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I Didnt Come to the Wrong Place

Dong Xi slowly got used to the golden color in the room. She then looked around and saw a book on a table not far away. It was the only thing in the room that was not shining with golden light.

Dong Xi stood up and walked to the table. She picked up the book and started to read. As she flipped through the pages, she saw a few large words: Cultivation Impartation Guide.

Dong Xi smiled. This morning, after asking for directions and bowing, she finally found the Cultivation Impartation Guidebook. She had indeed come to the right place. Following the instructions, she placed the book in front of her and sat down cross-legged, circulating her spiritual Qi. A light purple spiritual Qi flowed through his meridians. Dong Xis soul seemed to have left her body and entered another realm.

A golden figure of light appeared and sat in front of Dong Xi, facing her. The figure of light started to form hand seals again and again. At first, it was a little slow, but as time passed, Dong Xi seemed to understand something. She immediately followed the movements of the figure of light and began to form hand seals. In the end, the speed of the figure of light was so fast that it left afterimages. Dong Xi could not keep up at all.

She could only sigh helplessly. She tried her best to remember all the movements. When she returned, she would definitely practice them in private. When the light figure saw that Dong Xi could no longer keep up, he stood up. A long sword that was also shining with golden light appeared in his hand. When Dong Xi saw the long sword, she was stunned for a moment. Then, she began to doubt herself. Wasnt he an Alchemist Why did he want to learn swordsmanship Could it be that every disciple of the Ningtian Sect learned swordsmanship

This was also good. When Dong Rourou arrived, Dong Xi would have some means of self-protection. It would be too miserable if she was beaten up until she lost her bearings. However, Dong Xi soon found herself in a difficult position. She had no problem practicing swordsmanship, but she was just a new disciple who had just entered the sect. She did not have a long sword at all. How could she practice

Dong Xi quickly thought of a way. She circulated her spiritual Qi and a purple long sword appeared in her hand. Its color was very similar to the spiritual Qi in her Dantian. The light figure began to demonstrate the movement of the sword again and again.

It was the first time in Dong Xis life that he was holding a long sword. She watched the movement of the light figure and tried to learn. This time, it was not like before, when the movement of the light figure became slower and slower. Dong Xi could even clearly see the trajectory of the sword tip.

Dong Xis attention slowly focused on her sword and arm. Feeling the strength she had exerted during her practice, she finally understood that the sword was just an extension of her arm. The strength she exerted was not just from her wrist.

Dong Xi gradually entered a better state, but suddenly found that she had been ejected from this illusion. Her surroundings were still shining with golden light, and in front of her was still the same book.

Dong Xis felt that her Dantian was a little uncomfortable. After using her divine sense to investigate, she found that there was not much spiritual Qi left in her Dantian. It was meaningless to continue.

Dong Xi sighed and put his book away. She took out her handkerchief and wiped the futon she had just sat on. She bowed respectfully to the air and left.

The sun had already risen, but it was still very quiet outside the Cultivation Technique Hall. There was no one at all. Dong Xi could not help but feel strange. Were the people of this sect so unmotivated They had such an advanced3D light figure learning technology. If the 21st-century worlds library could have such technology, she would have to reserve a seat one night in advance every day.

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Although she felt strange, Dong Xi did not think too much about it. She turned around and walked down the mountain. There were no obstructions along the way. The closer she got to the foot of the mountain, the more lively it became.

Dong Xi hurriedly stopped a man and asked where the Alchemy Sects cafeteria was. This man pointed her in the right direction. Only then did Dong Xi feel relieved. Otherwise, she would probably have to eat wild fruits again today.

Fortunately, the sect still provided food, so it was not necessary for a ten-year-old girl to support herself. Otherwise, even if he knew that there were wild fruits to eat, Dong Xi would probably only be able to hold on for a few days. After all, they were fruits, and not real food. No matter how much fruit she ate, she would not be full and satiated like consuming real food would. Moreover, her body would not be able to bear not eating food for a long time.

After entering the cafeteria, Dong Xi instantly felt like she had found a group. There were children of similar ages sitting here, and it was very lively. This was what a sect should be like. Everyone ate together and cultivated together. How nice would it be if it was lively This was what a popular sect should be like.

Just as Dong Xi was about to go get some food, she heard a voice calling out to him, and it was very loud and clear. “Dong Xi, Dong Xi, Im here.”

“Come here, lets get food together. We can eat together in the future and keep each other company.”



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