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Chapter 30: What a Mess

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Fu Yings voice sounded again. “I will think of a way to convince her.”

Actually, he didnt have much confidence now. Mo Rao had changed too much. He didnt even know her anymore.

If it was before, he would have been confident.

“Boohoo… Fu Ying, why is Mo Rao so cruel and selfish” Qu Ru actually started crying, and her voice was filled with grievance. “She has already occupied you for three years and snatched you away from me for three years. Now that I have leukemia, she still refuses to return these three years to me!”

When he heard her cry, Fu Yings expression changed. He comforted her, “Dont worry, Ill handle it.”

Qu Ru took the opportunity to grab Fu Yings hand and said pitifully, “Fu Ying, I know it wasnt easy for her. Her parents died and she had no one to rely on. Thats why she wanted to ride on the coattails of the Fu family. But this isnt an excuse for her to be so greedy. Youve already promised to give her so much money but she still doesnt agree. Does she want me to beg her As long as I can survive to be with you, Im willing. I can kneel down and beg her!”

Fu Ying frowned. “I wont let you kneel to her. She has no right!”

Qu Ru was waiting for Fu Ying to say this. There was a hint of smugness in her eyes, but her tone was still pitiful. “Fu Ying, why dont… you promise her that you wont divorce her for now After she donates her bone marrow to me, you can think of a way to divorce her. I know that as long as youre willing, youll definitely have a way to resolve this!”

However, Fu Ying didnt want to talk about the divorce with Mo Rao now. He couldnt tell Qu Ru directly, so he replied coldly, “Theres no need to go through so much trouble. Ill make her promise to donate her bone marrow to you within a week!”

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Upon hearing this, Mo Wan couldnt hold it in anymore. What kind of bastard did she give birth to

She was about to push open the door to enter when Mo Rao stopped her.

Mo Rao also heard Fu Ying and Qu Rus words clearly. Her heart had already broken into pieces, but she really wanted to know if Fu Ying had any other way to make her agree to donate her bone marrow to Qu Ru within a week.

Was he going to force her onto the operating table

Although her eyes were red, Mo Rao still held back her tears. She was really worthless to Fu Ying.

As she looked at Mo Raos aggrieved look, Mo Wans heart ached and she was angry, but she still chose not to go in. This was to maintain some dignity for Mo Rao.

Mo Wan grabbed Mo Rao and left.

Fu Ying heard light footsteps at the door. He immediately opened the door but there was no one there.

Did he hear wrongly

He felt uneasy.

When they returned to the ward, Mo Wan was already furious. She said to Mo Rao, “Rao Rao, you definitely cant agree to that b*stard Fu Ying! Dont worry, as long as youre unwilling, no one can force you. Grandma and I are your backers!”

Mo Raos heart softened. “Yes, thank you, Mom.”

Although Mo Wan was her mother-in-law, Mo Rao had to admit that this mother-in-law treated her just like her own mother.

She would always side with her and blame Fu Ying.

Looking at Mo Raos obedient look, Mo Wan felt helpless. “Rao Rao, your personality is too docile. You only know how to endure, but sometimes enduring will only cause you more harm.”

How could Mo Rao not know She smiled bitterly. “But this is the only way I can stay by his side.”

Was this silly child worth it

Mo Wan really felt that her son wasnt worthy of such a good lady!

“In that case, why did you go to the Civil Affairs Bureau today” Mo Wan sighed.

Mo Rao panicked. How did Mo Wan know that she and Fu Ying were planning to act first and report later

She didnt know how to answer.

Mo Wan continued, “Are you going to get a divorce You want to act first and report later”

Mo Rao lowered her head without daring to look at Mo Wan.

“You guys are fooling around!” Mo Wan was a little angry. “If Grandma finds out, dont you know what will happen”

Old Madam Fu wasnt in good health to begin with. If she found out about the divorce, it would be disastrous.

Now, no one in the family dared to make the Old Madam angry, because if she got angry, she would collapse.

No one could bear the consequences.

“Mom, as long as you dont tell Grandma, Grandma wont know.” Mo Rao looked at Mo Wan nervously.

However, Mo Wan thought more than her. She reminded her, “Even if I dont say it, will Qu Ru keep silent Shes been waiting for this day. Shes waiting for your position to be vacated so that she can take it rightfully. She must want the whole world to know that Fu Ying divorced you. Otherwise, how could she have the cheek to be together with Fu Ying openly”


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