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Chapter 198: Listen, is that human speech

The five assassins lay on the ground, all knocked down by the treasure chest monster earlier, and there were ten left standing, but with a look of fear on their faces.

They had not yet recovered from the frightening state of being attacked by the treasure chest monster.

This monster is so powerful that they should only see it at the cost of their lives.

Although they only fought it for a short moment, they already felt the unparalleled power of the treasure chest monster.

It was not an ordinary treasure chest monster at all.

As far as they know, although the gem treasure chest monster is also very powerful, it can't be so powerful.

Of course, this is not the most terrible thing.

The most terrible thing is that such a powerful monster was beaten to ash by Robb with his set of empty-handed attacks.

The ten assassins' chests were heaving violently and gasping for breath.

  Robb squatted down and looked at the five assassins who fell to the ground.

Unsurprisingly, all of them were seriously injured.

If they were not treated until some more time passed, they would be dead.

Robb sighed, "it's my fault.

I shouldn't have fished this thing out of the river.

Don't worry.

I'll be responsible."

He waved his hand, "Group Heal!"

A golden light flashed by, and the five assassins on the ground sat up at once, then rolled and crawled away for several meters.

Robb said, "Huh Don't be afraid of me! Although I indeed caught the monster from the river, I am not with that monster, and I sincerely apologize to you.


  The fifteen assassins looked at him in sweat and dared not move even a little bit.

Robb knew these assassins had many complicated ideas in their hearts.

He reached out and grabbed ten gold coins from the warehouse.

He gave two to each of the five injured assassins and said, "this is spiritual consolation, compensation for the injuries caused by your inexplicable involvement in the battle.

If you think there is anything else you need, tell me.

It can also be mentioned that I, as a person, will try my best to solve the mistakes I have made."

The leading middle-aged assassin said, "No, these are enough."

He then winked, and the five injured assassins hurriedly accepted the money that Robb had handed over.

The leading middle-aged assassin said, "We… just want to find a place to have a rest for now."

  Robb said, "of course, have a good rest.

Remember, if you have any questions, just come to me."

The assassins left hurriedly.

Robb hurried back to the yard to comfort Lillian.

Lillian was just an ordinary little girl who grew up in a small village.

She had never been out of the village much in her life.

She had never taken risks nor taken part in adventurers.

But today, she was suddenly attacked by a hot and ferocious treasure chest monster.

She was so scared that she was still pale, and tears were snapping down her face.

“Lillian, are you still afraid” Robb tried to comfort her.

“Wuu…” Lillian whimpered pitifully, “That box… it tried to bite me.”

"It's all right." Robb patted her on the shoulder.

"I shot that stupid box into the sky, and it won't come again."

“That box… it tried to bite me!” That’s all Lillian can say.

Robb was a little distressed to see her like this, and regardless of the messy rules, he hugged Lillian, sat on the stone stool, put her on his lap, and put his hands around the girl's shoulders.

The girl did not resist, not to mention that she liked the master.

Even if she did not like it, as a slave, she dared not do anything against her master.

The master could fight, hug, and make her 18 if he wanted to.

She allowed Robb to put his arms around her.

The people next nearby did not find it strange.

A few seconds later, she buried her head in Robb's chest like a cat and huddled up.

Robb shook his head and said softly, "it's all right.

I'll check the strange things I catch later before giving it to you to play."

“Then, you have to check it carefully.”

“I will!”

‘You mustn’t take such a fierce monster again.”

"Don't worry.

It won't happen again."

He put his hand on Lillian's shoulder.

After a while, Lillian finally calmed down.

She crawled out of Robb's arms, her nose red.

She covered her face with her hands sheepishly, "I was such a coward.

I made master lose face.”

“You didn’t make me lose face.” Robb said with a smile, "Girls have to be timid to be cute.

Women who are bold enough to go into haunted houses and beat up the staff are not cute at all.

I don't want to play with them."

The crowd could not help but feel dumb when they saw that Robb’s little maid had been spoiled to such an extent.

This is not master and maid.

This is a little noble and his own lover.

Hugging, patting on the shoulder, comforting, are you kidding me

The nearby Xuelu looked a little sour and said, "what If I do the same, I will immediately be warned that I am not being responsible.

I was warned not to hug or kiss, do not touch, do not marry, and do not pull him to take adventures, yet Lillian is treated so well"

Gorda shrugged beside her and said with a smile, "because even if Lillian married him, she wouldn't take him on an adventure, but you… Not to mention married, as long as he kisses you, you will immediately act coquettish and pull him to help you fight the black dragon and experience the thrill of fighting the black dragon, right "

Jike nodded in agreement.

"Am I that bad You think too badly of me," said Xuelu.

"No matter how good I think Mr.

Robb is, I won't pull him into trouble with the Black Dragon.

It's too risky."

Gorda said, "where are you going to take him then"

Xuelu smiled, “We’ll explore the devil king city or something that is realistically possible! I heard that the Great Devil Kingdom in the Jinghong Mountains is a kingdom made up of demons.

The Devil King City is sinister, and countless horrible and evil things are going on.

Going there for adventure must be full of excitement.

Oh, my soul for adventure is ready to move again.

Haven’t the three of us been in Westwind Town for too long Shouldn’t we head out for other work”

Gorda shrugged.

"That's why no man wants you."

Jike nodded.

“Listening… is that even human speech Robb scolded angrily on the stone stool, "you are kind-hearted, but you just want to pull me around, I'll tell you! Even if I die and jump from a tall building, I will not go to Devil King City! Not going! I will never go!" 


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