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More Than 10 Days

Only then did Dong Xi realize that the person who had called out to her was called Ke Xin. She was two years older than Dong Xi and could be considered to be from the same hometown as her original self. They came from the same place and had entered the Ningtian Sect together. Only then did Dong Xi walk over quickly. Ke Xin held onto Dong Xis hand and looked at her in surprise. This was a meeting between fellow townsmen.

Ke Xin immediately said, “I didnt expect you to be in the Alchemy Sect.”

“This is such a coincidence. Where do you live”

Ke Xin was a natural extrovert, and the two of them were from the same hometown. When they spoke, she would always smile at Dong Xi. Dong Xi could not reject her.

This was fine too. They could be friends in the future. Who knew if they could work together in the future and help each other Dong Xi also smiled at Ke Xin and gave a general explanation, “I chose the spot beside the pond.”

When Ke Xin heard this, she thought about it for a moment and immediately knew where it was. After all, the place for new disciples was not very big. Everyone had to familiarize themselves with the terrain first so that they would not get lost or be unable to find their own house. Ke Xin was curious why Dong Xi had come so late.

She looked at Dong Xi and said, “Why are you only here now The good food should be gone. But the spirit rice here is really different from the ones we used to eat.”

Even though Dong Xi knew Ke Xin, the two of them were not that close. She did not plan on telling her that she had guided Qi into her body. She was instinctively on guard. It would not be good if he caused any trouble.

Right now, Dong Xi only wanted to cultivate properly and make plans for the future. She hid the fact that she went to the Cultivation Technique Hall and vaguely explained, “I slept a little late last night, Im really too tired.”

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Ke Xin laughed when she heard this. How hardworking. Ke Xin could understand. After all, it was not easy for them to enter the sect. Naturally, they had to work hard and cultivate. Furthermore, in a years time, this group of children would have to rely on themselves to support themselves. Drawing Qi into their bodies was still very important. It could not be delayed for too long.

Ke Xin nodded and said, “Thats right, you need to work harder since youre here. Starting next year, well all have to rely on ourselves to support ourselves. Its a good thing to draw Qi into your body earlier.”

Dong Xi nodded. If she drew in Qi too late, she would be one step slower than others. At that time, cultivation would be even more difficult. Dong Xi noticed that the number of people in the cafeteria was gradually decreasing. She knew that they had almost finished eating. If she did not go and get food, they might not be able to eat anymore. Filling her stomach was more important.

Dong Xi immediately said, “Ill go get my food first.”

Ke Xin had also noticed that the people in the canteen were slowly decreasing. She did not want to delay Dong Xis meal. After all, there was a time limit for eating here. If she missed the time, she would have nothing to eat. It would be really pitiful if she had to go hungry. It was time for Ke Xin to go back and continue her cultivation.

Ke Xin said. “Alright, Ill go back first. You werent here just now. I heard that you cant run around these two days. You must seize the time to cultivate. Those with good talent can draw Qi into their bodies in three days. Outer sect disciples like us need at least ten days.”

When Dong Xi heard this, she was a little puzzled. More than ten days How was this possible Dong Xi had drawn Qi into her body in just one night yesterday. What was going on Even though she was quite confused, she had to keep this matter a secret. If she did not have absolute strength, she would be inviting trouble, and Dong Xi didnt want to stand out.

Seeing Dong Xis dazed expression, Ke Xin quickly said, “Go eat quickly. My residence is next to a big tree in the North. If you need anything in the future, you can come and find me.”

Dong Xi nodded. It was only after Ke Xin had gone far away that she turned to get food. After eating, she remembered the severely injured little snake at home and took out a free spirit fruit. This fruit was a common fruit in the Immortal cultivation world, the Chicken Heart Fruit. It was crisp and sweet, but it did not have much spiritual energy. Only children who had not yet abstained from eating would like to eat it.

This was also Dong Xis first time eating it. She felt that the taste was not bad. It was a bit like the loquat from her previous life, but it was not exactly the same. The little snake at home was not big, so one fruit was enough to eat.

On the way, Dong Xi saw many people wandering around. They had just arrived at the sect, so it was normal to be curious and want to explore.

Dong Xi did not want to join in the fun. Time was of the essence, and her mission was heavy. In order to live well in the future, the most important thing for her now was to cultivate and improve her cultivation base. As for other things, they were not within the scope of Dong Xis consideration at all. Especially since she had learned hand seals and sword techniques today. She had to hurry back and practice.



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