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Tempering the Meridians

When Dong Xi thought of this, she immediately began to refine her meridians little by little with the spiritual Qi in her empty body. She tried to refine her meridians with spiritual energy, but nothing unusual happened. Dong Xi also heaved a sigh of relief. Since there was no problem, she could refine without any worries. Due to a freak combination of factors, Dong Xi did not know that he had actually embarked on the right path.

A strong meridian was not only better in a battle, but it was also easier for her to break through the cultivation realms than others. Unknowingly, Dong Xi had been tempering for an entire night until the spiritual Qi around him began to thin. Dong Xi stopped her cultivation and slowly opened her eyes. After a night of tempering, her meridians emitted a faint purple light.

Looking at the state of the meridian, Dong Xi felt that there should be no mistake. The effect would become more and more obvious if this continued. She would wait until all of this meridian had been completely tempered before breaking through. According to the current speed of tempering, if she could be exposed to moonlight every day, she would be able to completely temper the meridian in about one or two months, and then break through to the second level of Qi Refinement.

Dong Xi patted her body to get rid of the mist. Looking at the sun and moon shining in the sky, her heart became even more determined. When she had just passed transmigrated, she did not know what had happened, but it was different from the original body in the book. Now it seemed that it was not a bad thing. Although he was not a genius now, a few years later, she definitely would not be a waste who was only at the third level of Qi Refinement.

Dong Xi stretched lazily, her mood had become quite good. Ever since she had entered the sect, the problem that had been troubling her had been solved. In the days to come, she only needed to cultivate well. Not only did she have to live well, but one day, Dong Xi would also Ascend to the Immortal world and see what a true Immortal was like.

Meditating during the day was not as efficient as meditating at night. Dong Xi gave up the idea of meditating during the day. Instead, she used a branch as a sword and practiced the basic subtraction he had learned in the forbidden land that day. She did not stop until the sun was high in the sky. She washed herself with the remaining pond water and ate the steamed buns left from yesterday. Then, she changed the medicine for the little snake and fed it half of the spirit fruit.

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She did not know if she had sensed it wrongly, but she felt that the little snakes condition was even worse today. Its scales, which were originally glistening with a cold light, now looked a little gray. Dong Xi had no other choice at the moment. She had been taking care of the little snake for a few days, and she could not just watch it die. She could only wait for the gathering a few days later to see if there were any medicine to treat spirit beasts. Right now, he could only hope that the little snake would hold on.

It was already the fourth day since Dong Xi and the other new disciples had entered the sect. By right, there should be someone who had already completed the Qi-guiding process. Dong Xi decided to go to the real Cultivation Technique Hall to have a look. Otherwise, it would be useless no matter how much spiritual Qi He absorbed. When Dong Xi arrived at the Cultivation Technique Hall, there were already people there.

It was a tall and thin boy who looked to be about 15 years old. When the boy saw Dong Xi come in, he became very vigilant. Dong Xi just pretended not to see him. In any case, she was here to learn magic spells today and did not want to cause trouble. Dong Xi quickly stepped forward and cupped her fists toward Senior Sister Wang Ying, who was teaching the other disciples.

“Hello, Senior Sister.”

Wang Ying still had an impression of Dong Xi. The other day, Dong Xi and Ke Xin had come together to receive the newcomers benefits. Dong Xi was much prettier than Ke Xin. Whether it was men or women, it was always easier to remember good-looking people.

Wang Ying smiled. She did not expect this little girl to have successfully drawn Qi into her body. “Youve also successfully drawn Qi into your body”

Dong Xi nodded. Of course, she had absorbed Qi into her body. Moreover, she had done it on the first night. However, she could not say it like that. If she did, these people would probably think that she was a lunatic, and a lunatic who only knew how to brag.

Dong Xi thought for a moment, then smiled and said to her Senior Sister, “Yes. I drew Qi into my body last night, so I wanted to learn some simple spells today.”

Wang Ying asked Dong Xi to place her hand on the spirit testing stone. Dong Xi knew that this was to test the amount of spiritual Qi she had. Dong Xi had deliberately concealed her strength and only drew out a small portion of her spiritual energy. The spirit testing stone emitted a faint light.

Wang Ying saw this and smiled. The strength of the new disciples and outer sect disciples was basically the same. “Thats right, its indeed spiritual energy that has entered your body. Junior Sister, you should have a fire spirit root, and your root value is not bad. Do you want to learn a fireball technique first”



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