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Eldest Senior Brother

In the Immortal world, cultivation could replace sleep. The original body only slept four hours a day in the book. In order to survive, Dong Xi had to work harder. At most, she would not sleep and could train for four more hours a day. At that time, her cultivation would definitely be higher.

When she reached the third level of Qi Refinement stage, she could accept missions from the sect and go out to train. If she encountered some fortuitous encounter, she might be able to Reach Foundation Establishment. Thinking of this, Dong Xi sat cross-legged, closed her eyes, and began cultivating.

Dong Xi cultivated until the sun had set and her stomach started growling. Only then did Dong Xi realize that it was already very late and it was time to eat. Dong Xi walked to the entrance of the canteen and realized that it had long since closed. She touched her rumbling stomach.

Dong Xi sighed helplessly. She could only go to the fruit tree from last night and pick some fruits. When she was nearby, Dong Xi specially moved a few stones and wanted to put them under her feet to try and pick the fruits from high places. She had just picked one with great difficulty when he heard an extremely cold voice.

“Theres a thief indeed.”

This voice was extremely familiar to Dong Xi. It was a voice that she would not forget even in his dreams. Dong Xi froze on the spot. He had actually met this person so quickly, and he even said that this fruit tree was his

Seeing Dong Xi standing there in a daze, the man spoke again. “Arent you going to hurry down”

Dong Xi jumped down dejectedly and turned around to see the mans face clearly. He was wearing a long white robe, with an inner disciple identity token hanging on his waist. His eyebrows were sharp and his black hair was dancing in the wind.

Just by looking his appearance, he can fool many people. He has some good assets. Its no wonder that the original body was fascinated by this person when she first came to the Ningtian Sect. If the original body had escaped from the hands of the demon dwellers and had not met this Senior Brother, it would have been impossible for her to end up in the hands of Dong Rourou.

Dong Xi held a fruit in his hand and respectfully said, “Senior Brother.”

Upon hearing Dong Xis address, Liang Yan knew that she was a new disciple of the sect. However, it had already been a few days, so how could she still not know the rules She actually plucked someone elses fruit tree

Liang Yan asked, frowning, “Which mountain peak are you from”

Dong Xi did not dare to raise her head. No matter what, she had taken someone elses fruits and was even caught on the spot. It was really too embarrassing.

Dong Xi could only look at his toes and obediently say, “I havent joined any of the elders yet. Im only an outer sect disciple of the Alchemy Sect at the moment.”

When Liang Yan heard this, he raised his head arrogantly and looked at Dong Xi with a cold expression.Shes just an outer sect disciple, yet she dares to steal from my fruit tree She really doesnt know whats good for her.

Liang Yan said coldly. “Youre just an outer sect disciple. How dare you steal from my fruit tree Who gave you the courage to do that”

Dong Xi did not know that this fruit tree had an owner. She thought it was a wild fruit tree that grew naturally. At this moment, Dong Xis heart was filled with Song Qingfengs face. She wanted to beat Song Qingfeng to death. Even

if Dong Xi did not know, Song Qingfeng should have known that this fruit tree belonged to Eldest Senior Brother. Why did he ask Dong Xi to come and pick the fruits from this tree

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Dong Xi could only say, “I…”

However, as soon as she spoke, she was interrupted by another cold voice. There was a trace of disdain and pride in the voice. It was not afraid of the Eldest Senior Brother at all.

“I gave her the courage.”

Dong Xi was stunned. She turned around and found that Song Qingfeng was standing on the tree. Song Qingfeng was looking down at Liang Yan and said with a fake smile. “Senior brother, I asked this little flute to come and pick the fruit.”

Dong Xi was a little touched. She was grateful that Song Qingfeng stood up to help her attract the blame at this time. However, seeing Song Qingfengs expression, she felt that Song Qingfeng and Liang Yan must not get along.

No wonder… No wonder Song Qingfeng asked her to pick this fruit tree. Dong Xi instantly understood that she had been used. She glared at song Qingfeng.

He said after noticing her glare, “You little girl, why are you glaring at me You ate all of this fruit and put it into your stomach. These fruits that Eldest Senior Brother carefully planted… Are they not delicious”

Dong Xi did not expect to be discovered by Song Qingfeng. She did not know what to say. In short, she should stay away from these two people in the future to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Liang Yan frowned and said with a gloomy face, “Since Song Qingfeng asked you to pick it, lets forget about this matter. In the future, you are not allowed to come here without permission.”



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