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Knows A Bit Of Everything

This was Jiang Quans speculation based on the paint in Meng Fus house. The Yu family had always been a family of scholars and they were very well respected in T City. Yu Yong was an artist. He was well-versed in zither, Go, calligraphy, and painting. He had a very good reputation in Go and painting circles and held several high positions. Many art lovers came to T City specifically to request a painting by Yu Yong.

Unfortunately, Jiang Xinchen did not inherit the artistic talent of the Yu family. Instead, it was Jiang Xinran who showed great talent in this aspect. The Yu family and the Jiang family had made great efforts to groom her for future success. Initially, the Jiang family thought that Jiang Xinran had inherited the Yu familys artistic talent.

However, later, Jiang Xinrans identity was exposed. Although the Jiang family and the Yu family found it a pity, it was not easy to have an art student whom one was satisfied with. The Yu family was obviously very satisfied with Jiang Xinran. Even if Jiang Xinran was not a real daughter of the Jiang family, they would treat Jiang Xinran as their own.

Yu Yong glanced at Meng Fu upon hearing that she could paint. Even Jiang Xinchen could not help but look at Meng Fu. He was obviously not convinced. One had to have patience and talent to paint well. Jiang Xinran paused while using her cell phone.

Yu Yong put down his teacup. He was nearly 50 years old and he looked immaculate and composed. He exuded the wisdom and sharpness of a learned man. He looked at Meng Fu with an air of nonchalance. “What type of painting do you do”

Jiang Quan looked at Meng Fu nervously, hoping that she would not say that she was used to painting talismans. Jiang Xinran lowered her eyes and bent her head to drink some water, paying full attention to Meng Fus answer.

The hall fell silent.

Sitting on the sofa, Meng Fu showed no interest in other people. She glanced at Jiang Quan and said, “Traditional Chinese painting.”

The Yu family was well-versed in arts. Yu Yong, and Old Master Yu were veteran artists.

Jiang Quan breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, Meng Fu did not fumble the ball at the critical moment. It seemed that he was right. Meng Fu had indeed learned to paint. He relaxed slightly. “Fuer, your uncle is a great artist of traditional Chinese painting and he also teaches your elder sister. You could learn from him in your free time. It will definitely not be a problem to apply for an art school in the future if you do.”

Jiang Quan wanted Yu Yong to guide Meng Fu. Yu Yong was a great and established figure in the arts scene. If Meng Fu learned from him, it would be a highlight in her resume.

Hearing that Meng Fu had studied traditional Chinese painting, Yu Yongs expression warmed slightly. He sized up Meng Fu quietly. “Which of these do you focus on Landscape, flowers and birds, or figure painting”

Meng Fu played with the brocade bag and said simply, “I do a bit of everything.”

Hearing this sentence, Jiang Xinran raised her eyebrows and looked at Yu Yong, smiling. “It seems that my sister is an expert. She can actually paint all of them.”

Upon hearing Jiang Xinrans words, Yu Yongs expression hardened. Everyone who learned to paint knew that experts only focused on one area. People who painted landscapes focused on painting landscapes, those who painted flowers and birds focused on flowers and birds, and those who did figure painting devoted their focus to that and that alone. This way, one could strive for perfection with few distractions. If one tried to paint many different types of subjects, one would lose focus and would not be able to achieve excellence.

Yu Yong became famous for his ink paintings of bamboo, while the painting that Jiang Xinran sold for more than 100,000 yuan was a drawing of the peony flower. He could tell right away that Meng Fu was a layman because of her response.

Upon hearing Jiang Xinrans comments, Yu Yong had no more wish to chat with Meng Fu. However, he was at the Jiang residence and he knew that Jiang Quan wanted him to guide Meng Fu. He was left with no choice. “How many years did you spend on practicing your brushwork”

Meng Fu thought of something upon hearing his question. She paused briefly before answering, “Three months.”

Yu Yong was stunned at her reply. He stifled his anger and continued, “What about colors Have you read the basic reference material,Manual of the Mustard Seed


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Meng Fu shook her head at all of his questions.

