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Who Are You

Ke Xin had just returned with a few steamed buns and happened to hear Dong Xis words. She felt that it was very reasonable. If the sect could distribute Fasting Pills, they would have more time to cultivate. They would also be able to draw Qi into their bodies earlier. However, it did not matter. There would be a gathering in a few days.

Ke Xin smiled and said to Dong Xi, “Its okay, we have spirit stones in our hands now. At the gathering in a few days, there will definitely be people selling it. Ill just buy it then.”

Dong Xi nodded, and the two of them went their separate ways. Ke Xin went back to cultivate, but Dong Xi did not. Instead, she walked up the mountain path, wanting to go to the Cultivation Technique Hall that Rui Xiang had sent her to yesterday to take a look. Could it be that she had really gone the wrong way But this time, Dong Xi had only just left when he was stopped by two people.

The two people held magic tools in their hands and asked coldly, “Who are you”

Dong Xi was stunned for a moment and subconsciously took two steps back. These two people were holding magic tools in their hands. Who knew if they would suddenly attack It was not easy for him to come back to life, so she could not just be killed so easily. Dong Xi still wanted to live on and experience the elegant demeanor of the Immortal cultivation world.

Dong Xi cupped her fists and said respectfully, “Hello, Senior Brothers. Im an outer sect disciple, Dong Xi. I just happened to pass by...”

Before Dong Xi could finish her sentence, one of them interrupted her. This was not a place that ordinary people could come to. However, this girl was just a child and an outer sect disciple. She might have taken the wrong way, so she passed by here. However, she must be warned not to walk around randomly in the future.

One of them said coldly, “This is the forbidden area of the Alchemy Sect. No matter who you are, without the order of the Sect Master, you are not allowed to pass.”

Dong Xi took two steps back when she heard the unfriendly tone of the two men. She was afraid that the two of them would attack her because of a disagreement. At that time, she would die in vain. The sect would not blame them either. Dong Xi could only say that she had wandered off on her own.

Thinking of this, Dong Xi hurriedly bowed respectfully to the two men and immediately said to them, “Ill leave now, Ill leave now.”

As she spoke, she immediately turned around and left. She was afraid that if she walked any slower, these two people would think that she was up to no good. Now, Dong Xi finally understood that he had not gone to the Cultivation Technique Hall yesterday. It was Rui Xiang who had sent him to the wrong place. However, Rui Xiang could not be blamed for this. Dong Xi had also learned how to form a seal, and that seal was probably a big move.

However, Dong Xi had a guilty conscience, so it was better not to show that she knew these hand seals. Dong Xi went straight back to her residence, took a wooden bucket, and went to get some water from the pond to put in the house for later use. Then, she sat down and took out the Dust-expelling Pill that he had just received today. The pill had a faint fragrance, and it was not comparable to the unknown pill.

Dong Xi did not think too much about it and immediately swallowed the Dust-expelling Pill. The pill melted in her mouth, and a faint fragrance spread through her mouth and spread to her internal organs. Her body was like a land that had been dry for a long time and was receiving good rain, frantically absorbing the nutrients in the pill. Dong Xi even felt her muscles and bones stretch out inch by inch, and the circulation of her spiritual energy became smoother.

However, her spiritual Qi would decrease a little after each circulation. Dong Xi still did not understand why. At this time, the comfortable feeling after taking the pill suddenly stopped. It was like scratching an itch through her pants. As soon as she felt it, the effect of the pill wore off. Dong Xi frowned and took another pill with dissatisfaction. Then, she closed her eyes to adjust her breathing. After taking all three pills, Dong Xi let out a breath of turbid air and opened her eyes, which were as bright as torches.

Now she understood why the sect only gave each new disciple three pills and not more. It was because three pills were just right. Dong Xi moved her muscles and bones, and she felt as if something on her face was falling off. Dong Xi frowned, and the sensation was even more severe. She raised her hand and realized that there seemed to be an additional layer of gray keratin on her skin, which was a little hard.

It also gave off an indescribable smell, like some kind of food that had been thrown into a trash can and fermented for a long time. It also smelled like it was slowly rotting after death. In short, it was very unpleasant. Dong Xi stood up and was about to take off her clothes to clean her body.

As she took off her clothes, she sighed, “This should not be called a Dust-expelling Pill. It should be called the Life Dust Pill! After eating it, a pile of dust will be produced on your body. And it smells so bad.”

“Fortunately, no one saw it in my house. If there was someone else here, they would suspect that I pooped my pants. Otherwise, how could it be so smelly”



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