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If I Have a Few Years Left to Live

Dong Xis body seemed to be torn apart. Every inch of her bones, flesh, and blood was in excruciating pain. Her eyelids seemed to weigh thousands of kilograms, and it was very difficult to open them. The candlelight in front of her was dark red, and her eyes were hazy with blood. A womans lazy voice came to her ear. This voice was sometimes far and sometimes near. Dong Xi even suspected that she was dreaming when she heard it.

“My good sister, you took my place and entered the Celestial Gate. Did you ever think that you would end up like this”

Dong Xi wanted to say something, but the sound of her bones breaking rang out. Pain instantly enveloped Dong Xi. Unable to bear it, she cried out in pain.

This... This was not a dream. The pain was extremely real. Dong Xi struggled to open her eyes and looked at the woman in front of her. She was dressed in an ancient style and held a sharp sword in her hand. Dong Xi had never seen this person before.

“Sister, your bones arent hard enough. Is this all youve got”

“I didnt even use much strength, how could they be broken so easily”

The womans tone was light and cheery, as if she was showing off what she had done. Blood flowed down Dong Xis forehead. Dong Xi wanted to raise her hand to wipe it away, but she found that his arm had long been a bloody mess. She could not exert any strength at all.

At this time, another voice sounded, seemingly a little hurried. He had an urgent tone.

“Rou Rou, dont waste any more time.”

“The Secret Realm is about to open. Lets end it now.”

This was the first time Dong Xi felt heartbroken. The woman held a sharp sword and ruthlessly pierced through Dong Xis chest. Dong Xi took one last look at the woman and deeply engraved her face in her mind. If there was a next life, Dong Xi would definitely ask her why she had treated her like this. What had she done wrong

When she opened her eyes again, Dong Xi was standing outside the Ningtian Sect. At this moment, she still felt a dull pain in his chest. The stinging sunlight made her feel a little dazed. The surrounding scene was still unfamiliar. For a moment, Dong Xi did not know where she was or what time it was. The noise of a group of children brought him back to her senses.

Dong Xi looked around. There were children around him who were about the same age. The oldest was no older than 14 years old, and the youngest was about 7 or 8 years old. These children were talking about spirit roots. Dong Xi did not quite understand what they were talking about. Her head was dizzy. She raised her hand to gently massage her temples, and a large amount of memories rushed into her mind.

Dong Xi had actually transmigrated into a book, and it was a book that he had been reading for the past few days. There was an unlucky female supporting character in the book who had the same name as her. At that time, Dong Xi had thought that it was such a coincidence that there was a character with the same name as her. But in the blink of an eye, Dong Xi had really become theDong Xi in the book. This was too tragic.

The older brother of the female protagonist, Dong Tianya, saved the descendant of an elder of the Ningtian Sect. In order to repay Dong Tianyas kindness, the elder promised to give his younger sister a chance to enter the sect. When the mother of the female protagonist, Madam Dong, found out about this, she secretly replaced the female protagonist with her own daughter.

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However, they did not expect the female protagonists talent to be so outstanding that even without a sect, she still entered the Dao with martial arts. The matter of the female supporting character replacing the female protagonist had also spread throughout the Xianxia world.

The Ningtian Sect wanted this good seedling to join them and immediately found out what the Dong family had done in the past. In order to prove their sincerity, the Ningtian Sect decisively expelled the female supporting character.

The female supporting characters aptitude was somewhat poor. After replacing the female protagonist, she was still an ordinary outer sect disciple for so long. Even when she was driven out, she was only a level 4 Qi Refinement disciple. What was even more unfortunate was that as soon as the female supporting character was driven out, she fell into the hands of a demon cultivator. Because of her beautiful appearance, she was used like a cauldron for cultivation, and she suffered all kinds of torture.

When she finally managed to escape, she was caught by her Eldest Senior Brother, who she had once liked. She was then handed over to the female lead, Dong Rourou, so that she could take revenge for replacing her all those years ago.

Dong Xi had taken the role of this female supporting character. However, what Dong Xi had not expected was that this revenge would actually cause all her bones to be shattered, and she would then use medicinal pills to hang on to her life. If it were not for her Eldest Senior Brothers anxious urging, Dong Rourou would probably use even more tricks to torture Dong Xi. It was extremely cruel.

To Dong Xis surprise, she died a tragic death the first time she transmigrated into a book. Then, she was reborn to the time when she first replaced Dong Rourou to enter the Ningtian Sect. At that time, Dong Xi was only ten years old. The original owner of the body had regretted it countless times and had vowed that if she had another chance, she would never come to the Ningtian Sect again. However, the current Dong Xi was from the 21st century.



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