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Whats the Matter

Dong Xi pushed open the window and saw that it was Ke Xin. Only then did she open the door. The moment she opened the door, the restriction on the house was lifted. Ke Xin was stunned for a moment when she saw the young lady and the house that had suddenly appeared in front of her. Then, she came back to her senses and waved her hands at Dong Xi frantically. Dong Xi closed the door and walked out. When she passed by the door, she did not notice that the two scales that she had taken from the little snakes had already become the size of a palm and were covered in a thin layer of dust.

Ke Xin said impatiently when she saw Dong Xi, “I heard that our house is under a restriction.”

“Its to make it easier for new disciples to choose their residence. When they reach the Qi Refinement stage, they will be able to see these houses. But the houses restriction can prevent people below the Nascent Soul stage from detecting it. Its really convenient.”

When Dong Xi heard these words, it dawned on her that if she wanted to continue hiding her house, shed have to use a higher-level array. Otherwise, as long as someone cultivated to the Qi Refinement stage, they would be able to see it. This was really making her cry. But what was Ke Xin doing here so early in the morning

Dong Xi asked Ke Xin, “Whats the matter”

Only then did Ke Xin remember that she still had important matters to attend to, and it should be something good. There was no point in going alone. She had just arrived at the sect and did not have many friends. The only person she knew was Dong Xi. The two of them were from the same hometown, so they naturally had to be closer. Therefore, Ke Xin came to find Dong Xi as soon as she could.

Ke Xin said with a smile, “I heard that in a few days, there will be a gathering in Blazing City. We can exchange for many things suitable for us new disciples.”

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also, there might be some unexpected gains. I came to see you today to ask if you would like to go with me to take a look”

Dong Xis interest was piqued when she heard Ke Xins words. It was not good to keep working behind closed doors. They should go out and take a look to broaden their horizons. Perhaps they would encounter some fortuitous encounter. Based on the experience they had from reading books, there was a chance to pick up some treasures at such gatherings, but going to the gatherings required money.

Dong Xi said, “Weve just entered the sect and dont have anything on us. We cant even take out anything else, so how are we going to exchange with them”

When Ke Xin heard this, she covered her mouth and laughed. This little girl, Dong Xi, was really cute. Since she said it was suitable for newcomers, of course, she had a way. Although everyone was new to the sect, they had the sects backing and benefits. Was there a need to be afraid that they would not have anything to exchange with others The only question is whether the price is suitable or not.

Ke Xin said with a smile, “Have you forgotten Weve all entered the sect. We can go and receive the newcomers welfare today.”

Dong Xis eyes widened when she heard this. Oh my God, how could she forget such an important thing New disciples could receive their new disciple benefits on the third day of their entry. A year later, they would have to take on missions to earn points, and then use the points to exchange for spirit stones and various cultivation resources. In the first year, new disciples would receive benefits, which was also the time the sect gave for new disciples to grow.

This was Dong Xis first time at the Points Hall, and so was Ke Xins. However, Ke Xin had already asked around and was quite familiar with the place. She had come here to look around during her free time, so she would not get lost with Dong Xi. Once she was done claiming her benefits, she could go and exchange for some things in a few days.

Ke Xin pointed at the points Hall and the buildings beside it. “The Points Hall and the Cultivation Technique Hall are right next to each other/ After youve drawn Qi into your body, come here and learn.”

Dong Xi looked at the building in front of her with a face full of shock. This was a completely unfamiliar place. Dong Xi was very sure that he had never been here before.

If this was the Cultivation Technique Hall, then where was the place he had been yesterday But if she said that she went to the wrong place, but still learned hand seals and basic sword techniques, how would she explain this

Although Dong Xi had many questions in her heart, she could only hold them in for now. The books mentioned that those who were not shrewd, carefree, and talked about everything would basically not live past three chapters.

Dong Xi followed Ke Xin into the Points Hall, and the Senior Sisters there asked them to take out their tokens and press them on the runes. A tray would automatically appear at the bottom, and there would also be some benefits given to them by the sect. One bottle was called Spirit-charging Pill, and the other bottle was called Dust-expelling Pill.

Ke Xin looked at the additional pills on the tray. She raised her head and asked curiously, “Senior Sister, umm... Why is there an extra bottle”



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