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The Top University In Seven Continents

Jiang Quans face was full of doubt. Learning art and painting were extremely costly. This was why Jiang Quan had never imagined that Meng Fu would have such interests.

“I used them to draw talismans.” Meng Fu leaned on the door frame, a laid-back expression on her face. She responded in a calm and indifferent manner.

Meng Fu suddenly remembered something and immediately turned to look at Jiang Quan with a smile. She had snow white skin. When she smiled, it was as if she could meltl the ice and snow on a mountain with her eyes. “Not only can I draw talismans, I can also produce pills that can cure all sorts of diseases and even prolong ones life. I wont lie to you. Do you need it”

She had always been laid-back. Right now she had a perfunctory smile on her face.

The chauffeur was used to seeing a gentle and gorgeous Meng Fu. He was stunned by her smile.

Jiang Quan was shocked at her words. When he came to his senses he furrowed his eyebrows. “Nonsense, the supernatural does not exist. Your mom is right. You should go back to school. All of this will poison your mind.”

“You sure you dont want it” Meng Fu glanced at Jiang Quan, confirming that he really did not want it. Her smile disappeared and she resumed her nonchalant and laid-back attitude.

She did not even fake a smile. It was as if everything had been an illusion.

She then knocked on the door frame with her fingers and said indifferently, “Person inside, please be fast in taking what you want.”

The chauffeur finally confirmed that what he had seen in the car was not an illusion. There were two sides to Ms. Meng Fu.

The young man inside came out carrying two small buckets of paint. He raised his head, glanced at Meng Fu, and walked back to his unit without saying a word. Jiang Quan and the chauffeur got a clear view of the man as he looked up. There was an air of arrogance about him. He did not seem to be from an ordinary family.

The door closed and Jiang Quan looked at Meng Fu thoughtfully. “Are the two of you very close”

“No.” Meng Fu took off her mask, which had been dangling from one of her ears.

Meng Fu obviously did not want to say more. Jiang Quan had very little interaction with her. He did not know what to ask, so he changed the topic. “I spoke about going back to high school just now. What do you think It is necessary to excel in specific areas.”

“It depends.” Meng Fu changed her slippers at the door.

She was no longer the cute girl at the hospital.

Jiang Quan sighed. Yu Zhenling had told him that he had to make sure that Meng Fu went back to school. So long as she had some education credentials, it did not matter if she really studied hard or not. “Dont be afraid of not being able to keep up with the curriculum. I will find someone to teach you the material. Its also fine if you want to go abroad. I am doing this for your own good.”

Meng Fu had only been returned to the Jiang family for two years now. Jiang Quan had not taken care of her for more than a decade. He did not dare to be too hard on her. Besides, Old Master Jiang doted on her, hence he did not dare to keep her under strict control.

“Then can you buy me a place in Zhou University” Meng Fu finally looked at him directly.

Zhou University was the top university in the world. It was worthy of its name. Very few domestic students were admitted to the university. Nearly 10 million students were admitted to universities every year but only a few thousand students entered Zhou University. It was not an exaggeration to say that only one person in a million could hope to be admitted to the university.

Jiang Quan was speechless.

“It doesnt look like you can do it either.” Meng Fu looked at Jiang Quan regretfully. “Im all ready to buy a place in the school.”

“Do you think that anyone can buy a place in those universities Can you go to another university Even if it is A University, I will be able to figure out a way to get you in.” Jiang Quan rubbed his temples. He had a headache. “Zhou University Your elder sister doesnt even dare to dream of it. Forget it.”

Jiang Quan did not want to talk about this topic with Meng Fu anymore. “Remember to go home for dinner tonight. Your uncle and other relatives will be there. Remember to be there.”

“Okay,” Meng Fu replied.

She then turned her gaze to the chauffeur. The chauffeur was puzzled.

Meng Fu looked at the chauffeur and said politely, “My assistant just changed the carpet. If you dont have slippers…”

The chauffeur looked down at the carpet. It was light gray in color. He had been a chauffeur for the Jiang family for more than 20 years. He was Jiang Quans confidant as well. He had seen all sorts of expensive and high quality items. He could not tell that the carpet was expensive. However, he still retracted his foot.

Jiang Quan had no intention of entering the house. Perhaps he was confused after being treated indifferently by Meng Fu on their way here. Hearing the girl, he made no further comments.

When he went downstairs with the chauffeur, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “That boy staying opposite Fuer had paint in his hand. Did she lie to me again”

That was not the cinnabar that was used to draw talismans.

The driver murmured. He felt that Ms. Meng had not been joking earlier.


Meng Fu played around in the study room for a while in the afternoon. It was just after five oclock in the evening when she went out with a brocade bag. As soon as Meng Fu arrived at the door, her cell phone rang. It was from an unknown number. Meng Fu put her earphones in with one hand and pulled the hood of her sweater on her head with the other.

On the other side of the phone, Su Cheng was waiting for the red light. The night cast shadows on his eyebrows and he looked deep in thought. “Are you going to take leave tomorrow”

“No, I will be back for training.” Meng Fu knew that if she asked for another day off, many people would hate her for it.

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Su Cheng did not ask what she was up to, but did what an assistant would do. “I will pick you up tomorrow morning for training.”

“Okay,” Meng Fu replied dully before taking a taxi to the Jiang residence. “Pick me up at six.”

At the Jiang residence.

Today, the Jiang family invited Meng Fus Uncle, Yu Yong, to dinner.

When Meng Fu arrived, the Jiang family and her uncle were all present. A group of people sat on the sofa and coffee table, talking and laughing. They were in a good mood.

Just as everyone was laughing and feasting, the servant who was outside the gate spoke up, “Master, Madam, Ms. Meng is back.”

The party froze for a moment.

Jiang Xinchen took a piece of cake and put it into his mouth, snorting from his nostrils. Uncle Yu Yong held a teacup in his hand. He sipped the tea while chatting with Jiang Xinran and Jiang Quan, without looking back. Yu Zhenling was keeping an eye in the kitchen so she was not in the living room.

Jiang Xinran put down the painting collection in her hand, glanced outside the door, got up, and smiled. “My younger sister is back. Didnt you need to go for training today”

Jiang Xinran was the same age as Meng Fu. However, since the Jiang family did not want to send Jiang Xinran back, they told the two of them to address each other as sisters.

Jiang Quan felt a little depressed when he recalled how he had been treated indifferently by Meng Fu during the day, but he still took care of Meng Fu. “Fuer, come here. Your uncle is here, why dont you greet him”

Meng Fu raised her eyes and spoke in a lazy and unruly voice, “Uncle.”

Jiang Quan was worried that she would exclaim that she still had an uncle. Seeing that she was well-behaved, Jiang Quan could not be bothered with her attitude.

“Your uncle came today to show us your sisters painting. Your sisters ink painting was selected to be displayed in the Level C booth at the T City Exhibition Hall yesterday. You should learn from her.” Jiang Quan shared the news that he had just heard.

“Oh.” Meng Fu gave a perfunctory reply.

Jiang Xinchen smiled sarcastically. “Dad, why do you tell her that Does she even know what a Level C booth is”

“Keep quiet.” Jiang Quan glared at him, before turning to Yu Yong. “You must not have known that Fuer can also paint.”




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