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Crossed Out Meng Fus Name Without Thinking

Xi Nancheng retracted his gaze and his tone was indifferent. He did not bother to listen to Meng Fu, let alone come up with an excuse.

He only looked at Chu Yue. “Have you chosen a group”

Chu Yue was one of the more outstanding trainees in the group. Xi Nancheng appreciated the capable trainees more and he used a gentler tone with her. Chu Yue was still undecided on which group to choose. She was not good at song-writing, but she could still dance and sing. In terms of popularity, Xi Nancheng was undoubtedly the most popular among the four mentors.

“Are you sure you are going to choose song and dance” Chu Yue looked at Meng Fu.

There was only one marker. It was in Chu Yues hands. Meng Fu told her to write down her name in the song and dance column. Chu Yue was puzzled. Meng Fu had very good foundations and a good memory.

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She could tell when she taught Meng Fu the past few days. Meng Fu could master dance movements after seeing them once. Although she was a bit stiff and not as flexible as those who had studied dancing, she displayed amazing skill at street dancing.

If she practiced for another week and performed the dance during her solo in the next public performance, Chu Yue felt that Meng Fu would definitely take over the entire stage. That kind of explosive performance would definitely get her noticed.

But Meng Fu had chosen the song and dance group. She only had one week to train. She had to practice dancing and singing. It was impossible to have vocal accompaniment this time. Chu Yue was worried about Meng Fus vocals.

“Its okay, you can fill it in.” Meng Fu raised her chin as she looked at Chu Yue.

Chu Yue stared at her, her mouth open in surprise.

Now that she had filled in her name, it was useless to say anything. However, the song and dance group was full. Perhaps the mentor in charge of song and dance would not want Meng Fu in the group and assign her to the dance group.

Chu Yue looked at Meng Fu as she filled in her name. Chu Yue then filled in her name in the dance column. After each person chose their groups, the four mentors went into a room to discuss the choice of candidates.

After selection, all the trainees in the room sat separately. Everyone was worried that they would be eliminated by the mentor in charge.

“There are very few people in the song writing column.” Wu Yatong sat on the ground, propping up her chin, feeling worried. “I wrote down my name in the song and dance column. I am worried that the mentor will remove my name and assign me to the song writing group. If that happens Im in big trouble.”

“I wrote my name in the vocal column,” Wei Jin said, looking at Meng Fu and Chu Yue, curious of their choices. “What did you two choose”

“I chose dance while she chose song and dance,” Chu Yue said simply.

Wu Yatong and Wei Jin were both stunned.

“Why…” Wei Jin looked at Meng Fu. “Why didnt you choose dance Given your charisma and power, if you practice for another week, you would definitely do better than your previous performance.”

“Lets not talk about it.” Chu Yue sat cross-legged across from Meng Fu, not wanting Wei Jin to mention it again. Instead she asked Meng Fu something else. “What was so important to you yesterday I think Mentor Xi is angry.”

“My… grandpa.” Meng Fu leaned against the wall, one leg bent, and the other long leg stretched out. “He is in the hospital. I went to visit him.”

“You must be very close with your grandfather.” Wei Jin and Wu Yatong nodded. Meng Fu must have a close relationship with her grandfather for her to take leave during training to visit him.

Wei Jin held up a pen as she looked at the people around her. She covered her microphone, whispering to them, “Regarding what Sister Fu said just now about Ye Shuning, I know where she went and I know what Mentor Xi meant.”

Wu Yatong and Chu Yue could not help but look at Wei Jin. Ye Shuning was the most mysterious person on the entire program. All the mentors were curious as to how far she would go, never mind the other contestants.

“What do you mean”

“Sister Fu, she didnt apply for leave. She was told to train alone.” Wei Jin seemed to be envious of her. “What Mentor Xi said was true. Ye Shunings opponents are not us, but the contestants from the international competitions. As for us, Im afraid we will be eliminated after one round.”

“She wants to compete on the international stage” Chu Yue, who was always aloof, could not help but be shocked.

They were very clear of the situation in China. Although the Best Idol show followed a set of rules similar to that of the international competitions, the competition in the country was smaller scale.

If one could get onto the international stage, though…

After the competition, they would definitely be offered top “S” level contracts from the company. The company would spare no effort to groom them. The four nation program, Global Idol, had always been very popular.

All of them knew that Ye Shuning was very outstanding, however, they never imagined that she would go to the international stage. Here was another contestant who talked about the international stage.

Meng Fu leaned against the wall and smiled. She had no comments.


The four mentors in the room were assigning team members. When the students selected the group, they did not know which mentor was in charge of which group. This was so that the students could not choose a group according to the mentor.

This stage was also a solo stage. The song-writing group was the least popular for this.

The four mentors excelled in different areas. Xi Nancheng was a song and dance mentor. He had experience in dancing and singing. He was also a real idol on the internet. Tang Ze was a professional singer and he could dance as well. Wen Yu was not very good at dancing and singing, but he was good at arranging and writing lyrics. The last mentor, Mentor Ouyang, was from a dance group so he chose to lead the dance group.

“Mentor Xi, your group is full.” Wen Yu looked at the first group, which was the “song and dance” group, and could not help but smile. “It seems that many of them will have to come to my group.”

There was basically no one in his “song-writing” group.

Xi Nancheng nodded and he looked at the people in his group. At least 20 people were in his group.

His eyes rested right on the last name.

Meng Fu.

He remembered that Wen Yu had said that Meng Fu had good handwriting earlier. However, he felt that her handwriting was ordinary.

He reached out to cross out Meng Fus name.

Every mentor thought very hard before deciding on which names to cross out. Xi Nancheng was no exception. He reluctantly crossed out other peoples names and slowly pondered over each trainee. However, when crossing out Meng Fus name he did so automatically.

“Mentor Xi, dont you wish for Meng Fu to be in your group” Tang Ze, who was next to him, walked over and took a look, smiling. “Its just nice. Transfer her to my group.”

Hearing this, Xi Nancheng raised his head. “Are you kidding Do you know which group you are in charge of”

Tang Ze was in charge of the vocal group.

There was no vocal accompaniment at this stage so one needed to have good singing skills. How could Meng Fu transfer to that group Meng Fu was notoriously tone deaf. Was it possible for her to have vocal accompaniment during her solo stage Or did she intend to lip sync again



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