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Hes Really Fierce

Yan Liang looked at Song Qingfeng with dissatisfaction. Without saying anything, he flicked his sleeves and disappeared. Yan Liang would remember this. Song Qingfeng felt bored after seeing Yan Liang leave. He thought that there was something he could do, but it turned out to be like this.

Song Qingfeng pursed his lips and mumbled, “Hes really fierce.”

With that, Song Qingfeng jumped down from the tree with disappointment in his eyes. He looked at Dong Xi, who had just picked a fruit after a long time, and smiled again. Song Qingfeng had been here for a long time, watching Dong Xi jump down from the tree to pick the fruit. If it was not for Liang Yan, Song Qingfeng might not have shown himself.

“Really, its just a fruit. Did he need to reprimand for half a day Look at how scared this child is.”

With that, Song Qingfeng pointed his fan at the tree, and four high-hanging fruits fell into Dong Xis arms. Dong Xi looked at the fruits in her arms and did not know whether she should take them or not. After all, Liang Yan had told him not to pick any more.

Song Qingfeng looked at Dong Xi and said lightly, “I see that youve also drawn Qi into your body. Your aptitude is not bad. Its a pity that youre a little stupid. You dont even know how to use your spiritual energy even if you have it. f I had learned telekinesis, I wouldnt have been caught by Eldest Senior Brother.”

Dong Xi was a little angry when she heard Song Qingfeng call her stupid. She was about to explain herself, but he was stunned when he heard the latter part of the sentence. She thought to herself,Thats right, why was I so stupid just now Why did I jump here and there to pick the fruit I could have used my spiritual energy to pick them. I could only blame the decades of my previous life for not thinking of such a method.

Song Qingfeng found Dong Xis silly look funny and laughed out loud. This little girl was really interesting. Although she was a little silly, she was quite cute. Now that Senior Brother had found out, she could not come back anymore.

After laughing, Song Qingfeng did not forget to remind Dong Xi, “Dont come here again. If Eldest Senior Brother disregards you, you wouldnt be able to handle it as a junior outer sect disciple.”

After saying that, Song Qingfeng frowned slightly and looked very serious. Dong Xi did not say anything and only saidyes obediently. If Dong Xi knew that the fruit had an owner, she would not dare to pick it even if she had two more guts. Dong Xi looked up again and Song Qingfeng disappeared without a trace.

Dong Xi looked at the empty space in front of him and felt very emotional. She did not know when she would be able to learn how to come and go without a trace. She had to walk back and forth on her two legs every day. It was really tiring. After a few steps, Dong Xi looked at the fruits in her arms and suddenly thought of something. All the abilities in the immortal cultivation world came from spiritual Qi.

Dong Xi tried to gather the spiritual Qi in her legs. When she walked forward again, she felt much more relaxed. Immediately, a happy expression appeared on her face as she quickly ran back to her house. Originally, it would have taken her nearly an hour to walk, but now that she had gathered the spiritual Qi in her legs, it took her less than an hour to return.

Dong Xi was excitedly experiencing the new skill he had just learned. However, in the next moment, she realized that the peanuts that he had spent the entire afternoon cultivating were almost all gone. Dong Xi almost exploded on the spot. According to the consumption rate and the speed at which her spiritual Qi was recovering, she did not even need to fight with anyone. Before he could even use any moves, his spiritual Qi would be gone.

Even if he did not use any tricks, with this little spiritual energy, even running away would be a problem. Dong Xi did not know if she was the only one like this, or if everyones spiritual energy recovery was this slow. Dong Xi was a little vexed now. Why did she not ask Song Qingfeng what was going on with her, and why did this happen

Although the original book said that Song Qingfengs character was a bit strange, even if she was reprimanded or ridiculed by Song Qingfeng, it would still be better than her knowing nothing at all.

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It was still cloudy outside, and the strong wind kept blowing through the window. The bright moon that should have been hanging in the sky was hidden behind the dark clouds, and it was dark inside and outside the house.

Dong Xi got up and closed the window before lighting up a lamp. She did not know how it was made. There was no lamp oil, and she just drew a complicated pattern on it. It was really amazing that it could be lit just like that. Dong Xi had slowly adapted to the world of Immortal cultivation these days. As long as something existed, it was reasonable. Even if it was not reasonable, it was just that she had not seen it yet.



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