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Changing the Medicine

Dong Xi did not want to think too much. Since she was already here, she might as well take things as they came. The most important thing was to fill her stomach first. Dong Xi picked up the fruit that Song Qingfeng had forced on her and ate one in big mouthfuls. Then, she fed half of the fruit to the little snake. After that, she opened the little snakes pink cloak and prepared to change the medicine.

As soon as she opened the cloak, a foul smell hit her in the face. Dong Xi could not help but want to retch. This smell made Dong Xi have a bad feeling in her heart. Could the little snake have died Thinking of this, Dong Xi gently helped the little snake wash off the medicinal powder on its body. The hideous wound was exposed, and two scales had fallen out.

Fortunately, the little snake had wriggled a few times in Dong Xis hand at this time. Otherwise, Dong Xi would have thought that the little snake was already dead and might have buried it.

Dong Xi took out some medicine for sore wounds and sprinkled a large amount on the little snakes body as if it was free. Then, she found a clean cloak and wrapped the little snake again. She put it on the bed and reached out her hand to gently tap the little snakes head.

Youre better off than me. Have a good rest. Good night.

Dong Xi thought about her cultivation speed. In order to survive in the future, she had to cultivate hard all these years. She did not plan to sleep. Anyway, meditating and cultivating would make her feel refreshed. She might as well let the little snake sleep on the bed. Dong Xi did not know that every time she touched Su Cheng, he was aware, and he could feel it.

A snakes body was naturally warm, and its body was cold. When a warm finger suddenly touched it, it was as if someone deliberately played with Su Chengs divine sense. Su Cheng naturally woke up and found that the person who was messing around with him was this human girl. Su Cheng was a little dissatisfied, but fortunately, this girl did not have any ill intentions, so he turned a blind eye to it.

Moreover, the fruits that this girl fed him were also pretty good. Although the spiritual energy in the fruits was less, it was not easy for this girl to get these fruits. Moreover, it was all thanks to these fruits. Although the spiritual energy was not much, it had the function of purification.

The old thief from the Poison-tempering Sect had even poisoned Su Cheng, which was why his wound was not healing. If this went on, his injury would only get worse.

The fruit that this little girl fed Su Cheng was a lucky one, as it could purify the poison. However, the little girl fed him too little. At the moment, it could only alleviate the symptoms but not completely cure them. Even so, it was fine. Su Chengs body was strong. As long as he was given some time, he could slowly recover.

Su Cheng knew that he was sleeping on this girls bed. Before he fell asleep, he thought,Are humans so unreserved now She could let a male lie on her bed so casually

Dong Xi did not know about Su Chengs messy thoughts. If she did, he would have hung Su Cheng on the fence in the yard and turned him into a dried snake.

It was already very late, and Dong Xi could not waste any more time. She sat cross-legged and kept forming seals with her hands, repeating this action. As she became more and more skilled in this action, Dong Xi also entered a very mysterious state. The speed of her hands became faster and faster, almost to the point that only a trace of afterimage could be seen. The purple spiritual Qi in her Dantian also made her somewhat eager to try.

Dong Xi drew out a bit of spiritual Qi, and the seal formed by her hands immediately lit up. Just as it was about to be released, Dong Xi retracted her hand gesture. The room became quiet again, and only the faint candlelight was still shining.

Dong Xi suddenly stopped because she had a premonition in her mind. She knew that this seal was a means of attack. If he struck it out, a hole would be created in the room.

This was only the second day after he entered the sect, and there was such a sudden disturbance at night. If the sect wanted Dong Xi to compensate for the damage, she would not be able to afford it.

Sighing lightly, Dong Xi ended her seal formation practice and entered a meditative state to cultivate properly. This way, the spiritual energy in his body would be more abundant. Otherwise, it would be gone only after a short while of use.

When the sky was slightly bright, Dong Xi opened her eyes and let out a breath of turbid air. At this time, the spiritual Qi in her Dantian had almost recovered. However, this turtle-speed cultivation made Dong Xi a little irritated. She got up and washed up. She picked up the fruit on the table and ate half of it. She fed the other half to the little snake. Since the little snake was still alive, she had to take good care of it.

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Just as she was about to go out, Dong Xi heard someone shouting outside, “Sister Xi, are you in the room”



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