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When the meal was over, Leilia was the only one who got up, closed the dining room doors and left.


Usually in the Roten Empire, they would be under their parents until they got married.

In other words, she could not inherit her fortune even if she reached the age of maturity.

In addition, there was a custom that they would only be recognized as an adult when married.

Consequently, even though she was twenty-two years old, Leilia had no direct control of her property, which was passed down to her by her mother.


It was because her father did not hand it over to her, claiming that he was taking care of her.




It was obvious that he was going to sell her fortune and use it for Alesha’s dowry.


Lamentably, it was the law of this country that her father, a guardian, could do it if he wanted to forcefully dispose of her property… Or, perhaps it was because he was from an aristocratic family, so his words were absolute.

If he had known that Leilia was the owner of the Hyllan association, her father would have handed it to her sister, too.

That must have been why her mother kept the fact that she was the owner of the Hyllan merchants association during her lifetime a secret.


Her steps to her room were heavy.


As if her stomach was twisted, Leilia grabbed her stomach and opened the door.

Fortunately, Seychelle was already in the room waiting.


“Young Lady, are you okay”


“No, my stomach feels bloated.

Bring the tea.”

[ T/N: Added explanation here~ She was saying that she’s having an upset stomach due to indigestion from sitting and eating in an uncomfortable situation! ]


“Of course.”


At her words, Seychelle shut the door and went out.


Sitting in the chair silently, Leilia leaned back and let out a sigh.



 ゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



…Why did her mother love her father


She always said that he was indifferent to her.


As she picked up the teacup, she recalled her mother, who had waited her whole life for her father.

While drinking the tea gracefully, she tilted her head and leaned back in the chair before muttering softly.


“I don’t want to be in love.”


She did not want to hang on to something.

Losing herself to emotions and crying like that… She did not want to experience that.


Still, even this did not go her way.


Leilia smiled bitterly as she raised her body up and glanced at the watch.

It had already been a couple of hours since she had breakfast.

Thankfully, she now feels more comfortable than before.

Then, she called Seychelle.


“I’m going out.”


At her words, Seychelle helped her get ready to go out.

While her hair was curled up with a magical hot machine,  the curls were added to the ends of her hair.

They were beautifully arranged so that it would not bristle.


“I’ve got an earring that Alesha bought a while ago, so I’ll use that.”


She had bought it when they went out together the other day, so Leilia wore it often because of her sister’s sincerity.


And soon, Seychelle came with her earring box.


Leilia opened the box and put the earrings on her ears.

She wore the most glamorous dress with embroidered gold, light makeup, and pink lipstick.

She also added glitter to her eyes lightly to add some depth.


“I’ll be back in the evening again, so I’ll come back for dinner.”


Since she often visited her maternal uncle’s house on days where she had family breakfasts, Seychelle was already presuming where Leilia was going even if she did not tell her where she was going.


“Have a safe trip.”




Waving her hand to Seychelle, she left.


‘…Today is the day he sends the letter.’


A smile spontaneously formed on her lips.

However, it soon turned bitter the next moment.

Before she even knew love, she had already given her heart to a man.


Leilia looked at herself serenely waiting for his letter.




The sunlight illuminated brightly when she came out.

Leilia narrowed her eyes for a moment and glanced up at the sky.

It seemed like she was going to need a parasol, thankfully, it was a good thing she had brought it as well.

Meanwhile, birds spread their wings as they flew facilely in the sky.

Like her, who was happy to escape from her home, they seemed to rejoice in breaking free from their bondage.


At that moment, there was a man slowly walking down the street.


On a piece of paper in his hand, a schematic was drawn.

The man swept his silver hair back as he looked at a building.




‘I hope we can meet.’


The man, who had just passed the age of maturity, prayed earnestly in his heart.


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