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Benefits of the Alchemy Sect

When Wang Ying heard Ke Xins words, she laughed. Of course, other peaks did not have it, but this was the Alchemy Sect. What were there in the Alchemy Sect of course, its because they have a lot of pills. Thats why the disciples of the Alchemy Sect will have one more bottle of pills than the disciples of other peaks. As a benefit for new disciples, many disciples of other peaks are very envious.

Wang Ying said with a smile, “The extra one is a Dust-expelling Pill. The other peaks dont have it. Its a benefit for our Alchemy Sect. Its a benefit given to new disciples by the Alchemy Sects old ancestor. Before you reach the Foundation Establishment stage, take this pill. It will have the effect of cleansing your marrows. Its also for your future cultivation.”

In the entire sect, only the Alchemy Sect could be so rich and generous. The other peaks did not dare to do so. There were a total of three medicinal pills in the bottle. One medicinal pill could be exchanged for 20 spirit stones. Although they were low-grade, there were so many new disciples every year. Moreover, Dong Xi and the others were all outer sect disciples.

Such a good thing was something that could not be missed. Only a fool would use it to exchange for spirit stones. Dong Xi mimicked Ke Xins actions and took her share. She held the porcelain bottle in her hand and was extremely happy. After all, with this thing, ones cultivation would be even faster.

At this moment, Ke Xin, who was beside Dong Xi, continued to ask, “Senior Sister, if we take this pill, will our spirit root value also rise”

When this question was asked, Dong Xi perked up her ears and listened carefully. This was a first-class matter. If eating it could increase the spirit root value, it would increase a lot in a year. At that time, cultivation would be easier and faster.

Wang Ying shook her head and explained to the two of them, “It wont. The spirit root value wont change. But you guys eat all kinds of junk food and grains in the mortal world. There are a lot of waste in your bodies. It will be difficult to communicate with the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.”

“The main function of this pill is to remove the impurities in your bodies. Its just to let you guys absorb spiritual energy faster and more easily.”

When Ke Xin heard this, she instantly lowered her head. Dong Xi also let out a soft sigh. However, Dong Xi quickly thought it through. If there was really a pill that could increase ones spirit root value, even if it was just a tiny bit, it would be priceless. How could it be given to new disciples like them as a welfare benefit Unless the Alchemy Sect could refine it themselves.

For these disciples with low attribute spirit roots, adding 1 or 2 points of perception was possible. However, if there was a genius disciple who entered the sect with 99 points, just being able to add a point or two, it would be considered a heaven spirit root. His cultivation would progress at a rapid pace, and he would be able to cultivate to great heights easily.

Thinking of this, Dong Xi admitted that she was a little jealous, but she also made a vow in her heart.

One day, Ill definitely find a treasure that can change my spirit roots. God has given me a second chance at life. I cant just keep being a good-for-nothing. If I try my best, perhaps everything will change.

After receiving the benefits, the two of them went to the cafeteria. After eating, Dong Xi even took two more buns and fruits.

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Ke Xin asked curiously, “Dong Xi, are you not full yet”

Dong Xi chuckled. She could not possibly tell Ke Xin that she had picked up an injured little snake on her first day here, and that it was lying on her bed right now.

Was this supposed to be for the little snake to eat when she returned Even if Dong Xi was willing to tell her, Ke Xin might not believe it. Besides, if Ke Xin told the sect, there might be trouble.

Dong Xi said with a smile, “its a waste of time to come here to eat and then go back every day. Ill bring some back for lunch. I wont have to run back and forth like this.”

Ke Xin was only a child. Who would have thought that someone could be so introverted To the point that they did not even want to waste their time coming over to eat

However, very quickly, Ke Xin understood. They were all outer sect disciples, and their natural aptitudes were rather poor. If they did not work hard, they would forever be mediocre.

Ke Xin said with a serious expression, “I understand, youre right. Its a waste of time to go back and forth like this. Ill also take two more steamed buns back. Ill try to draw in Qi into my body before coming out of the house.”

Dong Xi was silent. She lowered her head and looked at the steamed bun in her hand. She was a little worried. She had just started cultivating and needed to eat every day, or her body would not be able to take the strain.

Her Senior Brothers and Sisters had already cultivated to the point where they could abstain from food, so they did not need to worry about eating. They just had to cultivate properly.

“It would be great if the sect could distribute Fasting Pills.”



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