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I Must Buy a Bath Barrel

In front of Dong Xi was a pool of water that she prepared. After removing her clothes, she sat down in the wooden bucket. The bone-chilling water had been left in the room for a while, and Dong Xi still shivered from the cold. She gritted her teeth and circulated her spiritual Qi. Only then did the cold in her body slowly dissipate. Dong Xi took out a handkerchief and carefully washed the dust off her body.

As she bathed, she thought to himself,Its a good thing that the original body is only ten years old. Otherwise, this small wooden tub wouldnt be able to fit in. When Im more well-off in the future and have some spare money, I must buy a bath barrel, a good wooden tub. Then, I can take a hot bath. I cant take a cold bath like this anymore.

After the bath, Dong Xi put on her old clothes and prepared to wash the sect robes. After everything was done, Dong Xi sat down cross-legged again and began to feel the effects of the three Dust-expelling Pill. She did not know if it could really improve her cultivation speed, as her previous cultivation speed was slower than a snail. After she finished, she concentrated on feeling the spiritual Qi around her. However, just as she felt it, she opened her eyes again.

She blinked his eyes in surprise. Why was the effect of this pill so good When she felt the spiritual Qi just now, it was even longer than the first time. The surroundings were densely packed with spiritual Qi. It was as if a casual breath was equivalent to a whole day of cultivation without sleep or rest. It was a little too strong.

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However, after thinking about it carefully, Dong Xi felt that something was wrong. It must not be just the effect of the Dust-expelling Pill. The sect could not be so generous to new disciples. If the effects of the pill were really so good, it should have been given to the inner sect disciples long ago. Why would it be given to Dong Xi and the other newly arrived outer sect disciples However, these days, Dong Xi had been cultivating in her room all the time. What was different

After thinking for a moment, Dong Xi saw the moonlight reflected on her arm. She was stunned at first, then she suddenly understood something. Could it be because of the moonlight In order to verify her guess, Dong Xi picked up the futon on the ground and went to the courtyard. Then, she sat cross-legged under the moonlight and began to feel the spiritual Qi in the surroundings again. This time, the spiritual Qi in the surroundings was even denser.

There was even a sticky feeling. Su Cheng, who was sleeping in the room, suddenly opened his eyes. It was not his divine sense, but he really opened his eyes. He looked at the sticky spiritual Qi outside the room and immediately used his divine sense to check the situation. Su Cheng was very surprised. This movement was caused by the little girl who was taking care of him. How could this be

A child with only three spirit roots could actually attract such spiritual energy Could it be that this girl had some Innate Spirit Constitution Su Cheng did not have time to think. He spat out his inner core and used his last bit of strength to cast a spell to cover up the strange phenomenon here. After setting up everything, Su Cheng could not hold on any longer and fell into a deep sleep. The spiritual energy that he had just recovered was completely exhausted.

The moment he fainted, Su Cheng was still thinking that the little girl should not cause any more trouble and attract those old farts from the Ningtian Sect. If those old farts came, they would definitely find him. At that time, whether it was him or the little girl, neither of them would get any benefits. However, this was all Su Cheng could do now.

However, Dong Xi did not know about this. Although she had attracted so much spiritual energy, she had just started cultivating not long ago. The amount she could absorb was only a little. Dong Xi felt that her entire body was filled with spiritual Qi. The spiritual Qi was flowing along her meridians and finally gathered in her Dantian.

After the cleansing of the Dust-expelling Pill, there were indeed some changes in her meridians. From the original small path, they had become a large path. The spiritual energy circulation was also smoother. This time, the spiritual energy that entered her Dantian did not separate in its own corner, but directly merged into purple spiritual energy. However, after one round of circulation, the spiritual energy would still be much less.

Dong Xi did not understand why her body was leaking spiritual energy. Although it was leaking, according to the current cultivation speed, Dong Xi could still accept it. As long as there was enough spiritual Qi left, it was not a big deal to lose some of it. After a few rounds of circulation, the purple spiritual Qi in Dong Xis body turned dark purple. Looking at the dark purple spiritual Qi, Dong Xi suddenly thought that if he used this kind of spiritual Qi to temper her meridians, would her meridians become better after a long time Would it be easier to circulate spiritual Qi Not only that, if she cultivated in the future, her speed would increase, right



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