book. The original book said that the Shocking Cloud Sect, Bright Moon Sect, Ningtian Sect, Heavenly Fiend Palace, Zongheng Pavilion, and other eight major sects had taken advantage of the Lightning Tribulation to encircle and annihilate Su Cheng.

In the end, Su Cheng resisted the Lightning Tribulation and even heavily injured the people of the eight big sects. He successfully escaped, and after recovering from his injuries, he returned to the demons cave and led many demons to invade the Northern Continent where the eight big sects were. In an instant, countless people were killed and injured in the Northern Continent.



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