Yu Yong was very famous and there were countless people every month who wanted to learn from him. However, none of them were like Meng Fu. He was so furious that he could not wait to bring out the ruler to discipline her. “You have not practiced or learned the basics, yet you dare to say that you study traditional Chinese painting From what I see, you have merely posed as a culture lover these few years just because your elder sister learns traditional Chinese painting. You are not serious about learning traditional Chinese painting at all!”

Artists had bad tempers. This was especially so for Yu Yong. These past few years, people had heaped praise on him and literati everywhere licked his boots. Besides, he also had his own high standards for traditional Chinese paintings. When Yu Yong studied Chinese painting at a very young age, he practiced very hard until he broke countless pens. He could not tolerate people like Meng Fu who knew nothing but posed as culture lovers, but dreamed of becoming an established artist one day.

This was the first time he lost his temper in front of the Jiang family. Jiang Xinchen was scared stiff. He did not dare to mock Meng Fu further.

Jiang Xinran, who was nearby, quickly stood up. “Uncle, dont be angry with Meng Fu. She just doesnt know the basics.”

She sounded worried for Meng Fu, however, the corner of her lips curled up slightly with a hint of joy.

Jiang Quan, who was seated around them, did not expect Yu Yong to lose his temper. He quickly got up. “Brother, dont take issue with Fuer. Its my fault. I should have clarified with her before telling you.”

Jiang Quan looked at Meng Fu and could not help but sigh. He had been too impulsive just now. Given Meng Fus living environment these past few years, how could she have the means to learn Chinese painting She must have started to learn it when she returned to the Jiang family two years ago.

Yu Zhenling, who had been in the kitchen, came out upon hearing the noise. She put the fruits she brought out onto the table, glanced toward the hall calmly, and said with a smile, “Brother, whats wrong with you Whats with your temper”

Yu Yong was appeased by Yu Zhenlings and Jiang Xinrans words. However, he no longer wanted to see Meng Fu again. After the meal, Yu Yong did not stay any longer. Jiang Quan and Yu Zhenling personally walked him to the door.

After Yu Yongs car left, Jiang Quan sighed, and said with some regret, “I was thinking that if your brother guided her, it would be easier for her to enter any university after taking the fine arts examination. I just didnt expect him to lose his temper.”

Yu Zhenling glanced at him angrily. “Why do you believe her when she said that she could do Chinese painting Fortunately, it didnt affect Xinran. Dont come up with such foolish suggestions in the future!”

“I told her not to enter the entertainment industry and go back to school. She said she wanted to enroll in Zhou University.” Jiang Quan shook his head. “How could it be that easy to enroll in that university Thats why I thought that it would be nice to have a teacher for her.”

“You might not be old, but you have a lot of ideas. Since you can communicate with her, tell her that shes lucky to get a temporary enrollment at T University. Shed better not dream of going to A University, much less Zhou University.” Yu Zhenling did not want to hear anymore about Meng Fu.

While the two were talking, Meng Fu happened to come out. Yu Zhenling stopped talking immediately.

“Fuer, its late, are you still going back to your house” Jiang Quan glanced at her.

“Yes,” Meng Fu responded. She passed the brocade bag to Jiang Quan so that he could hand it to Old Master Jiang.

Jiang Quan accepted it and gave it a good look. He could not tell what it was. “What is this”

Meng Fu took out a key, ready to head out. She replied casually, “The talisman I drew.”

Yu Zhenling, who was about to go back, turned around to look at the brocade bag in Jiang Quans hand. “You are no longer a young girl, yet you still waste your time on this nonsense How many times have I told you, its useful to gain more knowledge. It will not harm you. People of the older generations are not as ignorant as you. This is T City. It is different from your city in the mountains. What use are these supernatural things to your grandfather”

This is a printed manual of Chinese painting compiled during the early-Qing Dynasty. Many renowned Chinese painters began their drawing lessons with the manual.



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