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I Wont Stand on Ceremony

Dong Xi really wanted to go up, but she had just entered the sect. It was not good to ride on her Senior Brother like this, right If the other Senior and Junior Brothers saw this, they would think that she was too pretentious, right Although this was Senior Brothers good intentions, she could not take it too far.

Dong Xi lowered his head and said in embarrassment, “S-Senior Brother, isnt this a bad idea”

Rui Xiangs thoughts were simple, he did not have so many concerns. Since she called himSenior Brother, he must take good care of this Junior Sister. Moreover, it was just sending her off. It was not a big deal, what was wrong with it If others want to sit on him, Rui Xiang would not let them. Unless they respect him like this Junior Sister, he could still consider it.

Rui Xiang said, “Theres nothing bad about it. Its just a Senior Brother is sending his Junior Sister off.”

Dong Xis eyes lit up when she heard Rui Xiangs words. Although she had already entered the world of cultivation, this was her first time riding a crane, let alone a Senior Brother. However, since her Senior Brother had said that everything was fine, it should be fine. She still had to listen to her Senior Brother.

Dong Xi looked at Rui Xiang with a smile and quickly said, “Thank you, Senior Brother. I wont stand on ceremony.”

After saying that, Dong Xi climbed onto the back of the red-crowned crane. The feathers on his back were very soft. SHe reached out and grabbed two feathers. After sitting firmly, Rui Xiang stood up, spread his wings, and flew above the clouds. He knew that Dong Xi was a new disciple and did not have any spiritual energy to protect her body, so he specially wrapped Dong Xi with spiritual energy.

At this moment, Dong Xi was sitting on the back of a red-crowned crane, enjoying a great view. He thought of Song Qingfeng who threw him into the pond with a wave of his hand yesterday. SHe silently made a note of Song Qingfeng and decided to deal with this matter in the future. They were both Alchemy Sect disciples anyway, so they would meet again sooner or later. Rui

Xiang said to Dong Xi as he flew, “The Cultivation Technique Hall is halfway up the mountain. If I didnt send you off, you would have to walk for more than two hours.”

As if he wanted to show off, Rui Xiang flew especially high and brought Dong Xi around before slowly landing on the ground. When Dong Xi came down, Rui Xiang turned back into a little Daoist boy. Dong Xis eyes were filled with excitement as he looked at Rui Xiang. Rui Xiang was a little embarrassed by Dong Xis gaze. He coughed a few times and pointed to the pine tree beside him with a slightly red face.

“This is it. The next time you come, youll see this tree.”

When Dong Xi heard this, she obediently nodded her head, indicating that she had already remembered it. It was indeed much more convenient to have a Senior Brother to guide her. Seeing that Dong Xi was so obedient and sensible, Rui Xiang was even happier.

Since he had already sent it over, he would guide her properly so that she would not get lost later. Rui Xiang pointed to the north and said, “Go that way, youll see the Cultivation Technique Hall not far away.”

“Senior Brother still has some matters to attend to, so I wont be accompanying you here.”

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Dong Xi knew that her Senior Brother must have his own things to do. She was already very grateful to him for sending her here. After all, in the Xianxia world, everyone was busy with cultivation or other things. Dong Xi cupped her fist and saluted Rui Xiang.

“Its better to have more Senior Brothers like this in the future,” Dong Xi said respectfully. “Many thanks for Senior Brothers escort. Im Dong Xi, may I know Senior Brothers name”

Rui Xiang naturally did not hide anything. He was extremely pleased to have a Junior Sister who respected him and looked at him with adoration. He took out a feather and passed it to Dong Xi. This way, if there was anything that needed his help in the future, he could always be found by his Junior Sister.

“Im called Rui Xiang. Keep this feather well. The next time you want to play with me, just say my name three times. Ill naturally hear it. When the time comes, Ill come and find you.”

Dong Xi happily accepted Rui Xiangs feather. This was the first gift she had received after entering the sect. She had originally wanted to return the gift to Rui Xiang, but she really did not have anything that she could take out. The only valuable items were the two gold bricks, but they were useless in Immortal sects and were extremely tacky.

Dong Xi said in embarrassment, “Senior Brother, Ive just joined the sect, I dont have anything that I can take out. However, in the future, when Junior Sister has learned how to refine pills… Senior Brother, what medicinal pills do you want As long as I know how to refine them, Ill refine them for you.”

When it came to drawing empty promises, Dong Xi had never lost. Although she was imagining a fantasy world where she had become an Alchemy Grandmaster. A few medicinal pills were nothing to her.

However, the premise was that Dong Xi had to be able to survive and live well. If she was killed by Dong Rourou, it would not be considered a violation of her Dao heart and her promise.



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