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Making a Choice

Right now, Dong Xi had two choices. One was to take a step forward, and risk repeating the torture she had experienced. The other was to take a step back, and go into the open world, like a free bird. Without any hesitation, Dong Xi chose to enter Ningtian Sect. Although the world outside was very exciting, and birds could fly in the sky, she had to be able to fly first. Dong Xi had just taken her college entrance examination before she transmigrated and entered the book. She knew nothing at this point.

If she chose to leave, how would she survive In just a few years, Dong Xi would be dead. However, in order to enter the sect, one must have spirit roots. The original owners mother had somehow found out that the original owner had spirit roots, so she had boldly let Dong Xi replace Dong Rourou in order to fight for a good future and a good life.

However, Dong Xi herself knew that even if she had the fate to enter the sect, she would not have the fate to ascend. The original owners spirit root qualification was just barely enough to enter the Ningtian Sect. If she did not have any fortuitous encounters in her life, she would only be able to reach the Foundation Establishment stage for the rest of her life. It was impossible for her to advance any further.

At this time, the disciple in charge of testing her spirit root said indifferently, “Three spiritual roots. Fire, wood, earth. The main root is fire. Root value is 71,56,48.”

Dong Xi had yet to come back to her senses. She just stood there in a daze, not knowing if her choice was right or wrong. However, if she did not give it a try, she was somewhat unwilling. Since she had already transmigrated, what if she could defy the heavens and change her fate

At this moment, someone beside Dong Xi nudged him and said in a rough voice, “Go over there and wait.”

Only then did Dong Xi come back to her senses. She realized that the person who had spoken was her Master who had brought her to the Ningtian Sect. Dong Xi obediently nodded her head and walked to the side. The Master who had brought her here had a look of disappointment in her eyes. After going through so much trouble, Dong Xi was only a three spirit root.

She thought that it would be better, so she grumbled to herself in dissatisfaction, “I went through so much trouble, but I brought back a three spirit root owner.”

“This way, that favor that Master owes can be considered to be paid off.”

“Forget it, lets leave it at that. The sect is so big, so they must be in need of labor, right ”

“If just for labor work, she should be able to stay in the sect. Look at her small body, the second round of the test will be tough.”

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Dong Xi was silent. She took a few quick steps forward and stood in the crowd. She let out a breath of air. According to the original book, the host should have the attributes of wood, fire, and water. It was because water and fire were incompatible that her cultivation had always been tough. How did it become fire, wood, and earth Could it be that it was because she came through the book that caused this

Dong Xi was puzzled, and those comments about the state of mind not far away were automatically blocked. Was the three spirit root very bad As long as one had spirit roots, one could cultivate. No matter what, she was a student of Peking University in her previous life. Although she had not had time to go to school, in this life, Dong Xi did not hope to be able to ascend. She only hoped to be able to live a stable life.

Even though she would only be an outer sect disciple in the future, so what Whats wrong with working As long as she worked hard, there would definitely be gains. Even if her cultivation could not improve, it was also a good thing to work hard to earn more spirit stones. When that female protagonist appears out of nowhere a few years later, even if her cultivation had not been good all these years, as long as she had enough spirit stones, she would be able to survive after leaving this place.

The sect did not support the current disciples. All new disciples could receive some basic pills and a small number of spirit stones every month during their first year. After this year, whether it was cultivation techniques, clothing, food, accommodation, or transportation, they would have to bear the burden themselves. Therefore, while cultivating, it was best to save up some spirit stones. This was so that when Dong Rourou came, Dong Xi could immediately grab her bag and run away with the spirit stones.

If the Ningtian Sect was a listed company, then those inner sect disciples and personal disciples were the companys management. They had to rely on low-ranked workers like Dong Xi to support them. Of course, if they encountered any disaster one day, these people would also take the lead to stand out and share the burden of the sect. Low-ranked disciples like Dong Xi could only watch.

Dong Xi stood silently in the crowd. There were about 80 to 90 people in this group. After all of them had finished their selection, there might be more than 200 people who would go through the second round of the test. If they passed the second round of thePath of Truth, they would be considered to have joined the Ningtian Sect. Since most of the people who came to participate in the selection were children with pure hearts, they would basically all pass the second round of the test.

Before Dong Xi stepped on the Path of Truth, she was also very curious. She had not done anything bad in her previous life. She was just a student, and she had already taken the college entrance examination. She had also been admitted to one of the best universities with excellent results. It could be said that she was quite perfect, leaving many people in the dust. She should not have any Inner Demons, right Even if there was, what would her Inner Demon be



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