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Do You Know Whose Screen You Are Flooding Now

Upon hearing this, Tong Eryu glanced at Madam Tong. She did not seem to want to mention Meng Fu too much.

Tong Eryu did not press further. “Im going to visit the Wei family tomorrow. I dont have time.”

Hearing this, Father Tong, who had not intended to speak, looked serious. “Make sure you are hospitable to the Wei family.”

In fact, neither the Tong family nor the Jiang family knew the Wei familys status in the capital. They only heard a bit from Madam Tongs maiden family. However, Father Tong knew that the Wei family was beyond his reach. It was important for Tong Eryu to have connections with the Wei family.

“I understand.” Tong Eryu smiled.

He was not very curious about Meng Fu because he rarely heard about Meng Fu in his circle. But he had heard before that Meng Fu was in the entertainment industry. Even if he was interested in Meng Fu, he wouldnt have rejected Young Master Weis invitation for Meng Fu.


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At the same time, Meng Fus nanny car arrived at the residential area where her rental house was. As they were in a rush last time, Zhao Fan had not had time to take a good look at the community. This time, she got out of the car and looked around. She felt a little strange. There were not many people around despite being already past ten oclock.

Zhao Fan rubbed her arm thinking while trailing behind Su Cheng.

The corridors in the community were quite old. There were six floors in total and there was no elevator. However, it was clean and the lights were voice activated, which was why it was so dark.

“Give me the key.” Meng Fu was about to walk up when Su Cheng raised his hand to stop her.

Meng Fu felt puzzled. However, she had been busy with rehearsing and learning to dance with Chu Yue these past two days. She was very tired. She yawned lazily, found the key, and handed it to Su Cheng. The girls fingers were slender and her fingertips lightly swept across his palm, leaving a trace of warmth behind them.

Su Cheng lowered his eyes, glanced at the key, then raised his head, glancing at her lightly. “Follow after me.”

He passed Meng Fu and walked up the stairs. Meng Fu glanced at his back in surprise, then smiled. As he walked up, the lights above his head turned on.

The lights in the stairway were not particularly bright. They looked hazy as they shone on his light-colored sweater, making his complexion seem even fairer. When he raised his hand to open the door with the key, one could almost see the faint blue veins from the back of his hand.

Meng Fus room still looked the same as the last time they had visited. She did not do much cleaning. Su Cheng turned on the lights, scanned the room, and he could not help but frown slightly.

After a moment of silence, he looked at Meng Fu, his dark eyes reflecting the light. “Can you do it alone”

Meng Fu lay on the sofa in the hall and raised her hand, indicating that she could do it. Her eyes were half-shut. Her eyelashes formed a faint shadow across her eyelids. She was too lazy to answer him. She seemed to be very tired.

The cell phone in her hand kept lighting up. Meng Fu casually checked the cell phone. Wei Jin sent a message through



Wei Jin: [To my surprise, I was not eliminated!]

Wei Jin: [Kneelingdownwithgratitude.jpg]

Wei Jin: [Turningaroundincircles.jpg]

Wei Jin: […]

She had sent countless memes. Meng Fu arched her eyebrows.

[Do you know whose screen you are flooding now]

The other party immediately stopped sending memes.

Wei Jin: [Father, I was wrong.]

Su Cheng looked down at her and did not say a word. He made a call and within a few minutes, a burly man in black man came up, looked at Su Cheng, and said, “Young…”

Su Cheng glanced at him and said nothing.

The burly man stopped abruptly. “Brother Cheng.”

“Clean up.” Su Cheng lowered his eyelashes.

The burly man nodded respectfully silently.


The next day.

Meng Fu was awakened by the ringing of her cell phone.

Yu Zhenling was calling her. There was not much emotion in her voice when Meng Fu picked up. She lowered her voice and said, “Didnt you say that you were going to visit your grandfather He waited for you all morning.”

Meng Fu rubbed her head and sat up. “Half an hour.”

After speaking, she threw the cell phone down and walked out barefoot. She opened the door and went out, and to her surprise, the whole hall had been refurbished. The sofa was changed, and a soft carpet was laid on the ground. She raised her eyebrows, brushed her teeth, changed her clothes, and went downstairs to take a taxi to the hospital.

Half an hour later she was at the hospital.

Old Master Jiang was in the VIP convalescence room on the top floor where nurses were taking care of him. Meng Fu pulled down the mask on her face to register her information with the nurse. Afterward, she found Old Master Jiangs ward and opened the door to go in. Most of the Jiang family was in the ward today.

Present were Mother Jiang, Yu Zhenling, Father Jiang, Jiang Quan, and a teenager sitting on the sofa in the room looking down at their cell phone.

“Dad, Fuer is here.” Jiang Quan sat by the bed, whispering to Old Master Jiang.

Yu Zhenling looked at Meng Fu with a complicated expression. She did not speak a word. The teenager seemed too preoccupied with the phone and did not move at all.

Old Master Jiang opened his eyes and looked at Meng Fu, his eyes filled with joy and gentleness. “Fuer, you are here, come and sit down.”

He asked the nurse to raise his bed.

He cast Jiang Quan a glance and Jiang Quan stood up to give up his seat to Meng Fu, saying softly, “Chat with your grandpa.”

Meng Fu closed the door with one hand, and pulled down the mask with the other. She paused when she heard Old Master Jiangs words. She had not expected Old Master Jiang to have this attitude toward her.

“Are you tired from training” Seeing her, Old Master Jiang felt much better. There was a smug look on his face. “Your show starts at eight oclock tonight. I will tell all the nurses to watch the show and vote for you.”

Meng Fu grabbed his wrist gently. She acted very kind and obedient. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Oh…” Old Master Jiang looked at her and the more he looked at her, the happier he became. He suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Jiang Quan. “I heard that Eryu is also back. Did they meet”

Upon hearing his words, Yu Zhenling choked up, not knowing what to say.



The teenager with the phone who was sitting in the chair with his head down stood up upon hearing that. He tilted his head and sneered at Meng Fu. “Thanks to you, my elder sister rarely comes back home. Now you cant bear that she is doing well and want to snatch away the person she likes”

Jiang Quans expression changed and he cast a sideway glance at him. “Jiang Xinchen! How can you speak to your elder sister like that”

Jiang Xinchen sneered. “My elder sister My only sister is Jiang Xinran. People with complicated backgrounds cannot be my elder sister!”

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